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01-02-2003, 01:03 PM
Its in japanese, but its still good. They have tons of pictures.

Oh, before I forget, I made the little guide on the <b><i><u>FLASH</b></i></u>, so if you go to the HTML one, then I can't guarantee everything will be in the same place.
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Here is a guide to the site:
First option to the farthest left: Gameplay Screenshots (of the new mission based system screen, etc.)
Second: Character shots
Order (starting from the top):
Yuna, Rikku, Paine, LeBranc, Brother, Kimahri, Wakka&Lulu

Note: the second to last option on there screens is ss's involving them, plus sound clips (in japanese though :( ), except on Yuna's its a description, the third to last one is the ss and sound clips.
Third: Battle System Shots
First option: Concept art and models w/ poses
Second option: Battle & System Screenshots (In game!)
Third Option: Mission System Screenshots (I assume the captions WOULD be explaining it, if they were in english)
Fourth: About FFX-2 (note: all in Japanese)
Fifth: Wallpaper Downloads! (YAY)
1. Yuna Wallpapers
2. Rikku Wallpapers
3. Paine Wallpapers