Favorite Kurosawa Movie

  1. Sanico
    Kurosawa is one of my favorite directors and The Hidden Fortress is my favorite film of him. This movie is also the most lightest and funny of Kurosawa movies, with much humour and adventure.

    What's your favorite Kurosawa movie?

    Since the next text is too long to enter here (only 1000 characters max are allowed), i'll leave with this post which i made about Kurosawa movies on another thread:
  2. Brandon O'Brian
    Brandon O'Brian
    First of all, thanks so much Sanico for posting this! Sadly, the only Kurosawa film that I have seen is Dersu Uzala. I really enjoyed it.
  3. Brandon O'Brian
    Brandon O'Brian
    Just got to watch Red Beard recently. I loved it!
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