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05-15-2002, 10:24 PM
I think I forgot to mention that I can hold challenges at the same time... so um... now you kinda know =P

This is simple, make up fake "FUNNY" lyrics to the Hymn of Fayth. The judging of the lyrics will be done by me and a few undertermined members.... well they have been dertermined... I'm just not gonna say who they are. =P

The Hymn of Fayth song (for those who don't know) is the song that is played whenever you meet an Aeon in a Temple.

The winner will get 5 points, post your lyrics HERE, don't PM me. This will last until Sunday at 12 PM PST.

05-16-2002, 03:29 PM
Ok here goes,

*pulls out banjo while ma, pa, and uncle bertha let loose gas and smash cats with hammers creat'n that oh so lovely atmosphere that gets your heart all fuzzy and causes you to keel over dead on the toilet. Ah feels like home...*

Real lyrics

Inoreyo, Hatenaku,
Sekae tamae,
Yume miyo,

My lyrics (feel the poo my brothers and sisters)

Ass meat is a treat,
Eat him on, and off the street,
When he festers he may smell like feet,
And he tends to make my breath reek.

Meat keeps me happy in the rain,
He knows how to soothe my pain,
Ass meat, ass meat I love you,
When you get moldy you smell like poo,

But it doesn’t matter to me though,
Not a bit,
Because you make me smell like arm pit,
And when we are together it our loving dance,
Old men and women crap their pants,

And everyday I pick off your maggots
Then I throw them at Bob Saggot,
Because Bob Saggot is hot, (but not quite as hot as you)
I like to whip him an make him moo,

I will love you forever
Because we are together,
Me and Pete,
My loving ass meat,

It has come to my attention that,
This poem is hard for comprehension,
Because ass meat leaves me in a hex,
And has absolutely nothing to do with FFX,

And it doesn’t really follow the song,
And this poem is really long,
And you think I am a dirty meat slut,
So I guess I totally chopped the lyrics up,

An ending????? hmmm....


Thank you, I feel I might just post this on Fanfiction....

Nanaki XIII
05-16-2002, 08:54 PM
This is so embarrasing...Anyways spoilers proably in this. And what I say isn't necessarily true so dont believe everything you read.

In reality ths hymm of the fayth is not a song but the fayth talking to each other. Anyways this song is from the real Tidus who is a Fayth talking to the other fayth about the dream Tidus. To all non-Fayths the song sounds like this

Inoreyo, Hatenaku,
Sekae tamae,
Yume miyo,

But the the Fayth it sounds like this.

Tidus:Look Fayth my dream has entered Spira,
I hope he gets with Yuna.

Fayth:That isn't important now,
he must defeat Sin somehow.

Tidus:Relax a little, have a little fun,
You can at least wait until he gets some.

Fayth: Do you think he will save us, maybe?
Jecht:Who Tidus? That little crybaby.

Tidus:At least I can play blitzball and I have the Suns Crest,
Jecht:You cant play as good as me because, "I'm the best!"

Tidus:You never had faith in me,
Fayth:Shutup you crybaby.

Tidus:Without me Sin will live forever,
Fayth:I now think Sin will die, umm, never!

Tidus:Belive in me as Yuna believes in you,
Fayth: How can we when all you do is stare at those breasts of Lulu.

Jecht:I wanna hook up with Rikku and talk to her,
Fayth:Thats disgusting you child molester.

Tidus:Whoa they defeated Yunalesca, who knew?
Bahamut:I did, I wanted them too.

Fayth:Why did you want that Bahamut?
Bahamut:Because I want Yuna to live, shes hot.

Bahamut:Why would she want Tidus with his ugly clothes and always saggin,
Tidus:Well who could ever love a dragon.

Bahamut:You take that back or I'll kick your butt,
Yuna:At least I kissed that little slut.

Tidus:Ooh wow, I'm really scared,
Bahamut:You will be, with my MEGA FLARE!

And Bahamut destoyed Tidus the exact time that the group destoryed Yu Yevon thus the Fayth were saved and Tidus's dream dissappeared. And Bahamut and Yuna were happily married, until Ifrit got jealous...............

::Boy was that crap::

05-21-2002, 09:54 PM
Geez, it's kinda sad when a site hosts a contest where the winner would get a...


and no one really pays attention.... sad... really sad.

05-21-2002, 10:57 PM
Oh oh oh ho-oh-ho--ho-oh-oh-ho-ho de-dumb-dumb-de-de-dumb get up off the mum you are so fa-at you are smothering herrrrr----if you don't move, i will kick you out--you've been sitting on her...she needs some care...for she is just a chair...you've been playing that game...so long that it hurts...so please get off of me...recliners need to recline!!!
:a girls first time:
Dum dum dum dum dumm dummmmm! this is my first one
my first time is now
i am just a girl
but i tru-ust him
he has had experience
i will open wide
too-oo let him in
softly i can fell it
bouncing and hitting inside me
i feel it spraying out
it feels real bad
This was my first time
too-oo clean my tooth
and to get one pulled!

05-24-2002, 02:43 PM
Inoreyo, Hatenaku,
Sekae tamae,
Yume miyo,

We have long poles,
Show us your bungholes,
We are so ignorant,
We don't use lubricant,
We will make you bleed,
To this you should take heed,
We give hemorrhoids
Stronger than anal Altoids.

We love Elton John
Because he's hotter than Robopon
No, please make that porn,
We also love the man of corn.
He gets us so stiff
Like ass meat man, his name is Biff.
We also masturbate
To naughty clown rapes.

When we aren't high,
We like to wipe with 2-ply,
We give Sin heartburn
With our Year sperm.
Tidus gets sooo horny,
When Shiva does the corn thing-ie.
We just like to watch
We never even spill an Aeonal seed blotch.

We are just so content
And that's it because I'm spent.

05-24-2002, 04:04 PM
Okay, this is going to be dropped due to the fact that only 4 people posted... so no one gets any points.


fascist socialist
05-24-2002, 04:17 PM
i guess...

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