View Full Version : Developing countries...!!

05-29-2002, 11:50 AM
I am referring to... countries most of you live in that simply donīt appreciate manga or anime, or both... that donīt supply you with the good series, that are totally ignorant.

Living in Germany, even near France, I get to read very much manga titles, very much indeed, more than I want to read. But when it comes to anime, tapes or dvds or shows on TV, we are not so lucky. The situation is improving, thank god... but still, whenever there is a new anime on TV (PayTV most often!!), it turns out that the German voice actors are totally incompetent.
Yesterday I bought the second tape of Hoshin Engi/ Soul Hunter: I am terribly happy that they release this series over here, I could barely believe it, but for heavenīs sake: Thank god they did not DUB it, they were not even able to give the show proper SUBTITLES! Mistakes, Grammar mistakes, it is simply horrible!!

So... what about you? Anybody thinks his country still has to learn one thing or another about manga and anime, and how to edit these so that the fans can still enjoy it?

Just an example: Youpi, Silent Möbius will be shown on TV! Uhm, but no uncut version... rather one 120 minutes shorter than the original!!!
(The Youpi! was only inserted for dramatical effect. I do not wish to watch this series. Not for money.)