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05-06-2002, 02:26 AM
what is/are your favourite poem/s?

what poem describes how you are feeling at the moment?


i realy like this one by Proxy_Blue (i hope you dont mind me posting this ethereal):


I will no longer cry over you
Fate had brought us together for only a short time and will bring us together again
I will find success and will be back for you
to help you in whatever way I can
I was dreaming about you, dreaming of easing your pain and being there for you always
But that dream could not come true, for you either choose to need something else,
or really do need something else.
I hope you will find happiness, something that I can never seem to find
But in my strength I find my joy.
I can be strong
I've made it this far and I have more power in me than everyone combined
Success is knocking at my door, it is my time to answer with or without you
I may not know the truth for sure because of the way I feel,
But I know my strength, hope, and ability to persevere.
Everything I need is within me,
stronger than ever, stronger than all of them
I have been reborn.

© Copyright 2000 Carl Sanders.

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all of my recent poems in my thread describe how i feel... but this one proboly describes me best:


My body is torn apart,
To many conflicting feelings,
Emotions run wild,
Just looking at your name breaks me inside…
So why I cant I stop thinking about you?

Even though you’re so close to me,
I cant have you back,
And it’s killing me.
I try to forget you,
Try to let you be,
But I cant.
My heart wont you let go.

By ice!~neko