View Full Version : Guess Away: Who Should Die Today Pt 2

06-28-2005, 11:28 AM
A sweet, charasmatic, tear jerking death is almost a necessity to live up to the dramatic stasis of all FF, which rocks. A death, or supposable death, always brings either great joy or great sorrow and sometimes if someone doesnt die within a certain time period die, frustration arises. The FF series has had its great deaths or acknowledgement of inexistence but if you needed a character to die in any way, shape, or form, how would you presume to do so if the choice was yours?? Axe to the neck?? Severe blood loss from a ripped out toe nail?? Death by broken heart?? In the world of imagination there are many ways of death that FF could of and can cover (not that "god of war" gore is necessary) and the simplicity of how they go around to choosing is not easy.

So guess away....who should die today?

*****(Sometime i wished really bad that Zell would die when he was choking in the end scene :)

(later on when characters and ways of death are decided a rumble will start)