View Full Version : jeremy soule identification help needed

09-13-2006, 11:44 AM
Can anyone identify these pieces of music?

I don't know where I got them. The tag says Jeremy Soule, but I cannot google anything that matches the title. Maybe it's from his site or something.

The RAR is 13,4 MB and contains the 5 full mp3s.

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The file contains the following titles:

Memory of the First Touch
The Gift of Death (this one is cool)
Waterfall (not the Secret of Evermore version)
A Day of Peace
Overture, Section A

The last one almost rings a bell, but I cannot tell where it's from. If anybody knows, pleace tell me.


09-15-2006, 03:35 PM
Those COULD be parts of his Score
1. for the cancled game "Sovereign", because it sounds fully orchestrated
2. it is Final Four 2002 (but that one isn´t fully orchestrated, I think)
3. it is Amen: The Awakening!
4 For this canceled activision-game that had no name!
I know all the other JS Scores, so those are the only ones they could be!

EDIT: Okay now I think I know: He composed them 2000 just for mp3.com