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lone wolf
01-05-2003, 06:31 PM
i found alittle thing in FFX which i figured i would share with all those whom need help finding good places to gain sphere levels in FFX or if they just want to add to it to help everyone at this great forum:D

so ya, i found that if you begin to work with " SPOLIER?" ( just in case:D ) the guy at the monster arena, if you capture all the different cactures, he will make a "king cacture" which will hit for either 9999 or it will hit for 999999, either one, their is a good chance you will not survive, but if you get your whole team in on this fight, they can quickly gain some levels because even if he kills someone, bring them back(your going to need ALOT! of pheniox downs) and just repeat this over and over, and once you have been in the battle for as long as you want, or he has run away, just run and you will be given all the experiance that you had gotten from the fight with him, but this will be a very long experiance to go through, so clear your schedule.

i am sure their are more but i am only beginning to find ways to beat the monsters at the arena so if you guys and girls have any ideas or suggestions, post them here to help people out.


P.S- if you are having problems making him stay just keep making him stay by provoking him to someone, they don't like that :) :)

Nanaki XIII
01-05-2003, 08:24 PM
Ok for one I think its capture the monsters in the Thunder Plains only for King Cactuar. also you need to have overive->AP ability on the person and make that person have stoic overdrive, then when he gets hit he gets ap so king cactuar hits for 99999 he gets a bunch of ap and you revive him and keep doing it.

You can also do this with don tonberry by capturing monsters from yojimbo cave, but i like cactuar better.

German Sandals
01-05-2003, 08:31 PM
The best way to gain levels from the Monster Arena is to battle Don Toneberry with a weapon that has Triple AP, Overdrive -> AP, and Triple Overdrive. Set the character with that weapons Overdirve mode to stoic and everytime they attack, Don will counter for massive damage. Revive them and continue until he stops countering then flee or kill him. If you give the other two fighters the same weapons, set their overdrives to comrade and everyone gains HEAPS of levels. We're talking 50-70 levels from one battle.

Neo Xzhan
01-06-2003, 09:43 AM
The AP trick from Gamefaqs

Preperation Step One - Unlock One-Eye
You can either choose One-Eye or Ultima Buster to unlock. One-Eye is a lot
easier to unlock; he is also a lot easier to consisently kill. If you choose
to unlock Ultima Buster, you must capture at least FIVE of EVERY monster. If
you kill Ultima Buster, though, he could drop a weapon with [Triple AP],
[Triple Overdrive], and [Overdrive->AP], all abilities you will need anyway.
If you already have Ultima Buster unlocked, and you can kill him, try doing
that and seeing what you get. You could get all the weapons you need right

To unlock One-Eye, you need to capture:
4 Floating Eye, found at Mi'ihen Highroad
4 Buer, found at Thunder Plains
4 Evil Eye, found at Macalania (Snowy)
4 Ahriman, found at Mt. Gagazet
4 Floating Death, found at Omega Ruins

Preperation Step Two - Battle One-Eye
When you battle One-Eye, you'll have a good chance of getting of getting
weapons with [Triple AP] on them. What you want is a weapon with [Triple AP]
and two extra slots open. Battle One-Eye until he gives you what you need. Do
this for as many characters as you want.

Preperation Step Three - Customize [Overdrive->AP]
Next, you'll need to use ten Doors to Tomorrow to customize [Overdrive->AP]
auto-ability onto a weapon. Luckily for you, these items are plentiful. You
can steal them from Ultima Weaponor bribe some mech warriors. Bomb King in the
Monster Arena will drop TWO Doors to Tomorrow if you overkill him. My favorite
way of getting Doors To Tomorrow: unlock six Monster Arena Area Creations.
That is by the far the easiest way. You'll get 99 Doors To Tomorrow from that,
and it is considerably easy work. Use ten Doors To Tomorrow and customize
[Overdrive->AP] on all your [Triple AP] weapons. There should now be one more
slot open.

Preperation Step Four - Customize [Triple Overdrive]
================================================== ==
This is by far the hardest part of the entire trick. To customize [Triple
Overdrive] onto a weapon, you'll need to use thirty Winning Formulas. Winning
Formulas can only be bribed from Sandworms or dropped by Ultima Buster. If you
plan to bribe a Sandworm, you'll need 900,000 gil for fifteen of them. Make
sure you save before you do it, incase something goes wrong. Ultima Buster
will drop two Winning Formulas for an overkill. The easiest way to get a lot
of Winning Formulas, although you can only do it once, is to unlock EVERY
Area Creation in the Monster Arena. It may take some time, but your reward is
the much needed quantity of 99 Winning Formulas. Use thirty Winning Formulas
per weapon and customize three weapons (or more, if you can) with [Triple
Overdrive]. Now at least three weapons should have:

[Triple AP] + [Triple Overdrive] + [Overdrive->AP]

Preperation Step Five - Setting Overdrive Modes
Set all of your characters to Comrade overdrive mode. If they do not have this
mode, you will first need to earn it. Check out the overdrive section of this
guide for more.

Preperation Step Six - Unlock Don Tonberry
To unlock Don Tonberry, you'll need to capture at least one of each of the
following enemies: Epaaj, Imp, Yowie, Thorn, Dark Element, Nidhogg, Valaha,
Ghost, and Tonberry. The Tonberry and Ghost could be considerably elusive, so
don't give up. For tips on catching some of these monsters, check out the
Monster Arena section of the guide.

Preperation Step Six - Preliminary Don Tonbbery Battle
================================================== ====
The first battle against Don Tonbery is for show, literally. Equip your
characters with their AP Weapons. Then, take on Don Tonberry.

Hit Don Tonberry with each of your characters. After being hit, Don Tonberry
counteracts with Karma. Appropriately named, Karma deals 100 damage per enemy
you've killed. Sound confusing?

For example:

Tidus has killed 634 enemies.

Tidus would be damaged with Karma for 63,400 damage (634 x 100 = 63,400).

Wakka has killed 539 enemies.

Wakka would be damaged with Karma for 53,900 damage (539 x 100 = 53,900).

Yuna has killed 15 enemies.

Yuna would be damaged with Karma for 1,500 damage (15 x 100 = 1,500).

Now it's time to judge what character will be your sacrificial character. This
character will need to take about 80,000 to 99,999 damage from karma. This
character will also need to have a low HP, prefferably below 5000.

Whatever character you choose to be your sacrifice, change that character's
overdrive mode to Stoic.

Preperation Step Seven - Raising Karma's Damage (OPTIONAL)
================================================== ========
If your charactes are not being hit for enough karma (you'll need to be hit
for at least 80,000 damage on a LOW HP character), you will need to raise their
kill count. Now, you can either kill a lot of enemies normally, or you can use
a trick.

The trick is rather simple. Choose the character that you want to raise the
kill count on. Make sure that person attacks first in battle, automatically.
You do not want to have to cast Haste. [Auto-Haste] would be splendid, as
would [First Strike].

Once you're sure that your character will attack first in every battle, talk to
the Monster Arena Owner. Continually press X. A turbo controller would work
wonders, taped down on X.

So what does this do?

Basically, you'll constantly fight and kill Dingo, the first enemy on the the
Monster Arena list. By mashing the X button, you'll be killing Dino over and
over, raising your kill count.

99 Sphere Level Battle
Now it's time to gain 99 Sphere Levels in just one match, after all that
one-time preperation. Phew. Luckily, the AP battles take only a minute or
two. Make sure your AP Weapons are equipped.

With your sacrificial character on Stoic, and the other two characters on
Comrade, start the bout with Don Tonberry. The sacrificial character should
attack Don Tonberry.

The low HP sacrificial character should be dealt at least 80,000 damage. By
using Triangle, defend with the other characters. Attack Don Tonberry five or
six times.

Once you've attack him five or six times, Flee from battle. Watch the AP sore
into 99 Sphere Levels. Sweet.

Vivi FF
01-06-2003, 04:45 PM
Originally posted by Nanaki XIII
Ok for one I think its capture the monsters in the Thunder Plains only for King Cactuar. also you need to have overive->AP ability on the person and make that person have stoic overdrive, then when he gets hit he gets ap so king cactuar hits for 99999 he gets a bunch of ap and you revive him and keep doing it.

You can also do this with don tonberry by capturing monsters from yojimbo cave, but i like cactuar better.

Why not get the same weapon for the other characters and put their OD mode on Comrade? Then the other 2 people gets lotsa EXP. as well...

01-06-2003, 09:17 PM
Comrade is what I use. The version of the trick I read said to use Comrade and I agree. As for Triple Overdrive/Triple AP/Overdrive ---> AP, that method could work. Another way to do it is to just beat Ultima Buster, rarely he will drop a weapon with all three of those. I have gotten that from him before, so it is possible.