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Thread: So....Yiazmat...

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    Alright first off head the Henne Mines. You are going to want to cast bubble and/or equip a bubble belt and have float active. The run is difficult, but I promise it is worth it. You are going to run into a bunch of Absteels either kill them or run. You are aiming to get to the area known as Pithead Junction C. Once here tap the switch twice (You want to be able to exit into Phase Shaft 2. I am not sure if the light should be red or blue). Tons of Absteels will fall from the ceiling. This is a good thing.

    Equipment: (Same for all three characters)

    - Weapon- None
    - Off-hand- Any Shield (Preferably Strong)
    - Helm- Any Helmet (Preferably Strong)
    - Armor- Any Armor (Preferably Strong)
    - Accessory- Embroidered Tippet (This Doubles Exp. Earned)

    (Also, if you need license points equip golden amulets on your reserves.)

    Gambits: (Gambits need to be in this order. Same for everyone)

    * Foe: Furthest/ Nearest (Have one person be furthest, one be near, and the third be either) -> Sleepga (You must get this off first and foremost. Even if someone dies get this off. Raise them after all enemies are asleep.)
    * Ally: any -> Arise
    * Ally: any -> Faith
    * Ally: any -> Protectga
    * Ally: any -> Hastega
    * Ally: any -> Bubble (Use Bubble if you feel you need it)
    * Foe: Furthest/ Nearest (Use what you used above) -> Curaja
    * Ally: Hp < 50% -> Curaja

    You will cast sleep on all the Absteels and them hit them with Curaja. Since they are Undead a few blasts will kill them all. You should gain levels ridiculously fast! Just make sure you do not attack anything, if you do they will come out of sleep and attack right back. After you have killed all of them head into Phase Shaft 2 then into Crossover C. Turn around and go back into Pithead Junction C and repeat. You will level so fast you won't believe it! If your party is attacked before all can be put to sleep exit, regroup, and go back in. The Absteels will still be asleep!

    As usual feel free to ask any questions you may have!

    (New information from porthioskanan at Final Fantasy XII US Forum. All credit goes to him.)

    * You can't access Henne Mines part 2 without having Geromancer's approval, and to get his approval you need 10 espers.
    * You mention no weapon. Try using Main Gauche (It is a crappy dagger but it provides excellent evasion (+34).
    * You mention to run there. If you do run there, make sure to wear an Ensanguined Shield along Main Gauche. With this the only time you will be damaged from those bats is from leech, the rest of the time you'll block everything.
    * A good idea is to have float activated and wear indigo pendant and cast Sleepga on your way to Pithead Junction C.
    * Don't forget to try that Zodiac Spear chest on your way, you never know.
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    I am leery about facing him... Hell Wyrm took a good 5-6 hours of my time with a lvl.65+ party, so it looks like I'm gonna get everyone to lvl.99 before I attempt Yiaz

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