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ultimate veggie
09-01-2002, 10:07 AM
heheh i puting every thing i do thats poems or whatever on this thread....starteing with "and end to a saiyans vacation"

"An End To A Saiyans Vacation"

The saiyan

After many long days and nights of partying and beating the pulp

out of others

Has only two days left of his crazed freedom

The saiyan

Run's around franticly

The saiyan

Curses the day his vacation is over

The sayian

Has a bad dream the next night

The saiyan

See's the yellow over sized cage with wheels roll up to his house

The Saiyan screams and is draged in

The sayian wakes up

The saiyians cold and clamy

The saiyan looks at his calender

His eyes widen

It is the day

The day he is dishonerd to be human like everone els

Today is his first day of school

The sayian blames his onna

For she is the one who signed him up for this mind reckoning torture

The saiyan like in his dream is draged to the bus

The last thing the saiyan see's is his onna giggiling and waving

bye bye

ugh thats what ihave to do in two days dosent it suck if it was like that for our poor saiyan friend what will this new place be like for me?.....college

Psuedes Psyche
09-02-2002, 07:15 PM
Cool. Yes I too fear school like so many others. My school has to be the worst in the nation though. It's like 100 years old and I don't think it's changed all that much (no air in the summer, no heat in the window, everything is constantly breaking!) It drives me insane.

But anyway, your poems cool. I like it.

ultimate veggie
09-12-2002, 07:07 AM
"The day it came"

It was a mouring like any other

Vegeta was training hard in the gravity room

Bulma was bossing people around

The world was at peace

But then

It started

Bulma felt a rush of pain and fell to the ground screaming

Vegeta jumped at the scream and ran out of his traing room to

He's see's Bulma on the ground

He realizes it is "it's fault for her bing this way

He rushed her to the hospital

Then sits and waits

And waits

And waits

Till it drives him crazy!!!

He brakes in to the operating room

He see's what he never wanted to see


Coming out of his onna


Was being born

With a healthy lavender gleam in its hair

To the dary look it gave to its father wiht its percing blue eyes

Today is that day it came in to the world

It changed the way the saiyan prince lived

Ror now he had a son

A prodagy

A future

The world is doomed

>_< Im sorry to all the trunks lovers out there this thing just came to mind today and i was inspiered to write it :uh?: