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03-06-2002, 07:28 AM
ok i'm at the Part of FF IV where you are suposed to obtain the fourth chrystal. but I have no clue as to how to get to the dark elf's island. I'm kicking myself because I beat this game before and just got it again for the PSX. so if any one could help me with that it would be cool.

p.s. anybody got word if one through three are going to come out on PSX?

03-06-2002, 05:25 PM
There is a chocobo forest to the north of that castle and town thats run by women. Find a black Chocobo and fly to the that island with the cave thats close by. You'll find the 4th crystal there. But when you go in there, metallic weapons and armor will be ineffective. So rely on magic, Yang's claws, and bow and arrows.

03-06-2002, 10:30 PM

03-07-2002, 07:47 AM
In the cave I found the battles very hard, and its easer to level up outside in the forest, so just run from the battles for a easier time.

03-07-2002, 08:37 AM
yea just got through the cave. but got killed at the end by the dark elf it only took 4 hits to kill everyone. well five cause I cast life once but still it sucked to see 9999 and then my whole party die. anyway now to find a way to beat it.

03-09-2002, 05:19 PM
In the nurses room to get his Twin Harp didn't ya? dude You need this item to beat the Dark Elf. It neutralizes his spell against Magnetic Items. and enables you to use Armor and Swords.:p dude I am ROTFLMAO at you. ALWAYS buy the Players guide. It helps.

03-12-2002, 01:52 PM
you'll have to forgive me for I figured since I'd beet it once before didn't need the stratigy guide and that is partly why these forums are here. anyway about your twin harp fix it didn't do it because I have been to every town including the nurses house and edward is not there. I forgot where the story line went as I stoped playing the game for about two months. so if you could tell me where to find him that would be cool.

03-13-2002, 03:21 PM
you have to get into battle with the dark elf. He will practically kill you and then Edward plays a song i think and your guys are healed and you can then use metallic things. and i recommend that you are at least at lvl. 20+ for the battle, but I beat him lower than that. be prepared for when he transforms too.

03-14-2002, 06:19 PM
I do not care how many times that I have played a game. I still refer back to my players guides. they really help. unlike the net the guide never goes down for any reason. and you can look at it while playing the game. but if You do not think that a guide is the way to go. Hey it is your time to waiste. and I hate waisting time. so this is a Good thing to do.

03-24-2002, 03:44 PM
i agree flame thrower, it is smart to get a game guide when ever you can, but the internet is the next best thing, i had to mention that, sorry for being off topic.