1. rick_says
    I will start I guess.
    I had a dream not too long ago where I was time traveling with Jean Grey of the X-Men. At first there was a big fight with Sinestro and some other X-Men around like Arch Angel. For some reason Jean and I time traveled to 1985! I don;t know why. Later there was a family of werewolves. They was a pile of puppy werewolves at first then some adults and they shapeshifted from wolf to human. Later Jean and I left the werewolves and went to the beach toward Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk then I woke up.
  2. rick_says
    Just a couple of fragments.
    Watching UFO's with my Dad and a group of people outside.
    Using clay to text someone, both shaping letters out of gray clay then trying to press letters into clay to send a text message with my fingers. It doesn't make any sense, but doing this would send it to someone's phone.
  3. Goren
    I don't remember much, but the gist of it was 4 days of strong winds followed by 4 days of snow?
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