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Vivi FF
04-27-2002, 10:05 AM
Vivi FFís Blitzball Guide For Beginners
By. Vivi FF

First off, Iíve decided to make a Blitzball Guide for all people starting to play Blitzball and also because I had nothing else to do. Hopefully, this will be of some use to some people. This is probably the length of a normal FAQ such as the ones at [Only registered and activated users can see links] This guide has a lot of material in it for both beginners and experts. To get a good run-down on what is in here, please check the contents below to find any chapters that you may find interesting and/or helpful to you. You can locate the chapters by scrolling down and looking for the number of the chapter you want in the left-hand side of this FAQ. Also if you feel like printing this out, well you could but this FAQ is roughly about 30 pages!!! Just print what you need. You donít want to waste so much paper and ink.

1. Introduction to BB
2. Why do I need to play BB?
3. Why BB is Fun
4. Your Starting Team
5. Facing the Other Teams
a. Kilika Beasts
b. Ronso Fangs
c. Guado Glories
d. Luca Goers
e. Al Bhed Psyches
6. Blitzer Information
7. Blitzer Locations
8. Team Suggestions
9. The Best Team
10. Tips and Tricks
a. The Jecht Shot
b. The Reset Trick
c. Lure
d. Getting Everything in 26 Games
e. Getting a Blitzer off Their Team
f. Easy Experience
g. Goalie Leveling Up
h. Tech Copy
i. Tech Copying From a Goalie
j. Key Techs
k. Jecht Shot 2
l. Aurochs Spirit
m. Getting More Than 1 Prize
n. Easy Wins
o. Volley Shots
p. Hi-Risk
11. Luck
12. What is an Auroch?
13. Credits

1. Introduction to BB
By now you know that you have to play BB in order to gain some stuff for Wakka, which are his celestial weapon, his other 3 Overdrives, and his Jupiter Sigil. Iím not going to explain how to play BB. If you need to know, then use the in game tutorial (before the first tournament and go to Play BB and select the tutorial option) and/or go to [Only registered and activated users can see links] and the BB section there has some information. Then you should practice by playing Exhibition Games because they donít count against you if you lose. I suggest playing the Kilka Beasts; at this point they are not the best. Also use Manual A movement, itís better and easier.

2. Why do I need to play BB?
Well you need to play BB if you want to make Wakka stronger and above all, more useful. His celestial weapon, his other 3 Overdrives, and his Jupiter Sigil to power up his celestial weapon are all won prior to playing BB.

To get Wakkaís celestial weapon, the World Champion, you need to play a couple tournament games and win them. This should be rather easy because it coincides with another prize. You can get the World Champion from the girl behind the bar at Luca (the one where you can hire Shuu). To get the Attack Reels, it is a prize in one of the very first tournaments youíre in. Get first place in the tournament to receive the Attack Reels. Also, after winning them, you can be able to get the World Champion. The Status Reels become available as first place prize in the next league after Wakka has been in 250 or more battles and has the Attack Reels. Then after getting the Status Reels and Wakka being in 450 or more battles, one of the next tournaments will have the Aurochs Reels as first place. Then after getting all of Wakkaís Overdrives, the Jupiter Sigil could be won in first place in the next league. If you want to get these things as fast as possible, check Tip D in the Tips and Tricks chapter (10).

3. Why BB is Fun
BB is the abbreviation for Blitzball and also for Basketball but itís being used here as BlitzBall because itís a shorter way to write/read it. Blitzball is fun if you follow this list:
1. You know what you are doing
2. You have a good team
3. You have good techs
4. You are winning most of your games
5. You like who is on your team
If you keep at it, youíll always win and feel proud of yourself and will really enjoy BB.

4. Your Starting Team
Your starting team is a major importance to you because since you are just starting, you need a good team so you can get the hang of BB and if you have a bad team, then itíll ruin how you like BB foreverÖ
I recommend you to use this team:
LF- Tidus*
RF- Shaami* or Wedge or Vilucha or Wakka
MF- Brother* or Linna or Kiyuri or Rin
LD- Naida* or Shuu or Kyou or Zaltiz
RD- Ropp*
GL- Jamul* or Miyu or Kyou; use one of them until you get Nimrook***
*= Vivi FF recommendation

LF- Tidus has the Jecht Shot. Just use it instead of breaking through 1-2 people and the shot will take them out so they canít attack or block you plus it adds 5 to your SH, that way you donít need to worry as much about the defenders. However, you can swamp him for one of the other shooters below but Tidus isnít going to get any EXP. if you bench him.

RF- I highly recommend you use Shaami. Sheís one of the best shooters in the game at low levels. Well her SH isnít so high right now but itís high enough to score plus her high EN makes up for it because she can survive hard tackles and still be able to shoot. She also steadily gains more and more AT to make her a pretty good attacking forward at this point. Another thing thatís good about her is that she has Venom Shot 2 and Venom Shot 3! Venom Shot 3 is one of the best shooting techs in the game and here she has it at Lv.1 and can use it for 100 HP to add 7 to her SH! The only bad part about Shaami is that she has 58 SP but that will go up in awhileÖ Wedge has the highest beginning SH, but heís not a good shooter all the way. Once he gets 21 SH you can still use him but if your other shooter gets 25 or above SH, then you have to hire someone else instead of Wedge; his SH stays at 21 until it drops back to 17. However, he becomes a decent defender around then so you can use him on your defense but you might find someone who is better. Vilucha is a great shooter. She has high SH and EN and she has Wither Shot 3! Wither Shot 3 is one of the BEST techs but it takes up a lot of HP. Not only that but she starts out with decent AT and BL for a shooter. Wakka is pretty decent. Horrible at defense but has decent EN and high SH. Combined with a Sphere Shot (you need to Tech Copy it), he can score easily! Plus he will eventually get his Aurochs Spirit tech, which increases his usefulness by far early on.

MF- You should use Brother as MF because he has very high PA and SH, the things that make an awesome MF. He might even be a good shooter in case the other shooters get poisoned or something. Brother is known for his high SP, he can outrun almost everyone (except some Guados). Brother also has high EN and BL so heís an awesome beginning MF. You could also use some other people as MFs. Linna is a great choice as well. Sheís quite good on the offensive as well as defensive a bit. But her EN is somewhat low and itís not going to get higher anytime soon. Itís best for her to use her PA to pass over people until you can get her to Tech Copy Tackle Slip. Kiyuri isnít a bad choice as well. She does have some average stats at this point but as you level her up, she gradually gets better and better. Her stats are quite fit to be a good MF. Rin is OK as well with some good MF-type stats and Venom Pass 2 and Tackle Slip. Two techs that you can easily use to your advantage. He isnít quite as good as Brother or Linna, but heís a good choice if you canít access the other 2 or you donít want to have an overpowered MF.

LD- Here, it depends on whom you want. Naida is extremely fast and has decent AT and BL. Not the best of those two stats but she can catch up to anyone, even most Guados (thanks a lot Zazi...)!!! I think sheís the second or third fastest person at this pointÖ She also has a good variety of tackles to learn AND she has Wither Tackle 3, one of the best tackling techs there is but itís kinda costy... Shuu makes a decent defender but like at Lv.10 and up, otherwise she has low AT and PA. Sheís pretty useful if you give her some time. Kyou is pretty fast with high AT and some good techs but you might want him as a goalie since heís good at that too. He has many tackling techs right away once you get him including Nap Tackle 3 (one of the best) and Venom Tackle 2 (itís kinda rare). The bad part is he doesnít gain much. Zaltiz is good but he has 59 SP. He does have one of the highest AT right now but hardly any good techs. Heís a pretty good defender but his low EN, PA, and SH makes him useless when encountered.

RD- Ropp, heís the best defender at low and high levels. He has one of the highest AT and he has Drain Tackles 1-3. At first you need him to use Drain Tackle 2 because you need 500 HP to use Drain Tackle 3 and even though Ropp starts out at Lv.5, he gets 500 HP like at Lv.15ish. Basically, he has a pretty well rounded AT and BL set-up at the moment with good EN and PA to help him survive encounters.

GL- Jamul makes the best goalie available with I think the second or third highest CA at this point. He has 14 CA and he has Super Goalie, making him an awesome goalie. Miyu is not bad and she does get more CA than Jamul at Lv.7ish but if you use her, one of her key techs is something that even I have not gotten recently. She also has all the Lv.1 Anti techs. Kyou also makes a good goalie if youíre not using him as a defender. But no matter whom you have, as soon as the Al Bhed Psyches drop Nimrook, the best goalie ever, you HAVE to get him. He has 18 CA at Lv.1!!! Plus even if you donít want a good goalie, you donít want him on another team, heís hard to score on!!! For any easier way to get him on your team, check out Tip E in the Tips and Tricks section (Chapter 10).

Gradually when you move on, you may want to steadily change your team into the original Al Bhed Psyches. Once you get the airship, you can go in the hall and the room down it to recruit them once they got fired. They have HIGH stats and will be very useful players on your team. Blappa and Eigaar are awesome shooters, they have high SH, EN, PA, and BL (and kind of AT). As you recall, most shooters have low PA, AT, and BL. However if you like Tidus and his Jecht Shots better, you could just pick up Blappa or Eigaar, depending on whom you like best. If you want to keep Wakka too, then I guess you should. Berrik is a great MF, but Brother is a bit better and faster. Judda and Lakkam are SUPER good defenders with HIGH AT, BL, PA, and EN! They make good MFs too... But you may want to hire only Judda and keep another defender (possibly Ropp cause he gets better) because Judda is way better then Lakkam and Lakkam is horribly UGLY! Nimrook, of course, is the best goalie. You should always have/want him on your team. So basically your team should end up with either 2 of Tidus, Blappa, and Eigaar as shooters; Brother as MF; Judda and Ropp as defenders; and of course Nimrook as your goalie. These Psyches will work well for you all the way until Lv.30ish. One you reach Lv.30, you should then begin to scout different players once they get dropped from their teams (some characters might still be at a low level and itís better to still have a Lv.30 Eigaar than a Lv.2 Shaami). The only Psyches you should consider keeping are Nimrook and Judda. Check Chapter 8 for some help in deciding your team at this point (Lv.30ish).

5. Facing the Other Teams
These strategies are good early on when you play BB. As you play more and more games, the players on other teamsí contracts expire and the teams could resign a contract with that person OR hire a free agent to play. So after awhile, the teams will not have their original players anymore. Plus even if they do keep their original players, some of them might get better or worse.

a. Kilika Beasts
The easiest team you can face!!! They do stay easy until about Lv.60 or soÖ The team has LOW stats and hardly ever uses any techs. The shooters have low SH and almost every goalie can catch their shots. Vuroja has low EN and decent PA so heís easy to get the ball from. The defenders arenít that good with really bad BL and below average AT. Nizarut is the worst goalie right now and heís EASY to score on since his CA is low and hardly goes up. This team is an easy team to win and practice against because your team has almost double their stats.

b. Ronso Fangs
This team can be tough. All Ronsos have rather high HP and EN and super low SP. Apparently, all they do is pass and shoot the ball at each other and you can hardly get the ball because they can survive all your tackles and theyíre very slow. This makes long games with them. Just get the ball somehow, by blocking it, catching it (goalie), or from the Blitz Off. Then just swim around and try to lose them. It shouldnít be hard to score since Zamzi is about (if not a bit better) as bad as Nizarut. This team is hard and makes long games but if you get the ball, you should be able to score a goal or two.

c. Guado Glories
This team has high SP, PA, and BL but they have low HP, EN, and AT (except the defenders who have average AT). They like to rush away from you so you canít catch them thus leaving them an open shot. They have low EN so they almost always never break through anyone and they have low AT so you can survive all of their tackles. You can beat this team easily if you have someone with high BL so that person can snag the ball from one of the passes and then when shooting, just break through about everyone but that doesnít mean you should swim around so the entire team is after you.

d. Luca Goers
This team seems hard but they actually could be the second easiest! You just need the right team, most likely the team I recommended. OK, first off the shooters have pretty high SH and EN but if you choose good defenders with high AT, you should be able to break through and with a good goalie, you can catch their shots. Graav could be tough but with a shooter and/or midfielder with high AT and BL, you can get the ball easily. The defenders canít get to you if you have pretty high EN, and their BL isnít something to brag aboutÖ Last, Raudy is a bit better than Nizarut so his semi-low CA makes him easy to score on. This team is easy with the right team and if you know what you is doing.

e. Al Bhed Psyches
This is the HARDEST team for you. The main reason is they have good shooters with high SH, a super good MF, awesome defenders, and the BEST goalie. OK first off you need their goalie; otherwise it might be hard to score on him. So you need to make the best of it until heís dropped. So, you need a good goalie to block Eigaarís and Blappaís shots. Plus you need defenders with either high EN or PA as both Blappa and Eigaar have kinda high AT and BL. Berrik is pretty good and is a monster MF later on. But if you have high AT or BL shooters and MF, he shouldnít be a major problem. But you better watch out for him on defensive; he has high AT and BL and that will not help if he brings any other person with him. The defenders are seriously good so make sure you have high EN, thereís NO way you can shoot with their BL and still make a goal unless you have a shooter 30 levels higher than them and Nimrook. To score on Nimrook, you have to get REALLY close to the goal and try and get only one defender on you so you can survive her tackle and then use your highest-level shot. I suggest using Tidus and his Jecht Shot because the added 5 SH can really help and he can just knock off any defender without a chance to lose the ball. Otherwise, youíll need to use a Sphere Shot and hope the SH gets much higher or a Lv.3 Shot, if you have one... You might not win the first time you face them, but you should stand a chance the second time. Just use the strategy above and practice. Also, watch out for Berrik!!!

6. Blitzer Information
Hereís a quick run down of all the Blitzers and their Lv.99 stats and how good they are. This is taken from Evil R in [Only registered and activated users can see links] in their message boards. I have also added some information along. There might be some mixed up, missing, or wrong stats. If you see a mistake and know what the correct stat should be, please tell. Also if you would like to add some stats to characters w/o them, please do.

Besaid Aurochs:
Comments: Replace all other players except Tidus ASAP.

Tidus: SP 67 EN 80 AT 23 PA 49 BL 19 SH 78 CA 20
A good shooter with the best techs. His Jecht Shots can knock away any defender; doesnít matter how good they are. Otherwise heís an above average shooter that you CANNOT fire...

Datto: SP 90 EN 65 AT 25 PA 34 BL 26 SH 62 CA 20
A fast Forward... nothing else to say. He starts out slow, and then he REALLY gains a lot of speed in the first couple of levels. He has high EN but lower SH. The 3rd fastest person in the game with the second highest SP of 90. A good shooter early on.

Letty: SP 60 EN 61 AT 37 PA 83 BL 39 SH 39 CA 20
An average MF. A great MF to use if you donít have access to other MFs or the rest are at lower levels.

Jassu: Sp 67 EN 37 AT 50 BL 52 PA 44 SH 20 CA 20
Nothing special about him. He makes a decent defender early on and could be a decent MF due to high PA, EN, and AT at low levels. Heís also a bit faster than most people.

Botta: SP 60 EN 34 AT 46 BL 64 PA 33 SH 26 CA 20
Not too hot either. He makes a fair defender. But due to low PA, EN, and SH, he is horrible when on offense.

Keepa: SP 53 EN 45 AT 22 PA 23 BL 57 SH 99 CA 39
Has the best SH in the game, but sucks at every other stat which makes him useless. However, if you use him like a Ronso shooter, he is actually quite good. Just ignore him and when he is open, pass him the ball and let him shoot. He hardly has any good techs so youíre going to have to use some Tech Finds on him to make him useful. His SH has a high jump between levels 80-99 (SH 38-99). A very horrible goalie at low and high levels with pretty low CA, but itís higher than other normal players.

Luca Goers:
Comments: All their players suck badly at high levels. None of their stats are over 50 (excluding SP) with Raudy the goalie with EN of 63...How could they win the cup year after year? They are a joke.

Abus: High SH before level 30.

Brickson: Same as Abus with higher EN and lower SH.

Graav: A good MF with above average stats before level 40, after that, he doesn't gain much.

Balgerda: Quite possibly the second ugliest girl in BB. High AT, PA before level 40.

Doram: Quite possibly the cutest girl in BB. But sheís a worse version of Balgerda in BB playing terms.

Raudy: Best Luca Goer. An average goalie.

Kilika Beasts:
Comments: Like their name, these beasts start out slow (cause they are in their infant stage?), but they are monsters to compete at high levels. Recruit any of the below players when you have the chance (after level 30).

Larbeight: SP 60 EN 87 AT 50 PA 22 BL 26 SH 96 CA 20
Heís the BEST overall shooter in the game! His EN and SH jump after level 60. Has the highest AT for a shooter. Any shooting tech gives him 99 SH! My favorite BlitzBall player.

Isken: SP 60 EN 99 AT 33 PA 30 BL 18 SH 81 CA 20
3rd best shooter IMO. He can just break through every body like a tank and shoot! His EN and SH jump after level 60.

Vuroja: SP 60 EN 75 AT 54 PA 99 BL 65 SH 28 CA 20
He is the best all-around MF. He has the highest PA in the game. His stats jump after level 60.

Kulukan: SP 60 EN 36 AT 64 PA 96 BL 64 SH 18 CA 12
The 2nd best defender IMO. She has the best balanced AT and BL. Any passing tech she does gives her 99 PA! Her AT, BL, and PA jump after level 60. She could also make a great defensive MF.

Diem: SP 60 EN 37 AT 46 PA 89 BL 69 SH 16 CA 20
The worst Kilka Beast. Sheís not totally bad though. More of a second Kulukan but with higher BL but lower AT and PA. Stats jump after Lv.60.

Nizarut: CA 60
The 3rd best goalie in the game. His CA jumps after level 50. All his other stats are pretty much all around the 50s.

Al Bhed Psyches:
Comments: The Al Bhed Psyches have incredible stats in the early and middle levels. But at high levels however, their stats are not very high for Eigaar, Blappa, and Berrik. They do have two OK defenders with AT 50, 49, PA >70, and BL 61, 68. Nimrook is the must have goalie. Another funny thing is that all of them could be decent MFs.

Blappa: A crazily awesome forward before level 40. Due to high PA and BL, he could make a great MF before Lv.30.

Eigaar: Same as Blappa but more defensive with higher AT, BL, and PA. Due to high PA and BL, he could make a better MF than Blappa.

Berrik: A monster MF before level 60. Has incredibly high AT and BL that could mix him up as a defender. Due to high AT and BL, he could make a pretty decent defender.

Judda: SP 60 EN 60 AT 50 PA 76 BL 61 SH 10 CA 22
A very good defender/MF due to high EN, PA, and AT before level 70. And an average defender/MF at level 99.

Lakkam: Another good defender/MF before level 60, but worse then Judda. Plus sheís not the person youíd choose to date, much less thinking sheís a bit hot or cute.

Nimrook: CA 67
Simply the best goalie at low to high levels. CA grows higher throughout his levels. He also has high EN, which could make him an average MF.

Ronso Fangs:
Comments: These Ronsos have huge EN and SH, however, their SP is very low so use that to your advantage. Irga is one of the best defenders that you may consider recruiting. (Surprisingly, none of their HP ever passes 6600 considering their huge HP at lower levels.)

Basik: SP 43 EN 88 AT 47 PA 16 BL 31 SH 80 CA 12
A great shooter with high EN and SH. 2nd highest AT for a shooter. However his slow speed could become a problem.

Argai: SP 42 EN 84 AT 34 PA 32 BL 36 SH 80 CA 16
Same as Basik but with lower AT and EN. He has the highest SH rating before level 80.

Ganza: A decent MF. Has incredibly high EN at low levels but it doesnít gain much.

Irga: SP 42 EN 92 AT 67 PA 85 BL 55 SH 17 CA 20
The 4th best defender but her slow speed could become a major problem. You should pair her up with Nav Guado and give her Elite Defense and Brawler to make up for her slow speed. She gets a huge jump in EN, AT, PA, and BL after Level 60.

Nuvy: A worse version of Irga.

Zamzi: CA 55
The 4th best goalie in the game.

Guado Glories:
Comments: Guados are the fastest in the game. Their SP is almost all over 70 with Nav SP 84. The defenders have high PA and BL from level 1-99. However, they don't have high AT, EN or SH. So if you can't win with speed, you can win with brute force and high EN. They are an average team from beginning till the end.

Nav: SP 84 EN 65 AT 54 PA 65 BL 82 SH 33 CA 12
A good MF and 3rd best defender due to the 4th highest SP, decent PA and highest BL in the game. He starts out as a slow Guado with a SP of 57 but his SP jumps after Level 40.

Zazi: Fast shooter with low EN and average SH.

Giera: Same as Zazi but with slight differences.

Pah: A fast, decent defender with high BL.

Auda: A speedy defender with high AT and BL.

Noy: A decent goalie at low levels.

Free players:

Brother: SP 99 EN 59 AT 54 PA 44 BL 45 SH 42 CA 20
The rocket of the game. He is one of the fastest players in the game w/99 SP. He is the BEST MF/defender before level 60. He doesn't gain much after level 60. He totally dominates BB from level 1-60 but could make BB somewhat boring. With Wither Tackle 3 and Pile Wither, he could cripple people easily.

Wedge: SP 66 EN 68 AT 43 PA 68 BL 31 SH 17 CA 62
The 2nd best goalie. Wedge is an interesting player. He starts with SH 17, which makes him a good LF or RF. Then at level 24 or so, his SH stops increasing and he has good EN and AT which switch him to a good defender. His role of defender last until about level 70 and he suddenly have a high jump in PA and CA (he starts with CA 2). By looking at his final stats, his only role is a goalie. So he is not the idea choice if you want to create a stable team from beginning to the end.

Kiyuri: SP 60 EN 69 AT 66 PA 90 BL 51 SH 56 CA 20
Kiyuri is the best defensive MF due to her high AT, PA, EN and BL. The fact that you can get her very early in the game is another big plus. She is on S.S. Winno. However, she starts out with average stats. She will have her stats jump after level 50. She gets the 3rd highest AT in the game.

Kyou: SP 71 EN 41 AT 44 PA 89 BL 64 SH 20 CA 46
A good early defender with high start AT 15, and stays quite consistent with high EN, decent PA, BL. His BL starts out low but gradually increases. A decent goalie as well. Not recommended after level 45. He has a PA jump after level 60. Starts out with many tackle techs.

Zalitz: SP 59 EN 45 AT 34 PA 60 BL 70 SH 22 CA 20
A high start defender. A good defender early on, but worthless after level 40. His AT doesnít grow much and his low EN, PA, and SH makes him useless on offense.

Shaami: SP 66 EN 68 AT 39 PA 34 BL 31 SH 88 CA 14
A good overall shooter, but there are better ones out there. Has high AT for a shooter at low levels. Starts with Venom Shot 3 at low levels.

Shuu: SP 60 EN 53 AT 57 PA 91 BL 32 SH 10 CA 12
A great defender at low levels. She may seem to be a shooter in the beginning with stats similar to a shooter but you have to give her some time to get in the ďdefender grooveĒ however. Otherwise, sheís an average defender with high AT, EN (for a defender), and PA but low BL.

Jumal: CA 41
He starts with CA 14 and ends with 41. His CA is OK before level 30 after that others will eventually have better CA. A good choice before you have access to other goalies. His CA gains slowly until Lv.60, when his CA jumps a bit.

Svanda: SP 60 EN 85 AT 42 PA 92 BL 38 SH 50 CA 15
A good MF up there with Kiyuri. It all depends on if you want to play offense with her EN 85 or have a better defense with Kiyuri AT 66 BL 51. Stats jump after level 50. Any Lv.3 pass tech gives her 99 PA.

Zev Ronso: SP 57 EN 73 AT 65 PA 54 BL 50 SH 35 CA 13
He may have a high AT 65 at level 99, but he starts out with AT 7 and wonít have a huge jump until level 70. He does make an OK MF due to his high EN, PA, BL or defender due to his PA and BL at lower levels but in the end, he will end up being a powerful MF/defender. Not recommended before level 50. Heís also always the fastest Ronso with at least 10 more SP than the rest.

Tatts: SP 71 EN 82 AT 47 PA 70 BL 53 SH 48 CA 11
A good MF before level 50, an average MF in the end. However, he is the only person who has Invisible Shot before all the rest. His semi-high SP and his high EN might be a great plus.

Durren: SP 60 EN 28 AT 25 PA 24 SH 33 SH 4 CA 24
None of his stats (excluding SP) exceed 33...THE WORST PLAYER. However, he makes the 2nd best goalie Lv.20-40.

Nedus: SP 99 EN 71 AT 24 PA 33 BL 11 SH 74 CA 14
Before level 60: SP 30-45 EN 49 AT 13 PA 18 BL 7 SH 38
Another crazy character. He starts with turtle speed, but becomes the fastest shooter in the game w/SP 99. If you can endure 50 levels of low speed and average SH, you might give him a chance. Otherwise, hire him later on. His SP jumps after level 50 and raises to 99 before Lv.70. He makes the 4th best shooter due to high SP but semi-high SH.

Naida: SP 77 EN 45 AT 35 PA 81 BL 61 SH 25 CA 20
By far, the hottest BlitzBall girl in the league. A very good and speedy defender/MF due to her high SP, AT, and BL early on. However she becomes an average MF or decent defender at high levels. A great choice if you want a speedy defender other than Nav and a highly recommended defender at early levels.

Biggs: SP 57 EN 82 AT 38 PA 51 BL 21 SH 69 CA 20
He always has very high EN, but weak in all the other stats. Not worth the trouble. He could make a replacement for Wedge when his SH stops growing but thereís still better out there.

Vilucha: SP 60 EN 83 AT 23 PA 43 BL 33 SH 91 CA 15
The second best shooter in the game (next to Larbeight of Kilika beasts). There is only one way of using her, she breaks through and she scores! Not to mention you can get her quite early in the game in Besaid. Her stats jump after level 50.

Mifurey: SP 69 EN 88 AT 52 PA 89 BL 52 SH 59 Ca 14
A decent and quick MF. Her SP starts out as the lowest of 20. However, She will reach SP 60 at level 90. So if you can endure her super low SP then feel free to use her. Otherwise wait a LONG time before you use her. However, she is the only one who has Venom Pass 3 and Tackle Slip 2 before all the others.

Miyu: SP 65 EN 74 AT 63 PA 16 BL 7 SH 14 CA 37
At first look, Miyu can make a good defender. However, with her low BL and PA, she is not as useful as she seems to be. Only useful as an early goalie. Starts out with all Lv.1 Anti techs.

Mep: SP 60 EN 46 AT 45 PA 60 BL 19 SH 56 CA 20
Not worth it. All stats are less then 60. Plus he could have a heart attack anytime.

Yuma Guado: CA 48
A great early goalie at levels 10-40. Useful until other goalies become available/better,

Linna: SP 59 EN 27 AT 60 PA 99 BL 61 SH 92 CA 19
She is the best offensive MF. Due to her high stats, she can be in any position and still be good. However, her low EN prevents her to be very effective on the offense, however, a Tackle Slip 2 can take care of the problem. The down side is that you get her pretty late in the game at Macalania Temple with 900 gil per game. Her stats jump after level 50. She has the highest PA and any Lv.3 shooting tech she uses can give her 99 SH. She has the 2nd best balanced AT and BL but Kulukan is better balanced with higher AT and BL.

Rin: SP 60 EN 66 AT 44 PA 59 BL 72 SH 33 CA 12
An above average defender/MF due to high BL. A decent MF at low levels.

Ropp: SP 60 EN 46 AT 73 PA 96 BL 53 SH 11 CA 20
Ropp really rocks. He is the BEST defender in the game with the highest AT, high PA and decent BL. He is a must have for defender and you can get him early on in Mi'ihen Highroad's Travel Agency. Also at high levels, Ropp can become the BEST defensive MF as well with his PA 96 and his high defensive stats. Any passing tech can give him 99 PA! Stats jump after level 50. Not a spectacular defender Lv.30-50.

Wakka: SP 60 EN 78 AT 16 PA 35 BL 11 SH 80 CA 20
Wakka is only an above average shooter. He is completely useless when defending. He can be potentially very powerful with his Auroch Spirit skill. But if you don't have any Aurochs on your team, the skill's true potential will be wasted but it can make Wakka have VERY high SH early on. However, never pair him with Tidus as LF, RF. This combination will make your front line's defense VERY weak. Use at your own risk. Unfortunately, another team will NEVER hire Wakka so he will stay at Lv.3 unless you use him.

7. Blitzer Locations
These are the locations of every blitzer in the game. Thanks to Evil R (from [Only registered and activated users can see links]) for some locations.

Besaid Aurochs (Datto, Botta, Letty, Jassu, Keepa): Luca-Locker Room
Kilika Beasts (Larbeight, Isken, Vuroja, Kulukan, Deim, Nizarut): around Kilika
Guado Glories (Nav, Pah, Auda, Giera, Noy, Zazi): around Guadosalem
Al Bhed Psyches (Nimrook, Judda, Eigaar, Berrik, Lakkam, Blappa): Inside Airship
Luca Goers (Raudy, Doram, Graav, Balgerda, Abus, Brickson): Luca Dock # 3
Ronso Fangs (Zamzi, Igra, Nuvy, Argai, Basik, Ganza): Luca Dock # 4
Brother: Airship pilot
Wedge: Luca Stadium
Biggs: Luca Stadium
Vilucha: Besaid village-house
Kiyuri: SS Winno
Durren: Guy standing beside the Rusty Sword in Calm Land Gorge (only appears there before you enter Sin; otherwise thereís no idea where he is).
Jumal: Luca Square
Kyou: Djose Temple-bridge
Linna: Macalania Temple
Mep: Priest in Kilika Temple
Mifurey: Thunder plains travel agency
Miyu: Sitting on a bench-north bank-Moonflow
Naida: Shop Lady at the center of Calm Land
Nedus: Luca Dock #1
Ropp: Mi'ihen travel agency
Shammi: reporter between Luca stadium and town
Shuu: Luca bar
Svanda: Woman at the northern edge of Calm Land
Tatts: Kilika port
Wakka: Airship bridge
Yuma Guado: Guadosalam in the house to the right
Zalitz: Man sitting on a bench outside of Luca theater
Zev Ronso: Luca Dock #5

8. Team Suggestions
These suggestions will help decide whom to be on your team at the major levels of the games. They were made by Evil R (from [Only registered and activated users can see links]) Most of them I highly recommend.

The best team early on right after Djose Temple is:

LF: Tidus
RF: Vilucha
MF: Tatts/Kiyuri
LD: Wedge
RD: Zalitz/Ropp
G: Jumal

If you don't plan to play BB early on then you can consider the following teams.

Level 1-29
LF: Tidus/Wakka
RF: Vilucha/Shammi/Mep/Linna
MF: Tatts/Berrik (Al Bhed Psyches)/Brother/Kiyuri/Naida/Svanda/Rin
LD: Zalitz/Judda (AL Bhed Psyches)/Kyou/Ropp
RD: Wedge
G: Nimrook/Miyu/Jumal/Kyou/Yuma Guado

Level 30-59
LF: Tidus/Wakka
RF: Basik, Argai Ronso (Ronso Fangs)/Vilucha/Linna/Shammi/Larbeight (Kilika Beasts)
MF: Brother/Berrik/Tatts/Kiyuri/Vuroja (Kilika Beasts)/Svanda
LD: Judda/Ropp/Irga/Kulukan
RD: Wedge
G: Nimrook/Miyu/Kyou/Jumal/Keepa/Yuma Guado

Level 60-90
LF: Tidus/Nedus/Wakka
RF: Vilucha/Larbeight/Linna/Shammi/Basik, Argai Ronso
MF: Kiyuri/Vuroja/Svanda/Naida/Mifurey/Brother/Nav Guado
LD: Ropp
RD: Kulukan/Irga/Zev Ronso
G: Nimrook

Level 99
LF: Larbeight/Tidus/Wakka/Nedus
RF: Vilucha/Linna/Shammi/Isken
MF: Vuroja/Kiyuri/Mifurey/Linna/Svanda/Ropp
LD: Ropp/Kiyuri
RD: Kulukan/Irga/Zev Ronso
G: Nimrook/Wedge

9. The Best Team
OK just for fun, I will tell you my team that is the best team at Lv.99. This team is Vivi FFís choice so you know it will be awesome. I will also tell you why itís awesome:

LF- Larbeight
RF- Isken
MF- Vuroja
LD- Kulukan
RD- Ropp
GL- Nimrook

Yes, I do have 4 original Kilika BeastsÖ Thereís a pretty good reason why!!! All Kilika Beasts turn out to be AWESOME at higher levels and ALL 6 of them can learn EVERY tech (except the Jecht Shots and Aurochís Spirit).

LF- Larbeight is the BEST shooter in the entire game. He does have the 2nd highest SH of 96 (Keepa has 99 SH), but he also has other crucial stats that make him a good shooter, which Keepa doesnít. Larbeight can have 99 SH easily by using ANY shot tech. He has the 4th highest EN of 87 and he is the best attacking shooter with the highest AT of 50 of all other shooters. Plus heís just the coolest guy in BB!

RF- Isken is a tank with the highest EN in the entire game with 99 and he has very high SH of 81. He can survive any tackle (or even a couple of tackles) and still be able to shoot and score. I chose him over Vilucha because of his extreme EN. Itís funny though how everyone tries so hard to get the ball from him. Plus with a Tackle Slip 2, he can break through the entire team!!!

MF- Vuroja is an awesome MF because he has 99 PA and high EN (75), AT (54), and BL (65). He can pass over anyone and survive many attacks and heís pretty hard to get past. He is also the best all-around MF that is very useful. His SH is low but I never use my MF to shoot. Most MF opponents like to breakthrough him and he usually gets the ball from them (they donít seem to know what a Wither Tackle 3 can do...). Sometimes that happens but if he doesnít get the ball then my shooters would be in trouble if the MF were using Nap Pass 3. But if Vuroja fails, I always have Larbeight ready to attack if the opponent is stupid enough to break through 2 people.

LD- Kulukan is the second best defender with the best balanced AT and BL. She has 64 with both AND she has 96 PA so she can pass over anyone and ANY pass tech she uses makes her have 99 PA. She is a great wall I have that is extremely hard to get past by breaking through or pass/shooting over. The other team doesnít know what to do when they have to go through her. Plus sheís kinda cute (for a videogame character) and provides morale support to the other guys (hehe).

RD- Ropp is the BEST defender in the game. He has 73 AT, the highest AT in the game! With an Lv.3 tackling tech, he can have 80 AT!!! He has 53 BL though but with Kulukan and Vuroja with higher BL, thereís no real disadvantage to him. He also has 96 PA; any pass tech will make him have 99. I like to use Venom Pass 3 with my defenders so they can pass through the shooters so they canít use any shooting techs (like Invisible Shot) that could trouble Nimrook.

GL- Nimrook is obviously the BEST goalie from Lv.1 to Lv.99. So obviously, I use him. His CA of 67 makes it very hard for the other team to score on him. Using Super Goalie and Grip Gloves, his CA is practically almost 80! He never misses any shot now except for the stupid Invisible Shots but I actually caught one once! I used some Tech Finds to make him have all the Lv.2 Antiís so he now has the best techs a goalie can use.

To make your own best team, youíll need the best players and the characters have to be at Lv.99. For shooters, Larbeight is the best, followed by Vilucha (as 2nd), Isken (as 3rd), and Nedus (as 4th). Tidus and Wakka could be in because of their techs that no one else has but itís not always worth it. Keepa is also a possibility but you can only make him shoot cause heís pathetic with anything else. For your MF, Vuroja is the best overall MF. Linna is the best offensive MF if you give her Tackle Slip 2 and Kiyuri is the best defensive MF. But if you really want a defensive MF, then Ropp, Kulukan, Nav Guado, or Irga Ronso qualifies, as they are all better then Kiyuri. And the others you donít use could be on your defense. Ropp though is the best out of them all as a defensive MF. For defenders, thereís 4 choices: Ropp (highest AT), Kulukan (best-balanced AT and BL), Nav Guado (highest BL), and Irga Ronso (high EN and 2nd highest AT). As for goalie, Nimrook is the best followed by Wedge (2nd) and Nizarut (3rd) but you only need the one with higher CA, which is Nimrook.

10. Tips and Tricks
Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get what you want from BB as easily as possible.

a. The Jecht Shot
The Jecht Shot is a very useful shot that only Tidus can learn and use in BB. It adds 5 to his SH and can break through up to 2 defenders. So if you have any defenders on defense, you can go to No Break-Shot-Jecht Shot so the shot will bounce off 2 people and you donít have to worry about them tackling or blocking you. You can learn it by going to SS Winno and go to the BlitzBall there and youíll get a mini-game which you press ďXĒ and the direction in which the quote is on in part of the screen. For example, if the message is on the top of your screen, you press ďXĒ and the up direction together. After doing that for about 10-11 quotes, Tidus will do the Jecht Shot successfully and now you can equip it as a tech in a BlitzBall game and it will really help! You have a chance to get this before the big tournament and Luca. If you mess up on it, then you can always go back to Luca and go to Kilika or Kilika and go to Luca using the ship and get it on that ship by going to the BlitzBall. Also you may need to have subtitles on to play the game.

b. The Reset Trick
You can use this trick to get better prizes for leagues and tournaments. First, beat a league and/or a tournament (and have played 2-4 games for a new tournament to be set). That way, a new league/tournament will start the next time you select Play BB. However, DONíT LOOK AT THE PRIZES FOR THE LEAGUE/ TOURNAMENT!!! This means that you cannot go to the Play BB menu when a leagueís/tournamentís prizes will be set. Instead, save your game (without looking at the prizes). Then go to Play BB and check the prizes of the league/tournament. If you like them, go on and play the league/tournament. If you donít, then soft reset (L1, L2, R1, R2, select, and start and the same time) and load the save up. Then go to Play BB and check the prizes now. They should be different (if they are the same then you must have checked the prizes like you werenít supposed to) and if you like the prizes then play the league/tournament if you didnít then soft reset again and repeat.

c. Lure
OK, to do this you need a fast playerÖ Most likely Brother (you can also use any Guado, Datto, Naida, or Nedus). Anyways, give that fast person the ball and then let him/her swim near each player on the other team (or the 3 on the left or the 3 on the right; MF is the middle so that person can be on either side). Now when a person with the ball gets in a personís range, heíll go after that person with the ball. So then the people will go after the fast person. Have the fast person swim back to your goal (or somewhere close to it) and the other people fallowing you will still follow you. When the fast person starts to have no people in his range that will cause an encounter (itís OK if thereís an one person encounter because you can break through or pass over him), have him pass to one of the shooters (that is now open since the entire right/left side is by that fast person). Now have the shooter swim to the opposite goal and thereíll be no defenders there since they are in the middle of the field coming back from the chase. So you donít need to worry about losing the ball so just shoot! This trick works well if the other team doesnít have so much fast people but doesnít work as well when facing a team with many fast people (Guado Glories).

d. Getting Everything in 26 Games
First off, get a good team but donít hire them for more than 5 games. Play the tournament that has the Attack Reels at first place. If the tournament is not up, go to exhibition games and forfeit them until the tournament comes up. Win it and get the Attack Reels. Then, reset the data (Play BB-Reset Data; itís at the bottom). Check the League to see if the Status Reels are in first place prize. If not, keep resetting the data until it does. Then get your team again and this time hire them for no more that 16 games. Play the league and win it. Then, go to the tournament and see if the Aurochs Reels is for first place. If so, play it and get it. If not, then reset the data until it changes to the Aurochs Reels. If thereís no tournament, keep forfeiting exhibition games until you get one. Then after that, reset the data and check to see if the Jupiter Sigil is in first place prize for the league. If not, keep resetting the data until it changes to it. If so, rehire your team, for no more than 10 games and play the league and win it and now youíre done with BB with only 26 real games. However, make sure Wakka has been in those 450 battles before you go through this!

e. Getting a Blitzer off Their Team
This way you can get someone off the team they are on so you can hire them or not have to worry about facing. First off, scout the person you want out of the team they are on. Notice what team they are on and how many games they are on for (ex. Nimrook is on the AL Bhed Psyches and letís say he has 17 games left with them). Then go play BB and play Exhibition games with the team the person is on. You should forfeit each time. You should forfeit enough games equal to one less the number of games that person has left on the teamís contract (ex. You play the Al Bhed Psyches 16 times and forfeit each time). That way the person will have one game left (ex. 17-16=1). Go back and scout that person just to make sure he has one game left and also because scouting a person whose contract is going to expire somewhat lowers the chance of that team resigning the character. Then, go and save your game. Then go play that team one more time in am exhibition game. Forfeit and now the personís contract will expire. Now if the team does not resign him, you can now go out and hire him. If the team does resign him, soft reset (shoulder buttons plus start and select) and reload the game. Then play BB again and repeat until the person gets released.

f. Easy Experience
To get experience fast, first you need the character to have a Lv.3 pass (get the one that consumes the least HP possible) and possibly Hi-Risk so you get double the experience. Then put that character on as defense. If you want, you could have another person level up by giving him the same things and putting him on the other defense. You might also want to have your MF have Nap Pass 3 equipped. Then at the Blitz Off, get the ball. Use All-Out Defense (it makes the defenders go closer together and it gives a good protection in case someone comes to get the ball). Then give the ball to the first character leveling up and have him use his Lv.3 Pass and pass it to the other person leveling up. Then vise versaÖ Between the time of catching the other personís pass and the second before you can take an action, have the two people get closer to each other so the passing time is shorter, allowing you more time to pass. So keep repeating this process and if an opponent comes closer to the two defenders, pass the ball to your MF and have him get close to that opponent then make him encounter you and do Nap Pass 3 so that opponent goes to sleep and you have one less person to worry about. If you donít have a Lv.3 Pass, you can learn some more Key Techs in case that person can learn one later on. If not, use a Tech Find on a place where you can learn a Lv.3 pass (Venom Pass 3 cause it takes less HP). Otherwise, youíll need to use Lv.2 Passes (or worse, Lv.1 Passes) until you get a Lv.3 one. If you do not know why you need to have a Lv.3 Pass instead of the other lower level passes, itís because a Lv.3 Pass gives more EXP. If you donít have Hi Risk, either Tech Find it to open for you (if you donít have the slot) or possibly using the Reset Trick (Tip B) so Hi Risk can be won in a league (itís VERY rare). Check tip P for more information on Hi-Risk.

g. Goalie Leveling Up
As you play BB more and level up, youíll find your goalie to gain less experience and falls behind the other playerís levels. The reason why for this is because the only way he gets experience is by blocking and catching the ball and using goalie techs. A goalie only gets 2 free EXP. for just being there. So sometimes, you should hire a different goalie (possibly the best one available) and put your real goalie as a defender and the one you just hired to be goalie and watch the goal as you level up the real goalie. Use the Easy Experience trick above until your real goalie has reached a decent level that your team is about or even higher than that! Then put the real goalie back in the goal and the other goalie you can either keep on the bench until his contract expires or hire someone else to warm the bench.

h. Tech Copy
There are two ways to get more techs for your blitzers: winning them from tournaments and leagues (which is self-explanatory) or by Tech Copying them from other blitzers. To Tech Copy, you need to mark the person who has a tech you can Tech Copy (in blue). Then when that person uses it, push X when the Tech Copy sign appears in the top-left corner. You will have better chance on Tech Copying that tech if you stall for a bit of time then press X. So if you have 5 seconds to Tech Copy it, pushing it after the fourth second gives you a better chance to learn it then pushing it right away in the first second. Youíll also have a better chance if the level of your blitzer is the same or higher than the blitzer youíll Tech Copy it. Also two shots are hard to Tech Copy. One is Sphere Shot, which you press X a second after the new SH has been confirmed (with that chime at the end) or a bit before the person kicks the ball. The other one is Invisible Shot, which you press X before the person throws the ball or about 2 seconds after the person starts extending his hands before he throws it. Also people say that your Tech Copy will be successful if the words in the top-left are white when you press X, well that IS WRONG!!! DO NOT BELIEVE THAT!!! As long as you stall for a bit of time before pressing X, youíll learn that tech.

i. Tech Copying From a Goalie
OK there are certain techs you can Tech Copy only from a goalie. These are Super Goalie and Grip Gloves. You CANNOT LEARN THEM FROM ANYONE ELSE!!! Itís stupid because other people other than goalies will use them such as Argai Ronso might sometimes equip Super Goalie as one of his techs. However, sometimes a goalie will equip techs that he canít really use. The only techs you can Tech Copy from a goalie are Super Goalie, Grip Gloves, Anti-Wither, Anti-Wither 2, Anti-Venom, Anti-Venom 2, Anti-Nap, and Anti-Nap 2.

j. Key Techs
Key Techs are certain techs special for each blitzer which when they are learned, they allow that blitzer to learn even more techs. They ďunlockĒ some more tech slots so more techs can be Tech Copied. Each blitzer has a different variety of key techs but each blitzer has 3 key techs that can be learned by Tech Copying or winning from tournaments.

k. Jecht Shot 2
The Jecht Shot 2 is a tech that only Tidus can learn. He can learn it by winning a tournament with it as the first place prize. It becomes available in the tournament after Tidus learned all of his Key Techs: Venom Tackle, Drain Tackle 2, and Anti-Venom 2. The Jecht Shot 2 works basically like the first Jecht Shot but it breaks through 3 people, adds 10 to Tidusís SH, and is an Invisible Shot, so it is still controlled like a regular Invisible Shot. The animation for this Shot is really similar to the Jecht Shot but for the second defender to knock away (there has to be at least 3 defenders all together to knock away), Tidus will use a faster version of a Sphere Shot to kick the ball at the second defender. Also when the ball comes near the goal, it starts to take the Invisible Shot animation at that point.

l. Aurochs Spirit
The Aurochs Spirit is a tech that only Wakka can learn. He can learn it by winning a tournament with it as the first place prize. It becomes available in the tournament after Wakka learned all of his Key Techs: Wither Shot, Drain Tackle, and Tackle Slip. The Aurochs Sprit adds 10 to Wakkaís SH and adds the sum of all the original Aurochs on your team but it does not exceed 99 SH. So if you have Wakka with 27 SH and Datto with 19 SH, the shot brings Wakkaís 27 SH to 37 and then adds Dattoís 19 SH to bring the final SH amount to 56. The boost works with any original Auroch on your team and in the field including the goalie. Tidus doesnít count as an original Auroch.

m. Getting More Than 1 Prize
There is a way, which you can use to get more than one prize. In League and Tournament games, they have a Top Scorer Prize. If thereís a tie in that, then each shooter gets the prize. So if 3 people get the most scores with 5 each, then all 3 of them get the prize. So if you get 2 or more people on your team to score the same amount of goals and that amount is the highest, then you will get more than one prize!!!

n. Easy Wins
If you need some wins fast to get a higher scout level or for more team formations, then thereís a quick and easy way you can get them other than going through every game and winning it. Basically play an Exhibition game against a team with a bad goalie (ex. Kilika Beasts with Nizarut). Then get your shooter and use your own strategy and get him/her ready to score a goal (like in an actual game). Then shoot and score. Donít bother passing to everyone or doing anything else that you usually do to get everyone some EXP. because you wonít get any in exhibition games and this is one of them. Once you get a goal, get the ball back from the other team (you may want to exchange your other shooter and your MF with your defenders so you can get the ball back easily). Then forfeit the game. Now since youíre winning, the forfeited game counts as a win and you will get an item for winning (ex. Potion). Repeat until youíve gotten the scout level(s) and/or formation(s) that you want. Remember, every 5 wins get you a level or formation (if you got a 5th win and you won nothing, then you won all the levels and formations). Also, do NOT use this to trick and get more wins than anyone else.

o. Volley Shots
The Volley Shots (Volley Shot 1, 2, and 3) are pretty hard techs to learn cause they are hardly ever used. Well thereís a little trick that can be used to force the person to use a Volley Shot. You need to have a person with very low PA (10 or less) and put him in a shooter spot and you need a defender with high EN or PA or both. If you canít find a person w/low PA, use Wakka if you havenít used him for a while cause his PA is low and if you donít use him, no one will hire him and he wonít gain any levels. Then go and play a game w/a team who has someone who has a Volley Shot equipped as a tech. First mark that guy who has it. Then during the game, get a defender (the faster the better) to lure the guy w/Volley Shot very close to the goal. Have the defender breakthrough the shooter by either letting him tackle you (if you have higher EN than his AT) or by passing over him (if you have higher PA than his BL) and pass the ball to the person as a shooter w/low PA. Then have that person w/low PA (The farther away heís from your goal and the defender who passed him the ball, the better) pass the ball back to the defender who just passed it to him. Use a normal pass and make sure you donít have golden arm equipped. Now the defender should fumble the ball since the PA should be reduced to 0. Now that the ball is free, the shooter w/Volley Shot might be triggered to shoot the ball if heís close enough to the ball and the goal. If he does, Tech Copy it. If he doesnít it could mean he has a lower Volley Shot (like Volley Shot 1 or 2) or he was to far away from the goal. Anyways, repeat for other players to learn it or to retry to learn it. Remember, the higher level volley shot the shooter has, the easier it is to Tech Copy it cause the higher level shot has a higher percentage to Volley Shot the ball.

p. Hi-Risk
This seems to be another hard tech to learn. Well it actually isnít, itís just rare. You get Hi-Risk by winning it. You canít Tech Copy it from someone. You can only get it by winning it. Itís VERY rare!!! I NEVER saw it and I played a lot of games. Iíve heard it shows up as a second place prize in a league. Iíve also heard that itís a one out of two hundred chance (1/200) for it to show up. Getting second place in a league seems kind of hard but you can do it. I donít think Hi-Risk is available in tournaments so it may not be a good idea to keep looking for it in them. And if you donít know what Hi-Risk does, it halves all your stats (rounded down) except for SP and HP, which makes the games challenging. But it also gives you double the experience. Itís pretty risky but very rewarding if you donít care if you win or lose. If you still need to get Hi-Risk you can just make sure the character has the slot open (Tech Find it if necessary) and fire him so when a team hires him, they can learn it for you because the computer makes their blitzers learn their techs pretty quickly, regardless if the tech is rare or not.

11. Luck
People think that there is an ďinvisible statĒ in blitzers. This ďstatĒ is Luck. People say that blitzers who have higher luck will have a better chance on doing everything. For example, someone said that Wedge is a better goalie than Nimrook because Wedge has higher luck. He said that Nimrook always lets in easy shots in the 50s while Wedge blocks shots in the 80s. Well, there is NO LUCK! Every stat is the game is worth 50% to 150% of that stat. So a stat of 10 is worth anywhere from 5 to 15. So, that means you have a 5 out of 11 chance to get a better stat for this particular stat (10). There is no individual luck. Apparently luck does exist but itís your luck, neither Wedgeís nor Nimrookís. So itís like this, you take 10 pieces of paper, each with a number ranging from 5 to 15. Then you put them in a bucket (or top hat) and pick one of them out. That would now be what that stat is worth. So if you pick a low stat such as 7, well thatís your bad luck. If you picked 13, then thatís your good luck. So you see, itís not whether Nimrook is lucky or not, itís if you are lucky or not. Also, for me Nimrook always catches the ball except for probably once or twice in my entire game. That does not count the cheap Invisible Shot scoresÖ Also if Wedge is considered ďluckierĒ, than at Lv.1 why canít he score on Nimrook so easily? Wedge does have 17 SH and Nimrook has 18 CA. So why canít Wedge always score on Nimrook if thereís a one point difference? Hey, they said Wedge is luckier...

12. What is an Auroch?
Well the teams all have a meaning. Fangs, Psyches, Beasts, Glories (what kinda name is that?), and Goers. We know what those all mean but not an Auroch. Well, I found out what it isÖ Actually on April 26, 2002, there was a show about wild animals in your home or something and these guys have to get the wild animals out of the homes, like the Cops shows but instead of going after people breaking the law, they showed these people rescuing wild animals so they donít harm or kill anyone. Anyways, one of them was a wild animal that was being transported to a zoo. So when the guy went to check on the animal along the way, it attacked the guy and started to run off. The animal catcher guy didnít know what kind of animal it was. Well the other guy said it was an Aurochs. So after I looked it up, an Aurochs (thatís how you spell it; singular not plural) is an extinct wild ox or bull with characteristics like some cattle. I donít think they are extinct because the show obviously had one and it said there are less than a hundred of them worldwide. Anyways, they have a body of a bull, a bit of a cattleís lifestyle (grazing), and they have these 2 massive horns on them and used them like how bulls do. Apparently they are extinct/endangered because people killed them because they attacked domestic cattle doing nothing bad to them. They lived back in Europe and Asia. Well anyways with the show, they did get the animal controlled and they got it to the zoo so itís not like they killed it. Well, at least we know what an Aurochs isÖ

13. Credits
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This is awesome! I'm gonna' print it out and use it to get Wakka' ultimate weapon. (I've been slackin' on the game - I've got other's that I'm into).

Does anyone do this same thing? You get near to the end...then realize it's gonna' be over soon, so you just kind of leave it alone for awhile....then a little while more...then play with it and then power up a little, then leave it alone again. I've noticed that I have this habit...ever since Final Fantasy VII - I really didn't want it to end - sat watching the end credits for about 20 minutes after it was over (ambient music and stars). I've got FF8 saved at the last battle, FF9 and now FFX I'm standing in front of Jecht. *sigh* I just need to end these games, it's so sad.


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dude, u should only put something on if someone needs it, or asks for it. my place got closed for that, these people that close the threds are bastereds and close them for no reasone. be carefull.


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Eheheh. May I remind you that it got stickied so is very helpful dispite what you say? XD

If you add a lot of content, make it easy to understand, etc, then there's no need to throw away a thread like this.

Just take a look around.. there were TONS of threads on blitzball questions here. ^^; So don't judge so quickly, yesh? ^_~

05-24-2002, 02:53 PM
I have a few questions:

Why does the goal/time at the end only show up to 13 goals? And why can't the final results show over 100 goals correctly?

I ended the last Season I was in with 130 goals for Tidus. It still had him in first, but it said he had scored 0 goals, and second place scored 8. Whazzupwitdat?

And why can't you control Tidus in defense mode?

Vivi FF
05-25-2002, 12:50 PM
OK... I'm gonna tell all of you that I'm gonna make a MAJOR update to the guide in awhile...

As for your questions TM,

1. There's not enough room to show who scored every goal and in which time. But it really doesn't matter as long as you know who won.

2. A glitch I guess... Anyways, I guess that's the way they show you've score 100+ goals. As long as you still got first...

3. Well what do you mean? You can't contol anyone other than the person who has the ball. When on defense in an encounter, you don't decide whether you attack or block, the person with the bal chooses how many people he'll break through then the people with higher AT attack first. Also if you mean liek doing a normal tackle or like wither tackle then you first need to equip a tackling tech in a tech slot...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK because everyone is not allowed to double post and I have already posted this, I have to add this on to this post. I have updated the guide, probably for the last time. I've added a new section about why you need to play BB and I added more information to the blitzers and to your starting team.

05-27-2002, 09:12 AM
The reason I asked was because I wanted to know how long it took me to score a goal with Tidus.

What I meant on the other one was that I wanted to know why my Tidus always just swims around the person with the ball on defense. He doesn't attack, but he just goes around the guy in circles and never gets to block.

05-29-2002, 08:08 PM
looks very helpful ill read it soon so i can start to play blizball i never did like it much but u need it for wakkas weapon

06-10-2002, 12:57 PM
I finnaly got FFX...IT IS GREAT.
I'm currently training my Blitzball team,my best player is Tidus(he's at Lv.11 and i have the Jecht Shot)...thanks to you I have found Kyou,man he's good
his elite defense and nap tackle 3 is very usefull.
If you get further in the game do you have to play another important BB match?

06-29-2002, 10:23 AM
No, but you will want to play again in order to get Wakka's Overdrives and the Jupiter Sigil.

07-10-2002, 08:50 PM
....I still suck at it....blitzball just isn't my thing I can't even score one goal.... :mad: :( :confused:

Fallen Angel
08-05-2002, 01:27 AM
I really dont like BB....
It takes too long to play (up to 20 mins)

However the guide that was posted is ver informative, especially on how to get Wakka's overdrives, and weapons.....

But i only really play BB to get the stuff, otherwise i cant stand it....

08-08-2002, 12:14 PM
thanks man your BB guide helped me once again !!!

you are really an expierinced BB player :)

Vivi FF
09-07-2002, 11:28 AM
Booya! I'm back!!! I kept trying to get into ffshrine.com and now I found it it's .net... Sheesh...

Anyways, thank you very much for the compliments...

Also, I'm back to answer FFX questions! Yeah!!!

I also updated the Guide so it has more information on it. See what you can use...

10-24-2002, 03:35 PM
i would have found it very useful vivi ff if i didnt have the guide.

have you been able to get all wakkas overdrives i keep trying and its winding me up. same with his crest. i was just wondering if you or anyone else reading this has been able to do it yet.

Vivi FF
10-25-2002, 03:53 PM
Here's the quick way: d. Getting Everything in 26 Games
First off, get a good team but donít hire them for more than 5 games. Play the tournament that has the Attack Reels at first place. If the tournament is not up, go to exhibition games and forfeit them until the tournament comes up. Win it and get the Attack Reels. Then, reset the data (Play BB-Reset Data; itís at the bottom). Check the League to see if the Status Reels are in first place prize. If not, keep resetting the data until it does. Then get your team again and this time hire them for no more that 16 games. Play the league and win it. Then, go to the tournament and see if the Aurochs Reels is for first place. If so, play it and get it. If not, then reset the data until it changes to the Aurochs Reels. If thereís no tournament, keep forfeiting exhibition games until you get one. Then after that, reset the data and check to see if the Jupiter Sigil is in first place prize for the league. If not, keep resetting the data until it changes to it. If so, rehire your team, for no more than 10 games and play the league and win it and now youíre done with BB with only 26 real games. However, make sure Wakka has been in those 450 battles before you go through this!

As you see above, if the ODs are not coming up, then you haven't gotten Wakka in the required number of battles for it to show. Wakka needs to be in 250 battles for the Status Reels to show, and 450 battles (200 more, not 450 more...) to get the Auroch Reels. The Jupiter Sigil won't show up until you get all of his ODs...

11-29-2002, 08:40 PM
I need help 4 Jecht Shot 2

I saw it b4 4 a tournment prize but i don't have da techsso i skipped it.... now i got them i can't find it anymore.

Can i still get it?

Vivi FF
11-30-2002, 11:24 AM
Yeah you can... It'll come back up eventually... Tidus can only learn it once he has learned all 3 of his Key Techs (Tackle, Drain Tackle 2, Anti-Venom 2). This "unlocks" his Jecht Shot 2 Tech Slot. So Tidus would be able to learn it... In fact, once Tidus learned all his key techs, the odds of JS2 appearing again in the tournament really increase!!!

Just use the Reset Trick (tip b in the guide) and it'll show up again...

Vivi FF
12-07-2002, 05:14 PM
Sorry for the double-post but it's kinda necessary...

With this post, I have included the guide as an attachment so if you like it better in that format. I can't edit and attach something so that's why I am making a new post...

Also the guide's been edited again... I added Hi-Risk information (Tip P), corrected some grammar, and finally change Auda Guado's name from Anda to Auda (I had Anda before).

Also if you want to correct or add something, please do. PMing me, E-mailing me, or writing here will let me know this... And if you want to see something added, please tell me and I'll get on it sooner or later... :)

Happy Reading!!!

12-07-2002, 05:23 PM
I just have one question: If I decide to basically ignore blitzball until the end of the game, can I still get everything? I'd just prefer to wait until later in the game when I'm trying to get everything that I don't already have.

Edited to say that this was my 500th post, yeeeeah!

Vivi FF
12-07-2002, 05:30 PM
Yes, you can still get everything. It doesn't matter when you start except the Status and Aurochs Reels won't be available until Wakka's in 250 and 450 battles and you'd be done w/those battles at the end. Plus if you don't play BB, the other teams don't so the team levels will be the same if you started at Luca or near the end of the game...

12-08-2002, 12:13 AM
Okay, thanks for answering and for the guide. It's totally comprehnesive and easy to follow too. I'm looking at GameFAQs and it's definitely easier to follow than the stuff there. You could probably try getting it on there if you wanted to.

lone wolf
01-15-2003, 04:09 PM
Thanks for the tip, i went their and their was alot of help. b the way, if you went thru the whole game and got BB so that all the players were al maxed out and had all the skills, y would you want to rest it in the option menu, why work that hard to just delete it in the end. just my thought


lone wolf

01-15-2003, 04:35 PM
I don't think you would. The reset trick is just if you want to get all of the Overdrives for Wakka and his celestial weapon really quick without having to plan a huge amount of games. Then there's the other "reset" trick, which is just doing a soft reset until the prize you want for a League or Tournament shows up. And that doesn't mess up your player stats at all.

04-30-2003, 07:27 AM
I found a neat trick for getting the ball to tidus so he can score with the jecht shot. Simply you place a playyer in the middle who can catch the ball of be able to get the ball from the apposing player. Shuu is my player of choice she can be found at the second shupuff trip. once you have the ball go towards you goal and the front three players generaly go after you its a 50/50 chance somtimes they dont. once they are resonably close but not to close pass the ball to tidus who cantake on the two players in defense using the jecht shot you can score thus you keep using this until the end of the match. Simply if you get a goal and dont want to risk loosing the ball do the same as before but instead of passing the ball to tidus pas it to another player and then pass the again to keep the ball away from them do this until the end and if you want o rick it at about 4o-45 seconds left on the clock pass the ball to Tidus and get him to use the Jecht shot to waste the last few second left.

Vivi FF
07-20-2003, 05:40 PM
Here's a little more indepth Starting Guide I made for GameFAQ's... It's only good for picking out a great team to start off with...

BlitzBall Starting Team Guide By Vivi FF

I have written a small BlitzBall guide on players and teams one should use when starting to play BB (short for BlitzBall). Hopefully, this will help everyone in choosing a good team to play BlitzBall with. I have included the best starting players and their Lv.1 stats as well as their Lv.20 stats so you can see where they end up early on. Here goes.

Tidus: Lv.02 HP 132 SP 60 EN 10 AT 3 PA 03 BL 2 SH 10 CA 1
Tidus: Lv.20 HP 954 SP 61 EN 23 AT 7 PA 10 BL 5 SH 25 CA 5
Heís a decent shooter with average to somewhat above average stats. However, his main usefulness is not his stats, but his techs. Tidus has the Jecht Shot, which is a great shot that eliminates two defenders and adds 5 to his SH. Tidus can also learn every tech and he can also learn the Jecht Shot 2 within time. Tidus is a permanent player on your team and he wonít get any EXP. and techs unless you use him.

Wakka: Lv.03 HP 150 SP 60 EN 11 AT 3 PA 3 BL 2 SH 13 CA 1
Wakka: Lv.20 HP 825 SP 60 EN 21 AT 5 PA 9 BL 4 SH 24 CA 5
Heís yet another decent shooter with average to somewhat above average stats. Within time, he can learn his unique tech, Aurochs Spirit, which adds 10 to his SH and the sum of any original Aurochsí SH on your team. Heís not really a great shooter but no team will ever hire him except for yours, so you may want to use him to give him his experience and levels.

Vilucha: Lv.04 HP 201 SP 60 EN 11 AT 9 PA 4 BL 10 SH 14 CA 3
Vilucha: Lv.20 HP 954 SP 60 EN 20 AT 9 PA 8 BL 17 SH 24 CA 4
Sheís a great shooter with very good stats. Great SH and EN as well as pretty good AT and BL for a great defensive shooter. She starts out with Wither Shot 3, which is a great tech that adds 7 to his SH and always withers the goalie if it wonít score. But it takes 390 HP, which will take awhile for her to get. The only bad thing about her is that she doesnít get many techs and one of her key techs is Volley Shot, which is hard to learn.

Shaami: Lv.01 HP 100 SP 58 EN 11 AT 04 PA 5 BL 2 SH 10 CA 2
Shaami: Lv.20 HP 910 SP 59 EN 25 AT 17 PA 7 BL 4 SH 21 CA 3
Sheís another great shooter. With constantly rising EN and AT and a very good SH, sheís one of the better shooters out there. Not only that but she starts out with Venom Shot 3, which is a great tech that adds 7 to her SH and if it wonít score, itíll poison the goalie. Plus it takes only 100 HP so she can use it rather soon. Only bad thing about her is her below average SP, which slowly increases throughout her levels. But itís excusable because 2 points different in SP wonít really matter right off the bat.

Wedge: Lv.01 HP 080 SP 65 EN 09 AT 06 PA 3 BL 05 SH 17 CA 2
Wedge: Lv.20 HP 934 SP 65 EN 25 AT 20 PA 3 BL 15 SH 20 CA 4
He starts out with the highest SH of 17. But his low EN will get the best of him until you level him up where itíll gradually grow up. His SH grows slowly and it will stop at about Lv.30 where itíd only go down in the end. His AT and BL constantly grow, making him a great defender. In fact, Wedge would make an excellent MF if it werenít for his low PA. If you use him, you will have to replace him early on because other shootersí shooter stats will be much superior to Wedgeís. But if you need a good shooter for a very short (such as the Reset Data Trick to get Wakkaís ODs and Sigil), Wedge is the guy to get.

Biggs: Lv.01 HP 080 SP 57 EN 10 AT 05 PA 3 BL 2 SH 11 CA 1
Biggs: Lv.20 HP 934 SP 57 EN 27 AT 11 PA 3 BL 9 SH 13 CA 5
Heís a tank with constantly increasing EN. But his SH rarely grows and that is his biggest flaw. Without enough SH, a shooter cannot shoot and score from it. You can use shooting techs to help out, buy youíre better off with a shooter with high SH... He has all three Volley Shots but they wonít be able to do much with low CA (unless the shot before was a Nap Shot or Wither Shot).

Nedus: Lv.01 HP 100 SP 30 EN 12 AT 2 PA 3 BL 2 SH 10 CA 3
Nedus: Lv.20 HP 910 SP 30 EN 28 AT 6 PA 9 BL 4 SH 20 CA 3
Heís another tank. But he takes after a real tank and is slow with a SP of 30! But with high EN and good SH, he can survive any tackle a defender can do and still have the SH to score. His SP will start to grow at Lv.35 and will reach to 99 by Lv.70! Heís a good choice for a shooter if you can take his low SP for a while...

Blappa: Lv.03 HP 186 SP 60 EN 13 AT 05 PA 09 BL 11 SH 13 CA 1
Blappa: Lv.20 HP 970 SP 60 EN 24 AT 11 PA 22 BL 19 SH 29 CA 2
***Blappa starts off on the Al Bhed Psyches with 4 games.***
He is the best shooter you can get at early levels. With great EN, PA, and SH that constantly grows throughout his levels and his decent AT and good BL, you canít go wrong with Blappa. His only problem is that he doesnít have a large assortment of techs to use, but you can make the best of what he has. Blappa is not a free agent but 4 games can be up quite soon, allowing him to be dropped and picked up by you relatively soon. Refer to the ďGetting a Blitzer off Their TeamĒ trick below for an easier way to get Blappa.

Summary: You have a great assortment of shooters to choose from. I highly suggest you get both Blappa and Shaami. Both make an unstoppable shooter duo together. But if you want Tidus and/or Wakka, I guess you should go with them because if you donít use them, no one else will and theyíll be at a low level forever. So if you want the two to reach Lv.99, youíre going to have to use them. Itís easier to get them now rather than leveling them up from 3 to 99 when everyone else is 99...

MidFielders (MFs):
Brother: Lv.01 HP 0105 SP 75 EN 08 AT 06 PA 14 BL 13 SH 14 CA 1
Brother: Lv.20 HP 1090 SP 76 EN 21 AT 12 PA 26 BL 26 SH 18 CA 1
Heís quite possible the best MF you can get at early levels. He has fast SP, and constantly increasing EN, PA, and BL. The only thing bad about him is that he might become an experience hog and will gain levels faster than everyone else on your team. But use him accordingly and he will never do you wrong.

Linna: Lv.07 HP 314 SP 59 EN 10 AT 08 PA 08 BL 12 SH 10 CA 3
Linna: Lv.20 HP 954 SP 59 EN 13 AT 10 PA 15 BL 14 SH 21 CA 4
Sheís a pretty good MF. She starts off at such a high level with pretty good stats. Her PA and SH rises a lot and her AT and BL are great for a MF. She also starts out with Nap Shot 3, which is a great tech that adds 7 to her SH and if it misses, it will always put the goalie to sleep. The downside is that it takes 350 HP to use which maybe too costly. This tech can really help out your shooters. Sheís a great MF to use if you would like a third shooter.

Kiyuri: Lv.01 HP 081 SP 60 EN 08 AT 08 PA 08 BL 2 SH 1 CA 1
Kiyuri: Lv.20 HP 669 SP 60 EN 16 AT 12 PA 22 BL 8 SH 6 CA 5
Sheís a pretty average MF. Her PA is her best stat and it increases a lot. Her EN and AT are decent too. But her HP is quite low, as well as her BL and SH. Sheíll end up being a pretty good MF in the end but her early stats arenít so great. She starts out with Wither Pass 3, a great passing tech but it take sup 440 HP, which she might be able to spare. She also starts out with Anti-Wither 2 so she canít get withered. If youíre a fan of Kiyuri, then you might want to use her. Otherwise, you probably should stay away from her at early levels.

Milfurey: Lv.01 HP 085 SP 20 EN 08 AT 08 PA 05 BL 3 SH 10 CA 2
Milfurey: Lv.20 HP 723 SP 22 EN 20 AT 14 PA 19 BL 5 SH 28 CA 3
Sheís a pretty average MF who has an obvious flaw, her very low SP of 20! Her SP does gradually rise throughout all her levels and it will end up at 69 at lv.99, but for the most part, sheíll be slow. She has great SH, EN, and PA that all increase during her levels. She also has Venom Pass 3, a great passing tech that takes only 250 HP, and Tackle Slip 2, a tech that allows her to dodge othersí tackles 80% of the time. Sheís a good MF if you can withstand her very low SP.

Svanda: Lv.01 HP 100 SP 60 EN 10 AT 10 PA 08 BL 15 SH 14 CA 4
Svanda: Lv.20 HP 910 SP 60 EN 20 AT 11 PA 17 BL 15 SH 21 CA 4
Sheís a pretty good overall MF. With good EN, PA, and SH as well as AT and BL, thereís not one thing she isnít capable of in being a MF. Her stats donít increase as much as the others, but her stats are pretty good, no matter what the level. She comes with Anti-Nap 2, which can insure her to never fall asleep, and Venom Tackle 3, a very good tackling tech. Sheís probably one of the best overall MFs you can get at early levels.

Tatts: Lv.05 HP 215 SP 65 EN 10 AT 06 PA 14 BL 06 SH 05 CA 1
Tatts: Lv.20 HP 890 SP 67 EN 19 AT 10 PA 26 BL 14 SH 10 CA 2
Heís a decent MF. He has great PA as well as good EN and above average SP. Heís not bad on the defensive side with good BL but his AT doesnít increase as much. He starts out with Invisible Shot, which is a guaranteed goal 60% of the time if you know how to use and control it. Not a bad tech but can be harmful when itís used on you. Heís a good MF that can score goals easily once you get the hand of the I. Shot.

Rin: Lv.05 HP 242 SP 60 EN 09 AT 5 PA 12 BL 05 SH 05 CA 1
Rin: Lv.20 HP 959 SP 60 EN 17 AT 6 PA 20 BL 10 SH 10 CA 1
Heís a good MF. He has decent EN and PA that rises a bit. Heís not so good on the defensive side with low AT and so-so BL. He does start out with Venom Pass 2, a good passing tech, Pile Venom, which can aid with his Venom Pass 2, and Tackle Slip, so he can dodge 40% of othersí tackles. Heís not bad of a MF but not very good either.

Zev Ronso: Lv.01 HP 0230 SP 52 EN 12 AT 7 PA 07 BL 07 SH 11 CA 1
Zev Ronso: Lv.20 HP 1691 SP 53 EN 20 AT 9 PA 20 BL 24 SH 19 CA 2
Heís a pretty good MF. His HP, EN, PA, and BL are all pretty high if you give him the chance to level up. Heís a Ronso so heís slow but with SP of 52 that slowly increases, heís obviously the fast Ronso. With good stats, heís probably a better MF than Ganza could ever become. If you donít mind his kinda low SP, then he can be a prime MF for you.

Mep: Lv.01 HP 0060 SP 60 EN 09 AT 06 PA 05 BL 19 SH 07 CA 1
Mep: Lv.20 HP 1320 SP 60 EN 13 AT 15 PA 11 BL 22 SH 23 CA 5
Heís a pretty good MF, especially for an ancient monk! His stats donít start out so well with low HP, but his BL is really high. Give him some levels and heíll start to become a very good MF. His EN and PA donít come out too high and this may lead to problems as he may be too weak to take tackles or pass over people. But he kinda makes up for it in his other stats. He starts out with Nap Pass 3, a great passing tech but it takes 550 HP to use so he might not be able to use it for a while. If you can find ways to make up for his low EN and PA, he can become a very good MF.

Graav: Lv.03 HP 0207 SP 60 EN 09 AT 08 PA 13 BL 08 SH 08 CA 2
Graav: Lv.20 HP 1090 SP 60 EN 19 AT 15 PA 25 BL 20 SH 17 CA 6
***Graav starts off on the Luca Goers with 20 games.***
Heís a very good MF. He has lots of HP, great EN, BL, and good EN and SH. The only thing bad about him is that he doesnít have so many techs. Another bad thing is that heís not a free agent right from the start. If you want Graav, either keep an eye out for him or get him yourself using the ďGetting a Blitzer off Their TeamĒ trick below. He is worth it for earlier levels.

Berrik: Lv.03 HP 205 SP 60 EN 08 AT 10 PA 12 BL 11 SH 04 CA 1
Berrik: Lv.20 HP 962 SP 60 EN 18 AT 19 PA 26 BL 21 SH 10 CA 5
***Berrik starts off on the Al Bhed Psyches with 9 games.***
Berrik is a monster MF. With great EN and PA along with pretty high AT and BL, he makes the ideal MF and even a defender. He has very good stats and a good assortment of techs to learn and use. But watch out, he could become an experience hog... If you want him, either wait out those games or use the trick below.

Summary: With a good number of players for this one spot, choosing can become quite tough. I highly recommend Brother, Linna, Graav, and Berrik. Brother will last you up to Lv.60, Graav and Berrik will last you up to Lv.30-40 or so and then itíd be time to get another player. Linna can last all the way to Lv.99, but the other three have much better stats than her in lower levels. Basically, you have to choose which one youíd think would best suits your playing style and abilities. You can hire two MFs if you want and put one on the bench and switch off. But you wonít get a single overpowered MF (which you donít want), instead you can get two weaker MFs (which you probably donít want).

Ropp: Lv.05 HP 191 SP 60 EN 09 AT 11 PA 10 BL 15 SH 1 CA 2
Ropp: Lv.20 HP 810 SP 60 EN 16 AT 15 PA 18 BL 18 SH 3 CA 5
Heís the best defender there is. Heís not extremely good at early levels but his stats are pretty good. He has great EN and PA as well as good AT and BL. He starts out with all Drain Tackles and Drain Tackle 3 can drain an entire personís HP. The downside is that he needs 500 HP to use it and he wonít get that until around Lv.15. However, he can learn every tackling tech, which is pretty convenient when youíre learning new techs. Heíll be a great defender to have.

Naida: Lv.01 HP 100 SP 72 EN 06 AT 05 PA 12 BL 12 SH 4 CA 1
Naida: Lv.20 HP 954 SP 73 EN 12 AT 19 PA 21 BL 17 SH 6 CA 5
Sheís a great defender. She has the high SP, PA, and BL. However, early on her AT is quite low. But once you level her up, her AT will rise pretty fast to be one of the top ATs there is. Top that off with her other great stats, including SP and you have a great defender. She starts off with Wither Tackle 3, which is one, if not, the best tackling tech out there. It costs 250 HP so Naida will have to level up a bit to be able to use it. She is a great defender if you give her time to level up into it.

Kyou: Lv.01 HP 104 SP 63 EN 09 AT 15 PA 08 BL 6 SH 1 CA 12
Kyou: Lv.20 HP 857 SP 66 EN 27 AT 16 PA 15 BL 8 SH 5 CA 18
Heís a pretty good defender. He starts off with one of the highest ATs, but it doesnít rise so quickly. He has great EN and good PA. His weakness is his low BL, which is needed for a good defender. Other than that, his other stats are high and can do the job right. He also starts out with the rare Venom Tackle 2, and Nap Tackle 3, which is one of the best tackling techs.

Zalitz: Lv.01 HP 100 SP 59 EN 6 AT 15 PA 05 BL 11 SH 3 CA 1
Zalitz: Lv.20 HP 910 SP 59 EN 7 AT 20 PA 11 BL 16 SH 7 CA 5
Heís a good defender. With great AT and BL, heís one to watch out for. He does have some flaws though. First, his AT and BL grow slowly. Although they are high, other defenders will slowly surpass him in those stats. His biggest flaw is that he has low EN and PA. This can pose problems if a defender comes along with too much AT to breakthrough and too much BL to pass over. You will need to use him wisely, if you use him.

Shuu: Lv.03 HP 0215 SP 60 EN 10 AT 04 PA 04 BL 09 SH 10 CA 1
Shuu: Lv.20 HP 1138 SP 60 EN 18 AT 14 PA 14 BL 13 SH 14 CA 1
Sheís a good defender. She starts off with really low AT and PA but if you level her up, her AT and PA will rise to a good level. She also has good EN and SH that can allow her to become a backup shooter if the rest are down. She starts off with Nap Pass 2, which is a good passing tech at early levels. If you give her some time, she can become a good defender.

Judda: Lv.01 HP 0125 SP 60 EN 09 AT 11 PA 07 BL 10 SH 1 CA 3
Judda: Lv.20 HP 1023 SP 60 EN 23 AT 22 PA 24 BL 12 SH 3 CA 7
***Judda starts off on the Al Bhed Psyches with 10 games.***
Sheís a great defender. Her beginning stats arenít all that hot but sheíll grow extremely fast. With high EN, PA, and very high AT, she makes the ideal defender. Her weakness is her BL, but hopefully, at time it wonít matter as much. She also doesnít have a large variety of techs to learn, especially passing techs. But her high stats alone make her a very, very good defender. If you want her, either wait out those 10 games or use the trick below.

Doram: Lv.01 HP 0142 SP 60 EN 3 AT 09 PA 07 BL 05 SH 1 CA 1
Doram: Lv.20 HP 1062 SP 60 EN 9 AT 19 PA 18 BL 17 SH 5 CA 5
***Doram starts off on the Luca Goers with 18 games.***
Sheís a great defender. She starts out with average defender stats but she quickly grows into very good defender stats. I prefer her over Balgerda because Balgerda is ugly... Not only that but her BL is too low. Doram has good AT and BL with great PA to back everything up. Her only weakness is that she doesnít have many techs to choose from. Sheís a great defender to have, especially very early in the game. If you want her, either wait the 18 games out or use the trick below.

Summary: You have a good variety of defenders to choose from. I suggest you use Ropp and Naida. Together, these two make a great defensive couple. But always keep an eye out for Judda, sheís a very good defender thatíll last you longer than Naida. Choose whichever defenders you want or think would best help your team.

Jumal: Lv.01 HP 100 CA 14
Jumal: Lv.20 HP 954 CA 18
Heís a great goalie to start out with. But his CA grows quite slowly.

Miyu: Lv.01 HP 0100 CA 11
Miyu: Lv.20 HP 1170 CA 21
Sheís another great goalie. Her CA rises pretty quickly and at times, itís the second best CA next to Nimrook.

Kyou: Lv.01 HP 104 CA 12
Kyou: Lv.20 HP 857 CA 18
He makes a pretty good goalie too.

Durren: Lv.01 HP 100 CA 12
Durren: Lv.20 HP 910 CA 22
Heís another great goalie. His CA rises pretty quickly at early levels but it slows down after Lv.30. You may not be able to get him if you enter the last area because heíll disappear.

Yuma Guado: Lv.01 HP 115 CA 08
Yuma Guado: Lv.20 HP 925 CA 17
Sheís a good goalie. Her CA starts out low and seems to be a bit lower than the other goalies on the same level.

Nimrook: Lv.01 HP 096 CA 18
Nimrook: Lv.20 HP 927 CA 23
***Nimrook starts off on the Al Bhed Psyches with 24 games.***
Heís, by far, the best goalie in the game. But he starts out on the Psyches so heís not free.

Summary: You have a good number of goalies to pick from. Obviously, youíll want the best goalie, which is Nimrook. But the Al Bhed have him. You can force him off with the trick below. But in the meantime, I suggest you get Jumal, Miyu, or Durren. Jumalís CA starts off second best but Miyu and Durren will soon surpass it. Itís your call which goalie to get.

My Final Team Suggestion:
LF: Blappa
RF: Shaami
MF: Brother
LD: Naida
RF: Ropp
GL: Nimrook

If youíre starting to play right after Luca, then this is the team for you (you may need to force some people off the Goers).
LF: Tidus
RF: Shaami/Bickson*
MF: Graav*/Zev/Letty
LD: Doram*/Zalitz
RD: Ropp
GL: Jumal
* The Luca Goers have these players: 10 games for Bickson, 20 for Graav, and 18 for Doram.

07-22-2003, 10:53 AM
<font color=red face="comic sans ms">That guide looks really good so far, good work with that. :) If you want, you can add in something to suggest the best team at higer levels... I know your FAQ is meant just for getting started at lower levels, but here's just some ideas if you're thinking of going further, I don't mind if you use anything here, and I'll find out some high level stats if you want too.

I'd also recommend Argai Ronso at around L20+ or so. He's not very fast, but if you can get him to learn Tackle Slip (2) then you're sorted. He has by far the highest SH for quite a lot of the game, and he can learn a good range of shot techs. Even if you don't get him Tackle Slip 2, the EN is always high so he can break through most defenders. Basik is almost as good as Argai, but his wage costs are so high that he's not worth signing, so go with Argai if you want a ronso.

At really high levels, I'd definitely have to recommend Larbeight as a forward. All of the KJilika Beasts players do get very good, in fact. Larbeight's SH reaches 96 and his endurance gets to above 80. Or you could have Isken, with a SH around 80, and 99 (!) EN. If you'd already signed Vilucha or Shaami before that point though, keep those. Larbeight is definitely a great asset to the team at higher levels.

For a midfielder at that stage, I'd recommend either Vuroja, Linna or Kulukan. Linna's PA reches 99 and her SH is above 90, so she can pass AND shoot from the midfield position easily. Vuroja also gets a 99 PA and his AT and BL get very high for a midfielder too. Kulukan gets a very high PA too which can reach 99 with techs, and she also has a really high AT (from her days as a defender). Careful though because she may start hogging the EXP.

If you still have Ropp, keep him, he'll be the best for the whole game. The other defender could be Brother at a late stage. He doesn't get the highest AT stat, but he gets 99 SP. He is the only defender that can keep up with Datto and Nedus if they are playing on the other teams.

For a goalie, keep Nimrook if you have him, but if not then Wedge eventually turns from forward to defender to the second best goalie in the game. Nizarut also gets very good, and he comes with a compelte set of techs too (while Nimrook is missing Anti-Venom 2, both Anti-Wither techs and both Anti-Nap tehcs which you would need to get Tech Find to get him to learn). Nimrook's still better overall though, but you'll notice how Nizarut suddenly improves through the whole game...

Vivi FF
08-15-2003, 03:23 PM
FYI: Some of my work has been added to AlaskaFox's FAQ at GameFAQ's. That's a pretty indepth FAQ so you should check that out also if you still need some help with BB, which I doubt. :)

Happy Reading! :D

08-15-2003, 04:54 PM
Just a note, GameFAQs doesn't allow direct linking of any FAQs from another site, so that link doesn't work. But you get it by visiting <a href="[Only registered and activated users can see links]">Game FAQ's FFX FAQs section</a> and then just click from there.

12-23-2003, 09:07 AM
anyone have a tactic to make a goal?
when i play blitzball, i can't make at list one goal because
the opponent always come to defend.
pzz tell me how can i make a goal?

Vivi FF
12-23-2003, 11:16 AM
Your best bet is to give the ball to your shooters whenever they are open or have only one defender near them. If the defense comes, you should be able to break through that person if your EN is higher than the opponent's AT. This will easily get rid of that defender so you are free to shoot.

You could also try using the Jecht Shot. That shot can be used to get rid of two defenders that are on you so you could shoot freely. If you have 1-2 defenders on you, select No Break --> Shoot --> Jecht Shot (once you've equipped it), and Tidus will eliminate the two defenders from blocking that shot.

07-26-2004, 05:10 AM
your walkthrough was good for getting Wakkas' Jupiter crest thanks.