Mass Effect 3

  1. Cabal_Prime
    Mass Effect 3 is currently in development. An official plot synopsis released by EA Games reveals that the story will revolve around saving Earth from the Reapers by rallying civilizations of the galaxy together. It releases Holidays 2011.

    What would you like to see in Mass Effect 3?
  2. blueleaf&whiteflame
    what would i like to see in mass effect 3? 1. To be able to customise weapon's i think that would be cool 2.(And this worrie's me) I Hope the entire story is NOT On rail's cause from the trailer that is what it looked like and i would like to have better exploration not just landing on a planet for a mission.That is about everything i can think about right now so see ya!
  3. Cabal_Prime
    That sounds good, from what I have heard they are going to have a lot more weapon's customization ^_^
  4. drogore
    ME3 only in 2012 that makes me depressed.

    looking forward for lots of blue children!
  5. Cabal_Prime
    I know this is old but whatever lol

    Yeah ME3 was not as good as I hoped. The game was good up until the end, than it just failed. I spent more time playing the multiplayer, which I never thought I would like lol.
    ME1 and ME2 where way better
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