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08-08-2002, 11:52 AM
I just found this old piece of my work on a soon to be closed ff fanfic site and decided not only to refine it but actually finish it! :eek:.Let me know what you think(I'll post a bigger part later)

Final Fantasy 7-Another world

Cloud Strife looked off the bridge of the high wind awe struck by the beauty of Holy. Even more beautifull were the strands of the life stream as it weaved itself like massive snakes around meteor. He tore his eyes away from the spectacle for a moment however to realise he had actually beaten Sephiroth. Around him everyone else was apparently having the same feeling, and he smiled as his eyes met tifa's. As holy glinted off the tiny brown specks of her eyes Cloud decided the moment to tell her how he felt was now.
"Tifa I...."
But as horror showed on her feautres he glanced down at his own body, and saw a memento of Sephiroth, a gash that was nearly as wide as his body. The last sight Cloud saw was Tifa's head towering above him as his own smashed against the hard' freezing metal floor. Cloud would never know how she felt, and neither would Tifa.
Red XII awoke with a start the PHS pounding against his ear drums he checked around the field to see if the slumbring Elfadunks had been roused. Sleeping like babies.
"Hello? Nanaki?"
Tifa's voice obliterated every arguement to switch it off and sleep, it had been almost two years since he had seen his old companions. Not since the funeral....... Not since he had set out to find another of his kind.
"Nanaki, if your there i'm sorry but I can't hear you, my PHS is faulty. I've found......."
The transmission crackled then died away. He bared his teeth and snarled but quickly regained his compusre and blushed hoping no one had heared him acting like a common dog. But as suddenly as it had ended it began again, blaring out Tifa's sweet, if slightly distorted, voice.
"Just meet me at Cosmo canyon to see."
A click ended Tifa's transmission and Red decided that he would leave in the morning. Resting his head on the moist grass he closed his eyes, but not before checking the animals were asleep. It was strange how monsters accepted him in their groups if he wasn't accomponied. Maybe it was his looks convinced them not to attack,whatever the reason it gave him some small form of security while sleeping.
Rufus gulped down a bottle of vintage 1237 like a fish gasping for air. Or was it a fish gasping for water? Nevermind soon little technicalities like that would mean nothing to him. He got up and stared deep in to the mirror. There was no use fighting it. He was finished. His father had found out his plans. He got a comb and brushed back his hair. He spent his entire life looking good no use to break the tradition near the end.He brushed off a few specks of dust, pointless he knew but he was brought up to look good for the cameras. Even if the next time cameras saw him he would be dead.
Suddenly his luxury apartment was plunged in to darkness, only the light above the mirror resisting the creeping shadows. A whelp the only sound, probably Dark nation. A figure flitterd by in the mirror and he smirked knowing he could have prevented the inevitable if he wished. When the masumame and buster sowrd colided into the back of his skull his smirk never disappeared

08-08-2002, 12:21 PM
very well written,the piece with Nanaki was the best where you tell how he falls asleep...


08-08-2002, 02:21 PM
That's wonderful Rezouken. I like your style and your use of language, particularly the imagery such as the great simile, "the strands of the life stream as it weaved itself like massive snakes around meteor" it really adds depth to the story.

One thing ... full stops used to show a pause should come in threes "..." is actually a recognised punctuation mark whereas ".." or "......." aren't ... but that's just being pernickity, the storyline so far shines, punctuation is just a formality.

Looking forward to reading more!