View Full Version : Where after Zanarkand???

09-14-2002, 09:24 PM
where the hell do you go after zanarkand....im there now....do you get the airship afterwards???

09-14-2002, 09:38 PM
Well, yeah...after a boss fight....with yunalesca , and the you get the airship and of to Sin

Vivi FF
09-15-2002, 10:14 AM
You go all the way to the end, solve the kinda difficult puzzle, use an elevator, then there's a story part of the game, then aftre the sceneraio you leave Zanarkand and the airship comes.

10-10-2002, 08:04 AM
you can kill sin any time u want, but i think he was to easy, go around and do some side quests first, like get anime or the megus sisters (they kick ass). or get your ultima weapons, and just for the reacored, how many of u agree with me that omega weapon was way to easy.


p.s. ultimacia, i had the same prob u did, i need to find wings of disscovery, but there really hard to get, i have a way but u may not like it (unless u have no prob with money). go to the calm lands and get into a fight with an ocho, than bribe him for 600,000 gil, and he'll give u 3 or 4, (i got 7 one time :D ). or u can do to the omega ruins and bribe a mega ocho (if thats what there called) for 1,280,000 gill for 8 wings of discovery (screw that). u need 30 to get HP break limit, thats how i did it, its annoying and it takes a while, but its worth it. and if ur haveing trouble getiing money, go to the omega ruins and try to steal from the treasure box that appers every once and a while with the little lizard fiend, if a fiend pops out, KILL IT, it gives u 100,000 gil. thats it, thats how i did it, good luck man.