View Full Version : Ps2 VGA Adaptor Help

03-16-2007, 11:30 PM
Well its like this. Ive bought my ps2 during Christmas holidays, and since then I play in my room. I have a really small television, which makes it hard to play, and quite annoying as I have to sit in distance because of the position of my tv.

So I had this idea of connecting my ps2 with my LCD computer screen. Ive been searching this morning about a way to do this and I came out with a piece of hardware called VGA Adaptor.

What I need help to is suggestions about where to buy a VGA Adaptor (because here they dont have any). Im looking for a trustfull site (not ebay or amazon) with good service. I also need the VGA Adaptor to support sound output with speakers, and a reasonable price. (up to 45-50$ would be ok).

Thanks for reading this :)