View Full Version : Persona 4 - Specific Song

02-01-2009, 05:24 AM
I have the soundtrack already and it's awesome. But there's one song that I'm looking for. (Not quite sure if its in the game or not)

It's the one that plays at 4:00 during the GT review video

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Thanks. :D

02-01-2009, 01:30 PM
I don't believe that song is in the game.

02-01-2009, 04:41 PM
Take it from a megaten expert, that's not from any persona game.

02-01-2009, 06:58 PM
As the others have said, it definitely isn't in the game. I initially thought it was the bonus track from disc 2 of the OST (Electronica in the Velvet Room), but, though the beat matches up, the rest doesn't. Does anyone know where they got that song from?

02-05-2009, 09:00 PM
its definetly not from a persona game