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Valiant Terra
01-26-2011, 09:33 PM
Hi there! I was wondering if anyone has these songs from Sweetbox and from any groups that Jade Valerie is apart of right now. I know that this isn't about video games, but Jade Valerie is someone who sang the theme songs from FFX-2, and so I thought it would be okay to post it here. I've been looking for these songs for a long time now, and I haven't had any luck with finding them. I looked all over the web for these songs, but somehow, luck isn't on my side. So, if anyone would like to help me out with these, please let me know a.s.a.p. Thanks again for reading! : )

Sweetbox Songs:

Addicted (Single; Released on 12" Vinyl instead of CD in Germany):

- Addicted (Boom Boom Remix) (Instrumental)
- Addicted (Boom Boom Remix) (A Capella)
- Addicted (Rich Rich Remix) (Instrumental)
- Addicted (Rich Rich Remix) (A Capella)

Addicted (Single):
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- Addicted (Pot Black Club Mix)

Life is Cool EP (Vinyl):

- Life is Cool (Instrumental)
- Somewhere (Original)

Read My Mind (Single):
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- Digital Zero

If there are any more songs that I can't find, then I'll update this thread. I appreciate it very, VERY greatly if you guys can send them to me or possibly upload them to websites like MediaFire, Megaupload, 4shared, etc. I have no preferences when it comes to bit rates and sample rates, just as long as the audio itself isn't crappy on regular audio equipment, then that's fine. I'm just looking for the songs, that's all. I'll be happy to return the favor! So, thanks so much! : D

And if you guys can't send me the songs, then if you guys can at least tell me what website I should go to, to buy the music and download them. I know some places to buy the physical albums, but I'm looking into websites that you can buy the music digitally, so if you guys have any information, please let me know as soon as possible! Once again, thanks so much! ; )

Valiant Terra
05-17-2011, 09:15 AM
Isn't there anyone who is a Sweetbox fan!?