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09-28-2005, 09:54 PM
Japan has its own unique remixing community; however, instead of submitting material to a few big sites like OCRemix and VGMix, Japanese remixers often host their own collections and often commercially issue CDs of their work. In a change of pace, a huge collaboration was recently organized and executed by Daijin, an enterprising remixer. He drew upon the varied talents of the entire community in a titanic effort to cover several RPG game scores in a project called Celestia, and after long hours of work, 87 remixes were produced! Of these, 13 are of Chrono series works. Most of the others cover Final Fantasy titles.

Due to the absence of sites like OCRemix to "set the bar", the Japanese VGM community doesn't have strict guidelines like their American counterparts. Don't worry; these pieces are well-crafted and fine tuned. Every Chrono fan -- every RPG fan -- is compelled to check these out, and delight in our fellow fans' works across the Pacific. For ease of download, I have mirrored all the Chrono works on the Compendium's media server, herograw.org (we're still in the process of changing links elsewhere on the site from herograw.com to herograw.org; bear with us). Enjoy these works, and to find the full collection at the Celestia Project headquarters, scroll past the Chrono remix links.

[ Chrono Trigger Remixes | 'Epilogue -My Dear DTMers-' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_794_epilogue.lzh) by AD794 | 'Gonzalez' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_794_gonzalez.lzh) by AD794 (this is the Japanese 'Team Gato') | 'Song of Distortion (At the Bottom of Night)' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_Vict_higauta.lzh) by Victy | 'Run Through the Stream of Time' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_celestia_kry.zip) by kryptos | 'Crono & Marle -Distant Promise-' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_chr_yakusoku_phista.lzh) by Fauste | 'World Revolution' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_ctlavos.lzh) by T. Moriya | 'Dive to Blue' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_djn_ctfrst.zip) by Daijin | 'Drum'n Battle!' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_dnbattle.zip) by Miko | 'CHRONO BORDER' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_kgmctcele.zip) by KGM | 'Corridors of Time -Celtic Dance Mix-' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_kokke_ct.lzh) by Kokke | 'Megaloma Punch' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_megaloma_punch.zip) by dj umbrella'

[ Chrono Trigger + Chrono Cross Remix | 'Chrono Trigger' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Trigger_Chrono_Cross_ct.lzh) by Juvenile ]

[ Chrono Cross Remix | 'Recollection' ([Only registered and activated users can see links](Chrono%20Trigger)/Celestia%20-%20Square%20Music%20Arrange%20Festival/Celestia_Chrono_Cross_Nami_CC_arr.zip) by msk-field ]

Note: Victy's "Song of Distortion," a cover of At the Bottom of Night, features a great singing performance. You can find the lyrics, translated from Japanese, at this page ([Only registered and activated users can see links]).

Celestia Project (including all other 70 remixes): [Only registered and activated users can see links]