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Erik L.
09-09-2008, 02:02 PM
As everyone knows by now, I've been Downloading Music from the GH and have run into a few problems along the way. Now I'm Downloading Music from "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga" (GBA) and I've run into a problem yet again...

There are Music Themes in Locations within the game that are missing from the GH. Here's the list:

Beanbean Castle Plumbing Room (The Area in Beanbean Castle that Mario & Luigi go to fix the Castle's Plumbing)

Hammerhead Bros. Cave (The Second Home of the Hammerhead Bros. (The Hammerhead Bros. are not to be confused with the Hammer Bros.))

Beanbean Airport (The Location where Princess Peach's Airplane Lands when she visits Beanbean Land)

Guffawha Ruins (The Location where Luigi goes to get the medicine ingredient to cure Mario's Bean Fever)

S.S. Chuckola (The Location of the first Beanstar Piece)

Oho Ocean Seabed (Where Mario & Luigi Fall into when the Beanstar Shatters, and Where the S.S. Chuckola Sinks after Crashing)

Gwarhar Lagoon (Where you finally receive the first Beanstar Piece)

Harhall's Studio (Where you receive the second Beanstar Piece)

Yoshi Theater (Where you receive the Fourth Beanstar Piece)

Joke's End (A Snowy Area that Mario and Luigi travel to after the Beanstar is Repaired)

Why did the GH forget to add the Music from these Locations!?

06-25-2012, 08:11 PM
Old post I know, but I can tell you at the very least that several tracks were re-used in several areas. For instance the music normally associated with 'Joke's End' is acutually first heard in the 'Element Palace' of Oho Island, thus being credited as such. I'm certain this isn't the only example...