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Thread: Donkey Kong 64: Re-Arranged Soundtrack 1.0 (!!!!!'s Nexus)

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    Donkey Kong 64: Re-Arranged Soundtrack 1.0 (!!!!!'s Nexus)

    Arranged by: !!!!!

    Composed by: Grant Kirkhope, David Wise

    Da Banana Bunch Performed by: George Andreas, Chris Sutherland

    I've always been a fan of VGM music and in the Golden Age of video games, a lot of that music had been drastically compromised due to the limitations composers had to work within the confines of. With this I tried my hand to enhance the quality of the original while retaining the spirit of the original music and in this case for DK64.

    For the past couple of weeks, I've been working on re-arranging most of the music from Donkey Kong 64 after dumping the sequences with N64MidiTool and thankfully finding a link of all of the samples uploaded. (curiosity of SubDrag) I've re-arranged most of the songs save for a few jingles. It's not perfect and that's why I've branded it a version as it can be improved whenever.

    Perhaps I can hand out the source files individually if anyone's serious about using them.

    Well, enjoy!

    Disc 1:
    1-01 Da Banana Bunch
    1-02 Main Menu
    1-03 Opening
    1-04 DK Treehouse
    1-05 Welcome to Bonus Stage! (Bonus Stage Start)
    1-06 Bonus Barrel Bonanza (Bonus Stage 1)
    1-07 Too Bad... (Bonus Lose)
    1-08 Well Done! (Bonus Win)
    1-09 Cranky's Lab
    1-10 Cranky's Potion
    1-11 Donkey Kong Resort (DK Isle)
    1-12 Tag Barrel (Donkey Kong)
    1-13 Clumsy K. Lumsy (K. Lumsy)
    1-14 K. Lumsy Key
    1-15 DK Isle (Jungle Japes)
    1-16 Wrinkly Kong
    1-17 Jungle Madness (Jungle Japes)
    1-18 King of Swing (Jungle Japes - Cliffs)
    1-19 Badaboom! (Funky's Armory)
    1-20 Funky's Weapon Upgrade
    1-21 Tag Barrel (Diddy Kong)
    1-22 Calming Caves (Jungle Japes - Caves)
    1-23 Sudden Storm (Jungle Japes - Rainstorm)
    1-24 Rambi
    1-25 Barrel Madness (Jungle Japes - Barrel Course)
    1-26 Mining Madness (Jungle Japes - Mineshaft)
    1-27 Mine Cart Madness (Jungle Japes - Minecart)
    1-28 Golden Banana Found
    1-29 Golden Banana Collected
    1-30 Troff n' Scoff
    1-31 Troff n' Scoff Door Unlocked
    1-32 Troff n' Scoff Door Opened
    1-33 Boss Encounter
    1-34 Angry Army Dillo (Jungle Japes - Boss)
    1-35 Boss Defeated
    1-36 Pause Menu
    Disc Time: 1:09:31
    Disc 2:
    2-01 DK Isle (Angry Aztec)
    2-02 Sands of Mystery (Angry Aztec)
    2-03 Studio Jammin' (Candy's Music Shop)
    2-04 Donkey's Bongo Blast
    2-05 Diddy's Guitar Gazump
    2-06 Caves of Mystery (Angry Aztec - Cave)
    2-07 Barrels of Mystery (Angry Aztec - Barrel Course)
    2-08 Strong Kong (Donkey Kong Barrel)
    2-09 Rocket Barrel Boost (Diddy Kong Barrel)
    2-10 Temple of Mystery (Angry Aztec - Temple)
    2-11 Challenge of Mystery (Angry Aztec - Challenge)
    2-12 Tag Barrel (Lanky Kong)
    2-13 Tag Barrel (Tiny Kong)
    2-14 Lanky's Trombone Tremor
    2-15 Tiny's Saxophone Slam
    2-16 Mini Monkey (Tiny Kong Barrel)
    2-17 Fast & Furious (Angry Aztec - Slide)
    2-18 Ruin of Mystery (Angry Aztec - Ruin)
    2-19 Deadly Dogadon (Angry Aztec - Boss)
    2-20 Banana Medal
    2-21 All Bananas Collected
    2-22 The Great Krocodile (Krem Isle)
    2-23 Uncover Blueprint
    2-24 Collect Blueprint
    2-25 Krem Isle (Snide HQ)
    2-26 Snide HQ
    2-27 Krem Isle (Frantic Factory)
    2-28 Toys 'R' Alive (Frantic Factory)
    2-29 Living Machinery (Frantic Factory - Production)
    2-30 Toys 'R' Compact (Frantic Factory - Compactor)
    2-31 Tag Barrel (Chunky Kong)
    2-32 Chunky's Triangle Trample
    2-33 Baboon Balloon (Lanky Kong Pad)
    2-34 Toys R&D (Frantic Factory - Research & Development)
    2-35 Road Rampage (Frantic Factory - Race)
    2-36 Too Slow... (Race Lose)
    2-37 Victory! (Race Win)
    2-38 Hunky Chunky (Chunky Kong Barrel)
    2-39 Toy Monster Menace (Frantic Factory - Challenge)
    2-40 Mad Jack Mayhem (Frantic Factory - Boss)
    Disc Time: 1:17:24
    Disc 3:
    3-01 Krem Isle (Gloomy Galleon)
    3-02 Gloomy Grotto (Gloomy Galleon - Caves)
    3-03 Shipwreck Shanty (Gloomy Galleon)
    3-04 Barrel Shanty (Gloomy Galleon - Barrel Course)
    3-05 Lighthouse Leap (Gloomy Galleon - Lighthouse)
    3-06 Stealthy Snoop (Bonus Stage 2)
    3-07 Enguarde
    3-08 Under the Sea (Gloomy Galleon - Mermaid Palace)
    3-09 Perilous Pearls (Gloomy Galleon - Treasure Chest)
    3-10 Shipwreck Search (Gloomy Galleon - Ship)
    3-11 Glowing Galleon (Gloomy Galleon - Glower's Keep)
    3-12 Time Ticking Turbine (Gloomy Galleon - Mechanical Fish)
    3-13 Clapper's Challenge (Gloomy Galleon - Race)
    3-14 Puftoss Peril (Gloomy Galleon - Boss)
    3-15 DK Isle (Fungi Forest)
    3-16 The Clock in the Woods (Fungi Forest)
    3-17 Mushroom Melancholy (Fungi Forest - Mushroom)
    3-18 The Barrel in the Woods (Fungi Forest - Barrel Course)
    3-19 Top of the Mushroom (Fungi Forest - Mushroom Bonus)
    3-20 Orangsprint (Lanky Kong Barrel)
    3-21 Rabbit Race (Fungi Forest - Race)
    3-22 The Clock in the Woods at Night (Fungi Forest - Night)
    3-23 Tiny Timber (Fungi Forest - Tree Trunk)
    3-24 A Mill in the Woods (Fungi Forest - Watermill)
    3-25 Spider Showdown (Fungi Forest - Challenge)
    3-26 Tiptoe Tempest (Fungi Forest - Attic)
    3-27 Mine Cart Carnage (Bonus Stage 3)
    3-28 Rolling Rhapsody (Fungi Forest - Minecart)
    3-29 Dogadon's Revenge (Fungi Forest - Boss)
    Disc Time: 1:17:08
    Disc 4:
    4-01 Banana Fairy Isle
    4-02 Snapshot! (Banana Fairy Photo)
    4-03 DK Isle (Crystal Caves)
    4-04 Hidden Waterfalls (Crystal Caves)
    4-05 Earthquake! (Crystal Caves - Earthquake)
    4-06 Gorilla Gone (Chunky Kong Pad)
    4-07 Intricate Igloo (Crystal Caves - Igloo)
    4-08 Cabin Creepers (Crystal Caves - Cabin)
    4-09 Cabin Conundrum (Crystal Caves - Rotatable Cabin)
    4-10 Mad Maze Maul (Bonus Stage 4)
    4-11 Hidden Barrels (Crystal Caves - Barrel Course)
    4-12 Board Game Barrage (Crystal Caves - Castle)
    4-13 Slippery Slide (Crystal Caves - Slide)
    4-14 Army Dillo Armageddon (Crystal Caves - Boss)
    4-15 Krem Isle (Creepy Castle)
    4-16 Haunted Bananas (Creepy Castle)
    4-17 Haunted Barrels (Creepy Castle - Barrel Course)
    4-18 Wicked Wood (Creepy Castle - Tree Trunk)
    4-19 Cryptic Catacombs (Creepy Castle - Catacombs)
    4-20 Terror Tomb (Creepy Castle - Tomb)
    4-21 Treacherous Track Trek (Creepy Castle - Minecart)
    4-22 Creepy Caverns (Creepy Castle - Caverns)
    4-23 Dangerous Dungeon (Creepy Castle - Dungeon)
    4-24 Hedge Maze Craze (Creepy Castle - Greenhouse)
    4-25 Haunted Banana Peel (Creepy Castle - Trash)
    4-26 Monster Museum (Creepy Castle - Museum)
    4-27 Ghost Book Bash (Creepy Castle - Library)
    4-28 Ballroom Ballad (Creepy Castle - Ballroom)
    4-29 Windy Waltz (Creepy Castle - Tower)
    4-30 Krazy King Kut-Out (Creepy Castle - Boss)
    Disc Time: 1:17:23
    Disc 5:
    5-01 Krem Isle (Hideout Helm)
    5-02 K. Rool's Theme
    5-03 Critical Countdown (Hideout Helm - Countdown)
    5-04 K. Rool Barrel Challenge (Bonus Stage 5)
    5-05 Game Over
    5-06 Stronghold Shutdown (Hideout Helm)
    5-07 Battle Arena
    5-08 King Kruiser
    5-09 K. Rool Introduction
    5-10 K. Rool Deathmatch (Final Boss)
    5-11 K. Rool Defeated
    5-12 Kong-clusion (Staff Roll)
    5-13 Ending
    5-14 Monkey Smash
    5-15 Tag Barrel Medley
    Disc Time: 40:59
    Total Time: 5:42:28
    Da Banana Bunch [Instrumental]
    Gloomy Grotto [Ambienceless]
    Haunted Bananas [Ambienceless]
    Hidden Waterfalls [Ambienceless]
    Jungle Madness [Ambienceless]
    King of Swing [Ambienceless]
    Living Machinery [Ambienceless]
    Sands of Mystery [Ambienceless]
    Shipwreck Shanty [Ambienceless]
    The Clock in the Woods [Ambienceless]
    The Clock in the Woods at Night [Ambienceless]
    Toys R&D [Ambienceless]
    Head to my thread for grand collections of game music and more!
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    one of my favorite soundtracks.. i'm almost afraid to listen and be disappointed. if it's good you'll be my hero.
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    Favorite Track of this Soundtrack: Mad Jack Mayhem (Frantic Factory - Boss)
    With the crazy laugh! Yeah!

    Thanks for the DK64 Soundtrack !!!!!
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    FLAC Request

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    Wohoo, greatness indeed!

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    I can't find the download link

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    I can probably dream the music with all the time I spent trying to get 101%.. Thanks for the re-arrangements.

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    Thanks a lot!

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    As a person that has enjoyed the music of DK64 for quite a long time now, I think this re-arrangement album is pretty good.

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    I'm enjoying it so far. looking for version 2.0

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    thanks bro
    The question is... Who doesn't like
    game music?

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    this sounds fucking perfect!!! thank you so much
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    Going to give this one a try. First of all, appreciate the effort that went into rearranging, editing and uploading, but the download process is so convoluted.

    I understand the need to try and get some revenue by using, but once I jump through that hoop, I get redirected to nCrypt, which asks me for a password and CAPTCHA in order to get redirected to another hosting service that has popups in order to start the download process.

    Couldn't you just link to the hosting service that has popups or if you're going to use, redirect the link to the hosting service instead of nCrypt? In other words, why use nCrypt?
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    Hey, looks like the flac one is dead. Could we get a reupload of that? And also, since you have it in high quality, could you maybe do a flac of just the vocals for the DK Rap?


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