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Thread: The Order/ Heath Ledger 2003 film/ David Torn Composer/ MP3

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    The Order/ Heath Ledger 2003 film/ David Torn Composer/ MP3

    ‘The Order’ was never mentioned in the obits for Heath Leger. Not surprising. This is a film you hate or find intoxicating in its visual style, Italian locations, and creepy faux religious mythology. I forgave its flaws, slow pace, and engrossed myself in the view (all those little dandelion fluffs cascading through the air!) and the exotica of the score (there is NOTHING to compare this to). The director offers some advice and insight below:

    “David Torn, if that is his real name, is a genius. Listen to this music in the dark. You will be transported into the film quicker through his music than by watching the film with the sound turned off. Tablas, ouds and guitar feedback. Synthesized Tibetan Monks and Bulgarian women. This is what David brought to the table. He’s not from around here. David was sent from the future to drag the past into the present tense. I don’t know how he drives a car and lives. Maybe it is the only time he follows the rules.

    David’s presets on his car radio are those spaces between stations. Those scary electronic hinterlands the rest of us try and avoid. Try to skip over. They hold such fear. That some punch a button to avoid them, to skip from pregram to pregram. But David is missing the fear chromosome. He lives those spaces. Breathes them. And ultimately creates them.”

    Brian Helgeland/ 2003

    1. Dusk & Dawn
    2. Truth Is Beauty
    3. Father Alex's Mass
    4. Re-aligned & Gone To Rome
    5. Aramaic Texts
    6. There Will Be No Inquiry
    7. Ask The Dying
    8. Nightingales
    9. Building The Cathedral
    10. Trying To Understand
    11. The Death Of Mara
    12. Their Final Union
    13. Hunting Eden
    14. Alex Is Another Other
    15. Resolve, At All Costs
    16. Due Croce

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    interesting, thanks!

    Soundtrack Custom Covers
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    “Before we get started, does anyone wanna get out?”

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    Thank you very much!

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    Can't wait to hear it! Thank you very much

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    Wow. Thanks!

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    Try renting the film and take note of the flashback to the building of St. Peters. Great CGI work as well as recreations of marble floors (all painted wood) and sculpture (made of Styrofoam). This was my first film that featured German actor Benno Furmann and his startling eyes. Don't expect a gruesome horror movie, just a concept based on 'the sin eater' myth of times old. Like many failed films, if not pretentious; allow them some wiggle room and you could easily enjoy. There's a brief moment when Ledger brushes against a draped chandelier... and in reality he broke part of this exceedingly expensive 'not a prop' and the production company was luckily insured. The insurance came in handy also when the money for the film was burgled from the main office. Sometimes listening to the director's commentary can be fun. Filmed entirely in Rome, they had to find an area in the city, with some dressing up of props, that would double for a NYC street. As you can tell, I am an advocate of this film.

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    link rip x_X

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    The film, and its expanded commentary led me to seek out the soundtrack. Near as I can tell, you and you alone are the only person to have uploaded it "recently". Otherwise, the film seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. Somewhere out online I recall seeing a comment where someone noted "The Order/ Sin Eater" was curiously absent from not one but several of the filmographies published at the time of Heath Ledger's death.

    One interesting piece of forgotten trivia for "The Order", one that (naturally) couldn't appear in the director's commentary, is this film brought actress Rosalinda Celentano to the attention of the casting team for Mel Gibson's "The Passion Of The Christ", ultimately landing her the role of Satan. In "The Order" Celentano essentially plays herself and Mark Addy's character seeks her out by asking the bar tender of a VERY strange club, "We're looking for Rosalinda..."

    Please Phideas1, could you upload the soundtrack just once more? It would be a kindness for all of us who share your enjoyment of this "failed film."


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