View Full Version : Shiva card

03-09-2002, 12:41 AM
Well ya, I forgot to give Zone the playboy. So I missed Shiva, is there any other way to get the card?

03-09-2002, 09:24 AM
I doubt that there is another way... Well, I'm not sure. Someone told me, that you can get GF-cards from the boss-enemies in Ultimecia-castle. I'm not sure about that either :P

Dark Messenger
03-09-2002, 04:05 PM
You can get all the cards you've missed out on the last disc from the card queen or card club members, at least I think not sure though because I don't usually bother getting every card.

03-09-2002, 08:01 PM
If you go play cards with the Card Queen at the last disc, you usually get to win the cards you didn't get on a certain sidequest. At least I think so...you're best bet is using a GameShark but I don't think you want to do that. LoL.

03-10-2002, 02:13 AM
You're all right, just one minor notice: In order to see them on Rag, you need to have beaten them before in the garden ofcourse.

Green Arrow
03-11-2002, 07:39 AM
Yeah I heard the Card Quenn thingy. I have never actually attempted this but I have heard of it. Although you have just said the same thing, this is prolly a pointless post.