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<HTML><CENTER>The Chronicles of Zeal

The Legend of the Six Blades
The Tale of Telabon</CENTER></HTML>

The days of old were distant, now. The elegance and sophistication of the Kingdom of Sorcery had been destroyed, by human greed. Not the greed for wealth, no, the Sorcerors’ arrogance went far beyond that. The Council of Six had believed they could contain the power of the gods. They were wrong. And the monstrosities they created, the WEAPON Crystals, that gave the bearer the power of the gods, at a terrible price, had been lost. For a hundred years, the survivors of the Kingdom travelled far from the ancient ruins of the once flourishing Capitol under the guidance of Syton, the only member of the Council who foresaw the disaster, and escaped with five hundred people; five hundred survivors of the thousands upon thousands of citizens. A lost, distraught group…far from their old home, and no destination in sight. However, it was in this dark time, the Age of Wandering, that a group of people would come together; a group that would affect the course of history far, far into the future.

Part One – Prophecy

They had stopped moving, again. Telabon knew it wouldn’t be for long…he had overheard Governor Syton talking with Galea, his second-in-charge. The place still wasn’t ‘right’. Looking back to his tent, Telabon let slip a single tear. He knew that his father would not be joining them, next time they moved. Gythraeos had once been the personal Weaponsmith for King Jaicen himself, before the Destruction. Now, he was a sickly old man, dying in the middle of a journey from nowhere to, it seemed, nowhere. Telabon opened his father’s tent, and stepped inside. His father was still gripped by the curse, staring blankly into space…he didn’t even recognise his own sixteen year old son any more. The Sorcerors’ power was long gone, destroyed with the death of Jaicen, and Telabon refused to let any of Syton’s ‘mages’ near his ailing father. Best to let the old man die in peace.

“Come closer, my son…let me see your face.” Gythraeos’ statement shocked Telabon out of his reverie, and he ran to his father’s side. “Father! But I thought…”
“Be calm, my son. For you have much to learn; I… I do not have much time left…but, before I depart from Bahamut’s Lair, I must pass this secret on to you…the secret of the Swordmasters of the Kingdom, and the prophecy of the Six Blades…that you, my only son, are destined to fufill.” Telabon stepped back in shock. “Swordmasters? Prophecy? Father…I am not even yet apprenticed, and the Kingdom is long gone…what is my role?”

Gythraeos turned painfully, and looked at his son. “To create the weapons which will be the Chariots of the Gods.”

Part Two – Death, and Rebirth

Telabon stayed in his father’s tent the whole night, a night that revealed much to the young man. When he stepped out in the morning, his friends enquired as to his father’s condition. Telabon looked down, and spoke quietly. “The Last of the Swordmasters of the Kingdom is dead. Mourn him, but rejoice; for soon we will be Home, and a new sect of Swordmasters will be reborn.”

The Age of Wandering lasted another fifty years. In that time, Telabon had collected together the best smiths in the group, which had grown to two thousand people, and trained them in the ancient arts of Sword creation. Many believed that they were insane, and dangerous. Why waste metal on creating weapons? There hadn’t been war in a millennia. However, late into the night, the smiths practised their art; so, when Syton stood on the top of Mount Zanemir and pronounced the exile over, the new Kingdom of Sytonia had a group of people who produced the finest katanas ever seen before, or since; the blades of the Swordmasters. However, the finest work was not to come until the eve of Talebon’s life, when a meteor crashed into the middle of Sytonia itself, now a flourishing city of five hundred thousand. For this was the moment of prophecy; the time for the Swordmasters’ greatest work. From the metal in the stone, six blades were forged; the Saviour Chronus, the Romancing Spirit, the Vagrant Cross, the Secret Trigger, the Legend Story, and finally, the blade that would change history, the Bushido SaGa. For these swords were designed to be the vehicles of the WEAPON Crystals; a way to free the gods trapped inside. And Telabon fell into eternal slumber, knowing that one day, his swords would rectify the suffering and greed of the Sorcerors, and Syton, the final Sorceor. He would dine with Bahamut in the dragon’s Lair tonight.

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Well done Lee. Very true to your style and story. I'd love to hear more.

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For the sake of Zeal historians: this story occurs between the upcoming Chronicles of Zeal: Kingdom and Chronicles of Zeal: SaGa.