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Thread: Is the music in Rumble Fish the same as Rumble Fish 2?

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    Is the music in Rumble Fish 2 the same as Rumble Fish 1?

    Simple enough question. Never played the game, but I have the first soundtrack, yet I never heard of a second soundtrack. Then I was checking some Youtube vids and heard that the music was the same. Is it all the same, or are there other tracks beyond those?

    Here's what I'm searching for: InuYasha: Juso no Kamen (PS2), Tsukihime: Lunatic Princess [CHOM-0014], Yume wa ARUKANA? (Arcana Heart PS2 OP full size)

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    yea I have been also looking for the Rumble Fish 2 soundtracks too.

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    The only difference in music lays in the intro, select screen, etc, AND...

    The most kickass final boss theme ever which is only in Rumble Fish 2. If there's any way to get that ONE track, I'd be indebted to anyone who can find a way to get it.

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    Finaly, after three years of [periodical]*researches, I finally found Beatrice's theme :
    _ [Hidden link. Register to see links.]
    _ [Hidden link. Register to see links.] (coming from there, but I don't have an account)

    By the way, there is a mp3 rip I did : [Hidden link. Register to see links.] . It's pretty short, I might try to make an extended version, some day.
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