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Alice Wonderbra
03-25-2008, 04:01 PM
i watched the first two seasons of this showtime series and zomg i love it. i only watched the first two because thats all thats out on dvd atm.

the show starts on the life of a suburban housewife with two boys whose husband has passed away. she has started dealing pot to make ends meet and the show is all about how she tries to balance her life as a single parent in suburban hell while trying to get her illegal business to take off. it stars mary louise parker who is a fantastic actress (she won the golden globe against all the housewives) in everything shes in but the entire cast minus the kids imo are great. especially a later character, her brother in law.

if you are looking for a drama i recommend this one. it gets a little too over the top a few times but its nothing like nip/tuck or 24 or lost. its also only 30 minutes per episode so its something you can pop in for 20 minutes and then leave and come back to.

it makes me want to deal pot liek whao.

03-31-2008, 08:55 PM
ITA, I LOVE Weeds. Mary Louis Parker kicks major bootay as Nancy Botwan. And I love Elizabeth Perkins, she is so good as the bitch of a mother from hell, ya love her but ya want to punch her in the face at the same time:). Cannot wait for Season 4 thihs summer