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  1. Link006
    The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages 13
    Nayru's Song
    Lynna Village (Past)
    Trouble on the Raft!
    Level 3, Moonlit Grotto
    Level 6, Mermaid's Cave
    Queen Ambi's Palace
    Secret Maze On the Sea of No Return
    The Black Tower
    The Tower Top Floor/General Onox's Castle
    Final Quest - The Room of Rites
    Secret Battle 1 - vs Twinrova!
    Secret Battle 2 - vs Ganon!

    Forgot Oracle of Ages up front.... total is now 227. : ( Can't fit this up front (too many characters).
  2. arthurgolden
    Hmm...Well, if the endgame is 128 that means we gotta cut 99! Time to making the painful cuts.

    Twilight Princess has more than any other soundtrack by a country mile. Maybe cut these:

    Ordon Ranch
    Hunting the Monkey
    Battle Second Half
    Dark Grotto
    Succumbed to Twilight
    A Beast in the Village
    The Light Spirit Appears
    The Hero Chosen By the Gods
    Goron Mines
    Flying Up the River
    Lakebed Temple
    River Game
    Fishing Hole
    Zora's Domain
    Snowpeak Ruins
    Death Sword
    Temple of Time

    That's just 18. Gotta keep going. But see what you think. I definitely think repeats / remixes should be ruled out unless they're truly extraordinary.
  3. Link006
    I'll concede Battle Second Half, The Light Spirit Appears, The Hero Chosen By the Gods, Flying Up the River, Lakebed Temple, Zora's Domain, Temple of Time, and because I'm feeling diplomatic : p , I would begrudgingly part with Fishing Hole, Goron Mines, Snowpeak, Snowpeak Ruins, and Death Sword, AND... very painfully... Hunting the Monkey and Succumbed to Twilight.
  4. Link006
    I think Twilight Princess has by far the best soundtrack of any Zelda game, which means it should have a lot more nominations.

    I have a proposal I'd like you to consider:

    Do you think it would be possible/feasible to, instead of eliminating worthy songs entirely (I believe the notion that there are only 128 worthy Zelda songs that could win the tournament is preposterous), put three Zelda songs in each matchup of the first round, eliminating two songs per round. It wouldn't be perfect, but Zelda doesn't deserve significantly more time than any other series. The tournament would likely need to be seeded to do that (which I'd be happy to help with/do) to eliminate 2-3 great songs matching up in the first round. Also, we need to add Skyward Sword tracks to the mix. A Zelda rumble without them would feel extremely inadequate.
  5. Link006
    Let me know what you think.

    I will stand up for Ordon Ranch, Dark Grotto, and A Beast in the Village. Ordon Ranch is beautifully placed in the game with a perfect mood when it is encountered and Dark Grotto is I think the BEST grotto music in the entire series.

    I will make all the other cuts.

    This character limit on posts is TOO SHORT! TRIPLE POST.
  6. Link006
    I think the previous total may not have been updated. I currently count 193.
  7. arthurgolden
    I'm up for pretty much anything. But we gotta decide how many songs should come out of the first round. If we want 128 winners in the first round, then that means we're starting with 384 songs (3 for each fight, 1 winner emerges). In that system, people will probably get fatigued before the first round is over.

    A better situation: If we shoot for 64 to emerge from the first round, then we need 192 songs for Round 1, which is just about what we have. That seems feasible.
  8. arthurgolden
    Also, and I should have said this earlier, this is your theme. So if you'd like to run it when it comes time to put it in action, we can do it as you see fit. As far as I'm concerned, the rumble is a group project--not my exclusive property.
  9. Link006
    That suggestion of Narrowing to 64 might be the best suggestion yet. I'm going to recount what we have thus far.

    We have 193 songs in the rumble. I will cut one and we'll call it READY and yes, I'd be more than happy to run it if Shad doesn't want to.
  10. Link006
    Been so long I forgot that Skyward Sword needs to be considered. I will operate on a policy of one in one out to keep us at 192 (every SS song in, one song currently in the rumble has to come out).

    Your suggestions welcome all.
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