View Full Version : Don't enter unless you have finished the game and seen past the credits Major Spoiler

07-16-2002, 08:41 PM
Did you really like the ending, cause I hated it, cause it made me get all confused about what happened to Tidus. So he passed away but at the end of the credits you see him swimming in what looks like a sphere pool is it and did he really die. It so looked like at the top of the ship when Yuna passes through him just when they touched each other I thought it would of did something like Yuna stopped him from disappearing but no. Saddest ending since, well there have never been a sad ending in the FF series.

Is it true about a follow on of FFX featuring around Rikku's or Yuna's View of the story. Went on several FF sites and they said that square is planning a continuation of the game, don't think it is going to reach U.S. or Australia.

07-16-2002, 08:51 PM
The "sequels" are true news... but still being planned out. Two spin offs of the game, one is Yuna and the other is Rikku. We don't know if it's on their POV or their own quest, more likely it is.

If you've seen the "Another Story" that came with FFX International (US players never got it), you can see that Square is making an attempt to continue the story. With the odd sphere found up in Mt. Gagazet that had Tidus in it in a cell of some sort. The sphere was unclear but it was no doubt Tidus. No one really knows how the whole story will play out, only Square does.

And as for it coming out in the US or not... well, I'm not sure if Europe got FFX:I with the Another Story in it. If not, then chances are that it won't. If it did, chances are that it will.