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Thread: Square Enix to reveal new MMO by April 2012

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    The more I play FFXIV, the more I actually think that SE probably should stop making MMOs. FFXI was a success eventually but that also had a lot to do with the time it was released when all there was to compare it with were other 3D mmorpgs like Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot and Lineage. In hindsight, these games were cumbersome and awkward to play and had a steep learning curve, but rewarded the faithful and those who dedicated more time into them.

    Times have changed, MMOs have evolved (look at Guild Wars 2 for example) and to me it seems that SE just don't want to change their 2001/2 method of how MMOs should work.

    While FFXIV is definitely more solo-friendly (and I welcome this) everyone who plays knows that it is far more effective to level in static parties or grinding groups; a method that is now frowned upon by most western gamers beginning with MMOs since 2004 (when World of Warcraft introduced quest progression and lore)

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good grind, and I really enjoyed it in FFXI because the game was a lot of fun. But these days people are not going to pay a subscription to a game which gives no sort of instant gratification, no context to the quests that you're doing, makes it more effective to party grind, and gives you little to do other than endlessly craft stuff.

    I know that if this game doesn't change dramatically from what I'm playing now to the FFXIV I'll be playing when they introduce subscriptions, I am taking my money elsewhere. I'm sorry SE, but nice textures and good lighting won't make a great game; it needs to be a game that is enjoyed.... and not endured.

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    I had almost the same sentiment after they unveiled that XIV would be an MMO–the day before they released it, LOL. I have never seen a game so rushed on us :O They don't seem particularly interested in change in the MMO department, and I'm almost afraid to see what they have in mind for the upcoming MMO on their list–that is, if they don't decide to call it quits beforehand. A lot has changed since FFXI, but yet their ways haven't. I don't know whether to get my hopes up for XIII-2 (how the hell would you even say that? Thirteen-two? Sounds so much more awkward than X-2; Ecks-two. . . .) but it's fast becoming my last option to trust these guys anymore. If they flake out on their sparkly new MMO I wouldn't be disappointed in the least, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna stay as loyal a customer if they slack off on single player games from now on :-/ And as for MMOs in general, with the overall scope of games like FFXI, WoW, Runescape, Everquest etc. (which get updated all the time) I'm amazed SE thought XIV would be even remotely a good idea, considering it's basically an HD FFXI.

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    SE? MMO?

    Don't give a fuck.

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