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02-12-2003, 06:50 PM
All right, everybody can post their ORIGINAL poetry here. Here's a couple of my own.


Do not grieve for me when I die, for I am still here.

I will be in the evergreen trees of the forest.

I will be in the flowers of the meadow.

I will be in the spray of surf at the beach.

I will be in the sigh of the wind on a warm summer day.

I will be in the waters of the rushing stream.

I will be in the light of the sun, and of the full moon.

I will be in the thoughts and the memories and the dreams and the hearts of the people I have touched.

I will be with the god and goddess forever.

I will be reborn.

Missing You

You mean everything in the world to me even though youíre gone.
I dream of you knowing Iíll never see you again.
I know your watching down on me from somewhere.
I tell you I love you every day somehow knowing you can hear me and I feel your presence everyday.
Someday we will see each other again and I will tell you how much I missed you and you will say it doesnít matter because Iím here with you now.

I think my poems are pretty good. Could someone tell me what they think of my poetry

02-12-2003, 10:22 PM
Very good indeed. Infact, as of recently, this is how I've felt.....for your first poem, if I were ever to die, I know I'd still be with my love somehow....and the second one also sort of describes me... as I'm in a long distance relationship...

Very good choice of words....They blend well, and I can picture what you're saying clearly....The quality is excellent, especially in the first one....I like them both very much, and I do hope you continue.......I'm surprised no one's commented yet on such great poems.......Oh well, they're the ones missing out.....

02-12-2003, 10:46 PM
Well, thanx koenma. So, here's another poem:

Back Then

I reached toward you and you laughed,
I really didnít understand.
I ran home and I felt like I died,
Then I wanted to, but could not cry.

I saw you the next day with all your friends,
You pretended you didnít see me.
You acted like I was invisible,
Like I had no spirit.

I felt so alone,
Like no one cared.
So, I pushed friends away,
Till I had none,
You held me in a prison,
I couldnít escape you.

I wanted to hate you so much,
But all I could do was cry.
I wondered why we couldnít be.

I hid for weeks Inside my room.
Lost my life,
Lost my soul.
Lost all self-confidence,
Lost self-respect.

Iíve finally found my way,
I got my life back.
Now I donít need you,
Found my soul, this time.

02-12-2003, 10:57 PM
Again, this sounds similar to what I'm going through...not completely, but several parts...it's amazing how much I can compare myself to what you write....really, I find it amazing...

Your poetry is great. I look forward to seeing more, I really do..

02-12-2003, 11:19 PM
Here's another poem, and thanx for the compliments.

I dont know if you guys will like this one, ut its worth a try.

The things I couldnít say

When I die do not cry

For I'm with you through heart and mind

My body may be gone but not my soul

I will be with you as long as you need

Some day you will die to and I will be here waiting for you as you have been waiting for me

Thereís nothing I hide from you and nothing you from me

And as we talk all I think is we were meant to be

I marvel at her beauty

And thatís how I knew I had to protect her

But alas I died before my lady leaving her alone

If there were one thing I probably wished were that even without me protecting her she would be

And then she said you do not understand it was you who protected me all these years

Your body was gone but not your soul and I kept that in my head

And I couldnít believe that she had understood what I meant

But then I knew that how she came to know was that she read it from my head

Because we love each other so much we both truly thought that we could read each otherís thoughts

And I am glad she read my mind because maybe thatís what kept her going

The things she read from my mind I didnít get a chance to say

02-19-2003, 05:20 PM
Your Love

I fall to the ground,
As I start to cry.
She died tonight when I was there,
I didnít get to say goodbye.

She went so fast,
But I felt more than pain,
I felt sadness, loss, and regret.
She went tonight, without fear.

She was so brave,
I couldnít let go.
I was scared to let her memory die,
Nothing could stop my crying.

All those feelings of regret and pain,
Flow in my veins every second that passes by.
She understood me and loved me,
Itís so hard to know sheís not here anymore.

I dream about her and weep,
Her love was so strong, towards me.
So, I donít tear myself up over her,
Instead, I take your courage in me, and face my life.

Thanks to her I know what love is,
And Iíll always owe her that.
She gave me hope when there was none,
Once a boy, now a man, I can face my life again.