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Bruce Montgomery & Eric Rogers - 20 Years of the Carry on Films 1958 - 1978 [2004] [Soundtrack]

Note: this is not a spoken word/comedy album. There are bits of dialogue, but these CDs are 90% music.

Ooh Matron!
Well, if you've not heard of these films you simply aren't British, old boy. This compilation, although not exhaustively complete, includes around 95% of the music used in the Carry On films.
Each track is a compilation of the music used in each film, starting with the main theme. Plus a few of the best bits of dialogue from each.
This is old-fashioned scoring, where the music is made to directly fit with events and characters and it has a charm modern soundtracks just don't have. Wop waaaah!

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Disc 1:
1. Carry On Up The Khyber Eric Rogers 6:33
2. Carry On Jack Eric Rogers 2:40
3. Carry On England Max Harris 2:26
4. Follow That Camel Eric Rogers 5:46
5. Carry On Sergeant Bruce Montgomery 4:39
6. Carry On Nurse Bruce Montgomery 3:42
7. Carry On Doctor Eric Rogers 5:05
8. Carry On Matron Eric Rogers 6:57
9. Carry On Again Doctor Eric Rogers 4:51
10. Carry On Constable Bruce Montgomery 2:49
11. Carry On Spying Eric Rogers 9:38
12. Carry On Screaming Eric Rogers 5:16
13. Carry On Teacher Bruce Montgomery 3:29
14. Carry On Cabby Eric Rogers 5:28
15. Carry On Regardless Bruce Montgomery 5:47

Disc 2:
1. Carry On Camping Eric Rogers 9:21
2. Carry On Behind Eric Rogers 2:33
3. Carry On Cruising Bruce Montgomery 6:17
4. Carry On At Your Convenience Eric Rogers 5:56
5. Carry On Abroad Eric Rogers 4:53
6. Carry On Loving Eric Rogers 6:12
7. Carry On Emmannuelle Eric Rogers 4:38
8. Carry On Girls Eric Rogers 3:14
9. Don't Lose Your Head Eric Rogers 4:19
10. Carry On Cowboy Eric Rogers 7:49
11. Carry On Dick Eric Rogers 3:36
12. Carry On Up The Jungle Eric Rogers 3:34
13. Carry On Henry Eric Rogers 4:00
14. Carry On Cleo Eric Rogers 10:40

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Ooh yes please Matron!!

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Ooh matron! These films are a time capsule of my country from 1958 to 1978. I have them all on DVD and they can be considered typical English saucy postcard humour. Many of the performers are now alas gone, but they live on in these movies. The music is always good too. Carry on Screaming and Don't lose your head had nice songs. Recommended.

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Carry On: 20 Years Of Carry On Films 1958-1978 (2004) Soundtrack OST

Link 256kbps: 20CarryFilms.zip (306,37 MB) - uploaded.net ([Only registered and activated users can see links])

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