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08-28-2002, 06:39 AM
This is tactics and everything yeah?

I've read about people 'levelling up' while playing the game and I know that this is no doubt a good thing.

My question is 'how long would you reccomend to spend just walking about and levelling up?'

I've got my bods not even a quarter of the way around the sphere grid and I'm fighting that bird near the end who changes about three times into a massive head sticking out the ground.
I can stay alive until she gets big head, but then she just wipes me out.

Help me cos I've been trying to beat her for ages now!! :notgood:

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<font face="lucida calligraphy" size="2">Actually, this forum is for the game Final Fantasy Tactics, not for FF strategies in general. ^_~

I'll move this to the FF10 forum where it belongs....

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I think you mean Yunalesca, right?

Well, if you have a turbo controller with an autofire button, have I go the perfect strategy for you....

First, you equip everyone with the Triple Overdrive and Overdrive-AP tricks. You also need the Overdrive Mode Rook as well. If you do not have Rook on desired party, use these following steps to gain it.

In order to get Triple Overdrive, you must have Winning Formula x30. In order to get Overdrive -> AP, you need Door to Tomorrow x10. In order to get Triple AP, which I didn't mention, you need Wings to Discovery x50. Wing to Discovery are hard to come by, let alone fifty of them, so I didn't mention it. But, if you have them, by all means use them.

Go into a battle with any type of Flan and make sure that Flan is the only thing on the field.

Now, what you want to do is cast Slow on the monster and Hastega on your party. Then, cast Reflect on everyone and the monster. Cast Slowga onto the monster, and it will reflect, slowing everyone down. If this does not slow everyone, then cast it with each person until everyone has it. Cast Hastega on your party to reflect it back onto the monster. Press autofire and the triangle button. The monster will now just hit you with it's own elemental, casting it back unto itself, and hence replenishing it's HP. Keep it on for a while, and when you come back, just kill it and you should be at level 99 or so with everyone.

I like to go fight some Cactuars with Triple Overdrive and all that other stuff, except I put them all on Stoic. That way if you get hit with 10,000 Needles, you'll gain even more AP. Also, you should try casting Auto-Life on everyone when you do this.

Another good place, like most people will agree, is Omega Ruins. That place is really good for levelling up, but you'd need a lot of luck in the beginning. The monsters there are pretty hard if you aren't at least half way around the grid.


HP: 24,000 (Round 1), 48,000 (Round 2), 60,000 (Round 3).
Sensor: Reaper of souls. Vulnerable to holy magic.
Strength: 20
Magic: 30
Immunities: Poison, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, Confusion, Berserk, Provoke, Sleep, Silence, Darkness, Slow, Power Distil., Mana Distil., Speed Distil., Ability Distil., Eject, Doom, KO, Zombie, and Petrification.
Scan: Casts Curaga and Regen on zombified characters. Cure zombie with Holy Water. Her counterattacks dispel support magic. She also curses aeons with her Mind Blast.

Yunalesca...I didn't see this one coming. Unfortunately, she proves INCREDIBLY difficult even to people who know what they're doing, and IMPOSSIBLE to those who don't. She has three forms, so I take it best to go one-by-one.

Round 1
Yunalesca is VICIOUS this round! She counters everything! If you use Attack or Skill, she will counter with Blind magic. You now miss often. If you use Magic, she uses Silence. You now can't cast magic. If you use Special or an Overdrive, she counters with Sleep. You now don't get turns. It's quite difficult to keep up. Also, it's very annoying to keep fixing these status ailments. Worst of all, these counters also have a Dispel-strike like quality. Every time she counters against you (which is almost every timeyou do something to her), she removes any status augmentations that you have. Haste, Protect - whatever - she takes it off.

Not only that, but she actually gets turns, too. On her turns, she
actually INFLICTS DAMAGE! I know, I know, it's hard to handle. She generally uses Absorb, which takes about 2,000 HP from you and gives 2,000 HP to her. She CAN and will Absorb more HP than you currently have (if you have 500, she can kill you and take 2,000). Also, she sometimes uses a regular attack, which does 200 to 500 points of damage.

What to do! Luckily, her counters are spells. Thus, use Reflect (after Hastega)! She is immune to Sleep, Silence, and Darkness, but at least they miss you and you keep your Haste! Oddly enough, while Dispel removes Reflect, her counters don't, so they aren't EXACTLY like Dispel. You can be free of her counters. If you, for some reason, don't
have or like Reflect (?), you can use Esuna on your characters. You can
just hack away at her, now. Hard...right?

Round 2
No, I don't lie when I say a boss is difficult! She has a second form!
She opens with an attack called Hellbiter. Hellbiter is your best
friend and worst nightmare. It only does 200 to 250 points of damage to
everybody, but then they all gain zombie status! It works through

Basically, unless you have Zombie Ward or Zombieproof armor (which I
suggest you DO NOT equip), you've got three zombies. This is bad.
Yunlesca only has two other attacks, now - Cura and Regen. Cura does
around 1,500 damage to zombies (although heals regular characters), and
Regen periodically kills zombies, like Poison.

Keep your zombie status! Just trust me! I'll tell you why soon enough.
Also, keep your Reflect! Reflect bounces off Regen and Cura, and while
they help Yunalesca, now the only way she can hurt you is with her
occasional Hellbiter!

Switch in your 4th best character before killing her and let him be hit
by Hellbiter. Then, switch him back out. JUST DO IT!

Make sure everybody is at high HP and in zombie status when you kill

Round 3
This is why I said the battle is hard. She opens with Mega Death. This
is a Death attack that hits ALL characters. They all die. You lose.
Game Over.

...Or do you? Instant death doesn't work on the undead...thus, any
zombies in your party survive! She WILL use Mega Death periodically
now, so keep everyone as zombies!

Why is this bad news? You are now forced into being a zombie, yet she
still uses powerful attacks! Her Curaga does 4,500 to a zombie, almost
surely killing him! Also, she still periodically uses Regen. If you
can't Reflect it, use Dispel. If you can manage to keep Reflect up,
though, this isn't a problem.

Her Mind Blast attack is, however. This inflicts about 600 points to
each character and adds random status effects. Confusion, sleep, and
curse are the only ones I've seen - each of which proving highly deadly
in the heat of battle. Curse only prevents Overdrives, but confusion
and sleep are bad! Either try to hit the character with Yuna, Rikku, or
Lulu (as they do low damage), or wait for Hellbiter or another Mind
Blast. It's not fun.

So basically, Mind Blast is your problem. You can't heal your zombies
as you'd hurt them, and they slowly die off. This is why you should
keep your HPs apart. If one character dies, QUICKLY revive him and
bring him to full health before the next Hellbiter. If you can do this
every time somebody dies (hopefully getting Reflect up, too), then your
only threat should be Mega Death.

Of course, that's not quite so easy. You might wind up with just one
zombie left on several occasions (if using Tidus, Yuna, and Auron as I
did, Tidus and Yuna might die around the same time). For this reason,
your remaining zombie has three options. He can frantically use Phoenix
Downs and try to help everybody (bad idea). He can use a Mega Phoenix,
killing himself but reviving the other two. This is risky, as the other
two are now non-zombies, and a Mega Death could give you Game Over.
Lastly, you could switch in you back-up zombie from last round to help
bring people back, as his HP is higher.

Whatever you do, DO NOT find yourself with only non-zombies! You can't
depend on Hellbiter to prevent Mega Death - she could very easily use
it first! It may take a couple tries, but you should get through it.
Good luck!

On her second and third forms, Yunalesca neglects to use Absorb. This
is because she'd GIVE the zombies HP (it's backwards, remember?).
However, if you call an Aeon, as it can't receive Zombie status, she
will use Absorb. Every time you call an Aeon, she will use Mind Blast
(to inflict Curse and prevent Overdrives) and then use Absorb. She also
will ALWAYS counter Aeons with her regular attack (although it's very
weak). Aeons tend to give her more HP via Absorb than they inflict, so
I recommend only using them to finish her third form off with an

Frusterated? Save before going into the outer space room. Then, you
only have to watch a part of the cinema.

This is quite possibly the most difficult boss in the game. Many people
get through here their first time, but many who know what they're doing
still get caught off-guard by Mind Blast and Mega Death. Just take your time to think, and don't give up!

PS: Was there any need for attaching porn to your post? That's just going to distract me.

08-29-2002, 10:03 AM
For Yunalesca (bird? :confused: ), make sure you have holy waters. Once she gets to the third round, though, try to leave your characters as zombies so they don't get killed in her insta-death attack.

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mod edit: what in the your sick mind gave you the idea to post that pic at a message board?

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It was a nude Latin woman with breast implants. :uh?:

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She wasn't even good-looking....</font></table>

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