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Lagunas Backup
02-14-2002, 09:02 PM
how do u unlock abilities for the final battles and where can i get the ragnorock??
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02-15-2002, 05:38 AM
Getting abillities: You must find and fight monsters in the castle. The first one i simple... just up the stares. Remember all you have is attack, but he'll fall easy. I suggest you get the GF abillity back first, but whatever floats your boat. Here... I'll attach a walkthrough of the castle to help you.

*wonders why other people never help with walkthroughs at forums... and she has to do it all* Oh well... I guess it's just a job. Ragnarok, eh? Let me see here.... if I remember correctly:

Once Ultimecia begins Time Compression, the only way you can leave her castle into the World Map is by the three portals that are by the large chain leading from her castle. Each of the portals lead to a different part of the World Map. In order from top to bottom, these portals lead to Esthar - Grandidi Forest, Centra - Serengeti Plains, and Galbadia - Wilburn Hill. You are forced to walk, on foot, everywhere unless you somehow find your Ragnarok. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done.

If you view the large full-screen world map, you'll see a large red dot on the upper right hand area of the Centra continent. That's the location of the Ragnarok, placing it somewhere near the desert. However, it is not reachable by the Centra portal. Here's how:

Take the top portal to Grandidi Forest. Look around for the Chocobo Forest. Take a chocobo out (hopefully you have completed the Chocobo Forest sidequests!). Ride your chocobo out into the shallow water surrounding the continent, and go south, along the eastern coast. From here, you should be able to make your way onto the western part of the Centra continent, where the desert is. Head towards that red dot on your map and you'll find the Ragnarok, and another portal.

And there you have it.... *sigh*

- Ulti