we're not terribly ultra-strict on the rules, but here we go anyway:

Newbie Threads: they're allowed in general discussion, however, we limit it to one per page. if there's an existing "hi, I'm new" thread, post in that one instead of making a second. if you don't, it'll be merged into an existing one.

Posting in the Appropriate Forum: this isn't terribly difficult. read the forum descriptions before posting in them. if something fits in a specific forum rather than a general one, use the specific. ie, threads about Sephiroth go in the FF7 forum, not General Final Fantasy or General Discussion.

Signature Limits: you're allowed one 400x150 sig image, with a max of 50KB. if you have a sig image, you're allowed 5 lines of text (including "blank" lines / spacing lines). if you don't, you're allowed 10. first time you break a sig rule your sig will be edited. second time it disappears FOREVERS.

Not-Safe-For-Work Policy: anything pornographic or extremely graphic / offensive should come with an appropriate warning. links to NSFW things are okay, but make sure to state it's NSFW. if it's an image, don't embedd it, link to it.

Chatting in Threads: first off, keep in mind that we let a bit more slide in general discussion than elsewhere. beyond that, don't post back and forth with someone if you're the only ones that'd be interested in your exchanges: use PM's.

Name Changes: chronic name changes are no-good. you don't need to change your name ever time you change your avatar and sig. if you feel you want / need a change, PM an admin or post in Questions & Feedback. if you're changing your name expect the change to be semi-permanent. it's a pain in the ass to have everyone changing their names every month when we have 5,000 members.

Spoilers: FFShrine now has spoiler tags! This isn't something we're going to be terribly strict on, but please mark major spoilers before you post them unless they're in a thread that's designated as a spoiler-zone. If the thread or your post doesn't make it clear what you would be spoilering, please specify in your post. If you are using spoiler tags for a nsfw image, put that in your post too. If you're not sure whether or not to use one, err on the side of caution, or feel free to ask a mod or admin for their opinion.

if you have any other questions, you can post in the Questions & Feedback forum. if you feel something else needs to be clarified in this post, feel free to PM me and I'll consider adding it.

apart from that, just use common sense. don't embedd images that stretch the tables at a reasonable resolution, don't embedd huge images (in size), don't chronically be a cunt, and don't post things people would have no interest in reading !