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Thread: TRON: Legacy - The Perfect System Edition

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    TRON: Legacy - The Perfect System Edition

    A sequel to my previous release, Bio-Digital Jazz.

    1. Overture (GraceVanBass Remix)
    2. The Grid (B.A.X. Remix)
    3. The Son of Flynn (Angel Negro Remix)
    4. Armory (SynaMax Remix)
    5. Arena (Primetime on the Grid Remix)
    6. The Game Has Changed (Mr. Skeam & Friends Remix - Edit)
    7. Rinzler (Saga5 Perpetuum Remix)
    8. Outlands: Part I (Hypderdrive Remix)
    9. Adagio for TRON (Transient Motion Remix)
    10. Outlands: Part II (Reptank Remix)
    11. End of Line (Hi-Octave Hard House Remix)
    12. Derezzed (DJ Almix Remix)
    13. Fall (Victor Stay Sparx Remix)
    14. Rectifier (I Got In Remix)
    15. Rinzler II (Sir Ridley Remix)
    16. Disc Wars (Boys Noize Remix)
    17. C.L.U. (Mokeacchino & Boyette Remix)
    18. Flynn Lives (Austin Wang Remix)
    19. TRON: Legacy (End Titles) (Negutyv Xeiro Remix)
    20. Solar Sailer (Darksunz Remix)
    21. TRON: Legacy (Trailer) DJ Jazznoisis Remix)
    22. Gravitas (Soren Laulainen Homage)
    23. The Sub-Grid (Rich-12 Homage)
    24. TRONitize U (The Son of Flynn) - (N.E.R.D. Mashup)

    Same deal as last time. All remixes are fan creations and never had any kind of commercial release.

    Collected these from all over.

    Snag the link to my blog in my signature below to download this version, or the previous.

    Would appreciate it if you left any thanks on the actual blog comments.

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    Nice bootleg) Any chance in lossless?
    testing - is a science
    my wishlist: James Horner "AVATAR 5CD lossless"

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    perfect timing, i'll definitely have a go with this, thanks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero_flyer View Post
    Nice bootleg) Any chance in lossless?
    Definitely not.

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    I'll look in my archives and see if I can make a lossless version of my Armory (SynaMax Remix).

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    PM please

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    A re-upload would be awesome

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    Anyone still possess this? I'm now over a year having lost the copy that never left the heavy rotation in the car...then the car was totalled...and the CD... *le sigh*


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