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05-07-2002, 03:45 PM
help.where do you gey all 3 of the special aeons. i really want anema

05-07-2002, 06:00 PM
right, this is the order you should get them, cuz you have to get magus sisters last. here they are:

yojimbo- go to sunken cave (gorge in-between calm lands and mt gagazet) and go through it. iots a good idea to use capture weapons against fiends, you'll thank yourself later. *spoiler* you will fight lulu's old summoner *end spoiler*, and you will fight yojimbo. its an easy battle. then once you are done u go to the fayth on the teleport thingy. choose the bottom answer when u can choose what to say. you will have to pay for him to join you. check a strategy guide somewhere to see how to bring the prics down, i just paid him the 350 000 gil. hes yours.

anima- first u need to do a little treasure hunting. you have to get every treasure from every temple (including the one in zanarkand ruins). you dont have to get them, you just have to make the treasure "seeable". and even though some ppl say this isnt true, you always get the bevelle one. u cant miss it, the game wont let u move on without revealing it. once u have them all board your airship and talk to cid. put this in as a secret coordiant things- x= 11.16 y= 57.63
move around the little thing in this area and push x till it works. now that you have the baaj temple open, go to it. looks familiar? you were here at the beginning of the game.you will have to fight a boss once you jump in the water. hes pretty tough, but if you leveled up hes easy. then enter the tunnel. you will eventually make your way to a room with 6 statues, this is where the treasure hunting comes in play. push x at all six statues, if some dont light up then your missing the treasure, remember you dont have to get the treasure just reveal it. then your done once u go to the fayth, *spoiler* which is seymours mom *end spoiler*.

magus sisters- first u need to catch one of every fiend from mt gagazet and the calm lands (easy enough task). then visit the dude at the battle arena in the calm lands and talk to him he will give u an item.. you must have both yojimbo and anima. then go to the temple in the calm lands, i'm sorry i forget the name, you need a chocobo to get there and u go right from where u come out of the entrance to the calm lands. beat all of her aeons, including anima and yojimbo. you must send her and you will get another item. now that you have both items, go towards the door behind where that lady (damn japanese names that are hard to forget) was standing and use the items. you have magus sisters, yay.

this wasnt from a strategy guide, i typed it all up, yes i do have a life =) sorry if there are any spelling errors or mistakes in what to do. if you need any extra help on this, or anything else pm me.

05-12-2002, 03:41 PM
thanks man, i alredy got the yumbojumbo guy.