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Yes I made this...

DBZ Judai-Kon saga

After the cell saga was the Judai-Kon saga… this saga only came about because of an earlier encounter with Judai-Kon or the Shape Shifting-Kon fighter. Judai means "to dispel ones form" and Kon is the alien that Judai is. His home world was peaceful but powerful, but his people had not used they're powers in so long that they hardly even remembered they existed. This is why when the sayins under the influence of Frieza destroyed the planet so easily. All of the Kon died but four, two elders and a married couple. The couple learned the "old ways", as they called them, from their elders. The elders eventually died and the couple had a child. They soon realized, after not much time, that their new son had incredible powers…so they named him Judai for his ability to shape shift he grew very quickly both physically and mentally. When he was two year old he was, by our standards, past a genius and had an I.Q. of over three fifty. His parent were astonished and decide to tell him why they are without any friends, and what happened to their home world. He plotted to kill the sayin who lead the strike team that destroyed his planet. The name of this fighter he did not know but he knew that he was a prince…meanwhile a whole universe away, on earth, Goku had his own trouble with Napa and …a sayin prince named…Vegeta. The years passed by and after a long time it was the end of the cell saga. One day only a year after cell was defeated Vegeta encountered a strange creature that called itself the Judai-Kon. The sayin prince couldn't believe his ears "I thought the Kon were all dead long ago! I personally lead the team that destroyed that planet!" The creature, with its piercing gaze and transparent body made from what looked like a form of electricity, stared and cackled at Vegeta. Suddenly the creature was behind him with its' arm morphed into a sword. Vegeta felt a sharp, shrill pain in his arm and saw blood gushing from a wound that looked unnatural. He saw the limp arm as for no reason to stand there and get cut in half. So he quickly shot at it with a KI blast and figured it dead until he saw a flash and then black. He knew where he was now but he didn't believe it. He was dead… so like continue the story people!:D

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I like your story man! You should add on it!:D

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Way to go, Neph. Keep it up, man.

Edit: Oops, forgot to add on. Erm...well, I'm not to sure after the Z saga, so I'm not that great on the next parts...I do aplogize, dear Nephew.

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But He was determined to be alive again! So, after a quick trip to King Kai's place, he asked King Kai to get him back through Dende and the Dragonballs, which King Kai did. Soon Vegeta was on earth and ready to fight the monster with incredible speed and strength. He found himself under the care of his wife and her father. Soon he was fully restored. But Goku had already gone into battle with the monster and was still in the battle with he son Gohan. Vegeta immediately left to confront Judai Kon. He soon found himself with the three fighters and powered up to super saiyan boasting his power at Judai Kon. Judai Kon was startled by his appearance enough to let Vegeta hit him. Suddenly Vegeta yelled out "FINAL FLASH!" and a huge bolt shot from Vegetas' hands through Judai Kon and out the other side. Vegeta expected this to hurt him enough to disable him entirely, but Judai Kon simply cackled at him like he was a child. "Kakarott! This is your fault!" he said with a snarl. "Vegeta, I don't know how to hurt this thing! Try physical blows I have no idea!" Vegeta was a quick listener, and didn't hesitate; as fast as he could he tried to lay a punch on Judai. Judai easily dodged the attack, as Vegeta passed him with his arm Judai hit him in the back and sent him smashing to the ground. Goku then hits Judai in the back, kicks him in to the air and slugs him to the ground in on powerful blow. Vegeta quickly gets up and goes super saiyan, then Goku and Gohan do the same. Gohan decided he wanted his piece of the action also and grabbed Judai, but Judai had grown tired of letting these "primates" get the better of him. Judai grabbed Gohan by the hair sung him in front of Judai and then proceeded to punch him, followed by two KI blasts in the face sending Gohan flying through the ground at a diagonal direction. Then he put his and about six inches from each other and above his shoulder and said in a loud voice "THUNDER!" He moved his hand in the same position down to his side; electricity flowed through his arms and between his hands "BEAM!" He pointed his hands at Gohan. An energy ball forms between his hands and he shouts "CANNON!" A flash of light and the ball spins, his arms glow blue and white his whole body illuminates. Then a huge, blue blast comes flying toward Gohan from Judai's arms. Suddenly, Vegeta appears in font of Gohan and powers up to SSJ three, to protect Gohan. Vegeta's eyes' flash entirely white; a yellow beam flies from the ground, around Vegeta, and forms a shield around Gohan. Goku deflects Judai's blast, until it entirely dissipates. Judai is hit from behind by Goku and goes flying forward. Vegeta, still powering up into SSJ three, flies four feet into the air and screams toward the sky; yellow fire around him explodes into a thirty-foot radius of pure light. Judai, Gohan and Goku are blown away. Then the light slowly disappears, and, above a very large crater, is Vegeta, SSJ three at last. Vegeta slowly turns and faces Judai. He fires three KI blasts at Judai and hits him and smashes him through the surface of the ground. Then he grabs Judai by the arm and...

Ha! much more later...find out that Judai is actually part saiyan!:eye: Freaky! Huh?

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Wow, this is turning out to be excellent! TO bad it's not a real episode....forget others adding on, keep it going!

...Although, I don't think that's allowed here. x.x;

But do it anyway! XD

GO for as long as you can...then copy and paste your story into a text document, finish it, then send it to fanfiction.net or something. Others should witness the true awesomeness of this story..

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If you don't mind, I'm gonna move this to Fanfics/Poetry.

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I'll leave this open, 'cause only Gogetta wrote in here so far. ^_^

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it's too bad my guy is sooooo strong he would just wreck the story I would see him help the little saiyans that can only go ssj3 then turn on them after all vegeta is his brother so he would probably not hurt him though

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The Vrila Saga

After the Majin Buu Saga the Vrila Saga Began. Vri, which means combo captor or to mimic. Vrila came about when a Group of People caring the Saya-jin line (little did they know that they where caring the Saya-jin Line) dispersed into outer space when Freeza was destroying the planet, Earth. They went to a little unknown planet not far from Earth. The people grew in numbers, and Vrila was born. When he was about fifteen years old, Dr. Gero sent Android #19 to attack the little planet to see what he could do #19 attack their planet. The people were very fritted; the Android was destroying every thing in his path. The whole city was obliterated; Vrila’s family was destroyed and he was the only person left on the planet; the android came up to him and laugh. Vrila got so mad that he went Super Saigan the android was shocked then he came at #19 and gave him a slam in the face that sent him flying threw a mountain. Followed by a huge KI Blast (Which he had seen the android use) that blew #19 threw another mountain, then he came charging at him in a mad rampage and started to blow #19 to pieces, punching him into the air then slamming him back down to earth then transporting down to the ground just ahead of the android and hitting him back into the air then transporting back into the air blasting him with two KI Blast down to the earth with the ground rumbling.
It needs Help, but I like it!

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I'll try to post later, im thinking know