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10-19-2006, 12:25 AM
This is the US version, which has tracks composed and arranged by Spencer Nilsen.

NOTE: Made a mistake with the tracks. #23 is missing it seems, but it's just an extra Dr. Robotnik track like #22. Another track like that was the 'Sonic Boom' Title Theme (#24)

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Bitrate: 192+ Lame VBR
Composer: Spencer Nilsen
# of Tracks: 31
File Size: 62.7 MB (Zipped)

1-Palmtree Panic (Present)
2-Palmtree Panic (Good Future)
3-Palmtree Panic (Bad Future)
4-Collision Chaos (Present)
5-Collision Chaos (Good Future)
6-Collision Chaos (Bad Future)
7-Tidal Tempest (Present)
8-Tidal Tempest (Good Future)
9-Tidal Tempest (Bad Future)
10-Quartz Quadrant (Present)
11-Quartz Quadrant (Good Future)
12-Quartz Quadrant (Bad Future)
13-Wacky Workbench (Present)
14-Wacky Workbench (Good Future)
15-Wacky Workbench (Bad Future)
16-Stardust Speedway (Present)
17-Stardust Speedway (Good Future)
18-Stardust Speedway (Bad Future)
19-Metalic Madness (Present)
20-Metalic Madness (Good Future)
21-Metalic Madness (Bad Future)
22-Dr. Robotnik
(Mistake in track numbers)
24-'Sonic Boom' Title Theme
25-Stage Clear!
26-Speed Up!
28-Game Over
29-Special Stage
30-'Sonic Boom' Time Attack Theme
31-'Sonic Boom' Opening Movie
32-'Sonic Boom' Ending Movie

Enjoy, and please post/PM me if the download link is dead so I can reupload it.

10-20-2006, 02:36 PM
I'm glad to finally see the US version's music for download. However, it's missing the past music that was used in all versions of the game. So here's a link for those too.
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10-20-2006, 02:41 PM
That's why it's "Redbook Audio", which doesn't have the past music.

Thanks for the link though.

10-20-2006, 02:46 PM
Ah. Gotcha. I couldn't find the past music anywhere until I ripped it off of the PC version of Sonic CD.:) So I figured that someone else out there could use a little help.