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Title: Prophecy - Side story: Taji
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Rating: G
Catagory: Supernatural, general
Warnings: none, really..
Disclaimers: All character and this fic are mine. Please don't use them without my written permission.
Status: Beta-ed.. sorta.
Notes: No, 'Haven' is not a misspelled 'Heaven'. =P

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<b>Side story: Taji</b>


Haven, year 587.



The royal palace was magnificent. It was pure white, with soft silken curtains framing the windows. A spell was cast on the high ceilings, making it seem like it was a beautiful blue sky with clouds drifting over. The marble floor would cast your reflection if you leaned close enough. There were no windows, no doors except for the one that lead to the throne room.

This is where Taji, guardian angel by profession, was called before the Queen. He was wondering why he actually was here, usually assignments were given out by the head of the Guardians, Ryuiki. Now that he looked around the room, he noticed none of the usual guards were around. It was just him and the Queen of the Angels.

"I have called you here because I have a special assignment. Please donnot speak until I'm done."

Taji, told not to speak, only nodded.

"You are to descent below. Once there you have to find a boy named Aya Seki. He is on the run because of the following reasons.. "

He listened carefully. The more he heard, the less he wanted this job. Ayee.. This was a tough one.

" ..Here is a bracelet, you must wear it at all times. The boy has a pendant which is linked to it. It previously belonged to his late mother. He doesn't know what it is for, but he keeps it close. You'll be able to keep track of him, and it will warn you whenever he's in danger or calls you. Leave as soon as possible, this is a very important case and has to be dealt with as soon as possible."

Taji inwardly groaned. Mou.. They always had to assign the worst jobs to him. Then again, he WAS the best of the Guardians, he thought with a smile.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes, your highness.. I will prepare my leave immediately."


"Oy, Taji.. Wait up!" Looking over his shoulder, he spotted Neo bouncing over to him, his usualy group of admirers following him from a distance. Really, what they saw in this insane, bouncing, red-haired guy was a mystery to him. 'Okay.. So he was kind of good-looking. And he got pretty hair. And he's a royalty, no less. But still..' He thought, glancing over at prince who was excitedly hopping from one foot to the other, over and over again.

"Not now, Neo. I'm leaving Haven tonight and I have a lot to do before that time."

Neo jumped in front of him, effectively preventing him from walking any further. "Leaving Haven? Did you get a new assignment?" He asked curiously. Taji's jobs were always interesing!

Taji stepped aside and continued walking, "Yeah.. A special one." The second he said that he regretted it, and mentally kicked himself. His friend always found a way to tag along with him if he thought it was "going to be cool", so now there was no way he could keep this a secret to him. Not that it was a really bad thing having him along, Neo was his friend, after all. But on earlier jobs, it had sometimes lead to.. complications. Neo wasn't trained as a Guardian, but he sometimes got some of the easier jobs. 'Which didn't always end up like they were supposed to..' Taji recalled, thinking of what happened with Neo and the last woman he was supposed to help. he was puzzled. What was it with him and women?

"Ooooh.. can I come?"


Taji sighed and walked on, with an excited Neo still bouncing along. After a few minutes of silence, a soft 'sure' followed.


That night, he looked up at the starry sky. It looked so much prettier from here than from the planet Mizugame (1). Sighing, he looked up at one of the three moons that graced the sky.

He could protect this boy. He could make him remember. He would bring him back home.


1. Japanese for 'balance'.

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