Favorite Song/Album/Beatle thread

  1. Neg
    Album: Abbey Road
    Song: In My Life
    Beatle: John

    Yeah, John. Paul rubs me the wrong way for some reason, as a solo artist and person. Ringo seems happy to be alive and part of it all.

    Ringo would be the one I'd hug if given the chance.
  2. Sackboy
    Song: Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
    Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour & Abbey Road. All 3 are my favorite
    Beatle: John. Remember, his birthday is coming up.

    As for Paul, I don't have a problem with him, but Ringo does seem hugable. He's awesome! George is cool too.
  3. Neg
    Paul has run Hey Jude into the ground, imo. That's part of the problem. Plays it like everywhere he goes and that isn't a super problem, but it's like everytime he's on any event you'll see two songs usually and one will inevitably be Hey Jude.
  4. Sackboy
    On the Love album I like how they transitioned Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise) after Hey Jude. The cd is a nice mix of everything Beatles.
  5. Neg
    I never bought that. I've got Rubber Soul through Abbey Road.

    Yes, I have Let it Be. We all know why I say it like that. Never listened to Naked. I really like the dialogue and cheekiness of the original.
  6. Sackboy
    Rubber Soul good? I've heard great things about that abum, many say it's their favorite. I have Abby Road, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour and Love.

    I should sent you a copy of Love, it's got a lot of different songs from all of their albums.

    Neg, go buy the Beatles Rock Band too.
  7. Neg
    I don't do music games. My godfather got it. I'm supposed to go play with him, at some point.

    Rubber Soul is pretty great. Still, I'd say only half of it is SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME.
    Revolver is much the same, many call it Rubber Soul's twin album.
    Soundtrack for Yellow Submarine...meh.

    Buy the White Album next. That is the answer you seek.

    Sendspace Love if you'd like. I'll give it a listen.
  8. Goren
    Album: Help!
    Song: Get Back (Though there are many)
    Beatle: Harrison but I do like them equally just a bit less for McCartney
  9. Neg
    Okay, I started listening to Revolver songs. I need to bring that over here for massive listening. Also, White Album. Been meaning to bring that one for a while.
  10. Dr Faustus
    Dr Faustus
    Album: Magical Mystery Tour
    Song: A Day in the Life
    Beatle: John

    I had to toss a coin to choose between Magical Mystery Tour and The White Album because I like them both equally.
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