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lone wolf
01-02-2003, 10:05 PM

Ok, i have been all over Spira in search of the codes for the input for the airship, now, i know about the one's GODHAND for rikku's ultimate weapon, and the other 2, VICTORIOUS for Rikku's armor that nulifies 3 element types and MURASAME which gives you Aurons's weapon with the one MP ability. But that along with some other sites found with search, that it all i have found, and i can't find any more, any one have any ideas or passwords or areas to search, just put it in here to help me and everyone.



P.S-just ask and i will post the co-ordinates for the others i found as well as gotten from others

01-03-2003, 01:47 AM
GODHAND, VICTORIOUS and MURASAME are the only passwords. There aren't any more, so if you've input those, then you've input them all. There's quite a few non-password locations that you can search around with the airship for. You may already have them, if not, just play around with the airship's search feature for a little while (I was able to find them all in about 5 to 10 minutes.) or search around online for one of the webpages that lists the coordinates of them all.

01-03-2003, 11:10 AM
Just in case you missed some of the coordinates, I've wrote them below, plus the destination name, of course, just highlight it to read it (wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone else or anything).

P.S- I made my own armor that let me "eat" all four elements ;)

Baaj Temple: X=11-16 Y=57-63
Battle Site: X=39-43 Y=56-60
Besaid Falls: X=29-32 Y=73-76
Mi'ihen Ruins: X=33-36 Y=55-60
Omega Ruins: X=69-75 Y=33-38
Sanubia Sands: X=12-16 Y=41-45