View Full Version : You might've played too much FF6 if...*possible Spoilers*

02-09-2003, 09:28 PM
Well...I figured that since everyone els was doing it I might as well join in on the fun.
You might've played too much FF6 if...
1. You name your pets after all the characters in the game...and all the Espers too...
2. You can play "Celes's Theme" on the piano by ear.
3. You constantly claim that you've seen all 7 of Shadows dreams and no one believes you.
4. You jump off a cliff by the seashore, hoping that you will be nursed back to health by a previously dead pigeon with a bandana.
5. Every time someone says something about a rusty door you tell them to go to the guy in Zozo.
6. You know all the charaters names backwards (I do x_X)
7. You can recite the Japanese lyrics to Relms Theme (even though they sound more like Gaelic o_O)
8. Everytime a cop asks you a question you just say "Chung chung! Magitek Armor!"
9. You insist to your friends that you have to stop Kefka from destroying the world and they tell you that they've lost their fighting edge.
10. Every time someone bullies you, you tell them they should be careful because you're a half Esper and you can summon Bahamut and Tritoch to kick their ass.

Well...I suppose they weren't all good, but that's life...oh well...