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03-28-2003, 05:58 AM
alright i'm in the process of getting the magical fingertip form the treno auction so i can get excalibur i'm on disk 4 (obviuosly). alright so i need to know if theres and order i think it goes thief gloves whatever is next i forget then ribbon then probably the magical fingertip anyone know this for a fact and good monsters besides gimme cats that give me 5000 gil and they cna't be in memoria! becasue the ribbon alaways goes for 90,000 gil and i only had 50,000 gil please help me here!!

03-28-2003, 10:22 AM
The way to getting the Magical Fingertip is tricky, but not impossible. What you should do firstly, is head to Daguerro, and speak with the old man near the inn check-in desk on the second floor. Then, fly back to Treno and head to the Auction House.

There are four items you need to keep an eye out for: Doga's Artiefact, Une's Mirror, Griffin's Heart, and the Rat Tail. Buy all four items, then find three nobles wandering around Treno who want to buy them from you. Two are near the Cafe Cardia (a duck-man in a cape, and a red mage), and a guy near the counter of the Snythesis Shop. Sell them their wanted items, then head back to the Auction again. (the duck-man you need to sell the first item, can't remember which one, then speak with him again to sell him the second item.)

Lo and behold, you'll find those four items once again for sale at the Auction, as well as a new item; the elusive Magical Fingertip. Buy that (you may as well get the other four items as two of them - Une's Mirror and Doga's Artiefact - will unlock a piece of music from FFIII at the Black Mage Village, but that's another story), then head back to Dageurreo. Speak with the old man at the Inn again, and give him the Magical Fingertip. In gratitude, he'll give you the Excalibur in return!

Incidently, you can keep a reign on the price an item is sold for, by doing a little trick. When an auction begins, head to the front of the audience near the Auctioneer, to where a '?' icon appears over Zidane's head, but don't press anything just yet. Wait, and let the greedy Nobles bid back and forth, until it looks like an item is about to be sold. You can tell when this happens, when the Auctioneer says something like '2000 gil. Any more?' When this happens, press X and bring up the bid screen, and only increase the current bid by 1 gil. Then press X again to confirm. This way, you'll win the item for a lot less than if you'd actively participated in all the bidding previously.

03-28-2003, 08:34 PM
One other note about selling the items: for all of them except, I believe, the Rat Tail (and of corse, the Magical Fingertip), you can reject the first offer of the person you're selling it too and they'll immediately come back with a better offer. Make sure to reject their first offer so you can get some extra gil. Also note that the prices you sell the items for should be quite a bit more than what you paid for them at the auction. If they aren't, then you overbid.