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Thread: Insmouse no Yakata (Virtual Boy) [Mediafire] [MP3/FLAC]

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    Insmouse no Yakata (Virtual Boy) [Mediafire] [MP3/FLAC]

    "Insmouse no Yakata" or "Innsmouth no Yakata"

    (nintendo virtual boy)

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    [Hidden link. Register to see links.]

    rip by anikiii <--- (i don't check this forum often, so feel free to ask for re-uploads here as well)

    ripped using vbjin-ovr.exe(mednafen)
    converted from wav to mp3 LAME v0 and FLAC 8

    "insmouse no yakata" is a survival horror game for the virtual boy. it's based on h. p. lovecraft's "the shadow over innsmouth." use this stuff however you want, just don't steal credit for the rip.
    also i love you. flex with me.

    01 I'MAX
    02 Intro
    03 Chase (SE)
    04 Title
    05 Cry
    06 ROPE
    07 ROAD
    08 LOVE
    09 Growl
    10 Hurry
    11 Level Complete (SE)
    12 Game Over (SE)
    13 The Fog Clears
    14 Throw Your Gun Away
    15 Ending A
    16 Ending B
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    Thank you!


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