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Title: The Best of John Williams
Composer: John Williams
Label: Naxios International
Release Date: 1990
Number of CDs: 1
Format: APE

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Great! Thanks.

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Can this soundtrack be reuploaded?

Herr Salat
08-16-2013, 03:01 AM
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Once upon a time, in a parallel universe, John Williams (born 1937, the composer of blockbuster motion pictures such as Airplane, The Stud, and Jaws 3-D and contemporary of Glen Larson and Larry Rosenthal) scored a film called E.T. The Extra Terrestrial... and it was a terrible, terrible score. A lumbering, poorly orchestrated, dumbed-down beast of a score - Spielberg's delightful film was spoiled by this musical incompetence and Williams' career never recovered; leading to his scoring atrocious low-budget knockoff trash like Jaws 3-D!

Some poor bugger who was duped as I was, posted this album in MP3 a few weeks ago - here's an upgrade to FLAC so you can experience the horrors with greater clarity...

The Best Of John Williams
Richard Hayman and The Philharmonic Rock Orchestra
(another pseudonym for The Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, currently known as the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra)

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My rip once again. Purchased age 9, didn't know any better back then. FLAC Level 8 - Scans Included.

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Well, if you thought the other one was bad, get a load of this... Again, some tracks are better than others, but the bad ones are really really terrible. The star of the show has to be the "Selections from E.T." - Hayman's own arrangement... It's E.T. but it's not... Williams' detail and deft touch are gone in favour of slimmed down, simplified, and tacky orchestrations - performed with amazing lethargy. The rendition of Superman makes Ken Thorne's slimmed down arrangement for Superman II (back here in the real world) sound like 120 members of the LSO. Star Wars is represented, bizarrely, by Parade Of The Ewoks(??!)... and Jaws has annoying seaside noises dubbed in - presumably to add a distraction from the shoddy arrangement and drunken performance. The famous "Mission" theme (from NBC Nightly News) is actually pretty good... but then we're left with a nasty taste in our mouths with the final track - the Raiders March... played by your local high school marching band. There are more unnecessary snare drum parts in here than in your average Megumi Ohashi score, and that's saying something.

All in all, a hideous piece of shit and a terrific insult to Williams. Enjoy! ;)

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Anyone else have a link to this?

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Hello there,

Is there any chance to get the link to this recording?

Thanks in advance to whoever would be kind enough to re-up it in FLAC! ;)

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re-up please !

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This sound too terrible not to own. A re-up would be appreciated indeed!