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Jerry Will
07-21-2019, 06:24 PM
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CD 1
1. Capricorn One [3:17]
2. Masada [5:11]
3. Under Fire: Prelude [1:53]
4. Under Fire: Bajo Fuego [5:47]
5. Under Fire: A New Love [4:20]
6. Under Fire: The Rebel March [3:14]
7. Basic Instinct [2:31]
8. The Great Train Robbery [4:55]

10. Baby: Secret Of A Lost Legend [7:24]
11. The Shadow [2:36]
12. The Russia House [5:12]
13. The Swarm: The Bees Arrive [4:24]
14. The Swarm: End Title [3:19]

CD 2
1. The Blue Max: Overture [2:17]
2. The Blue Max: The Bridge [3:00]
3. The Blue Max: Finale [2:38]
4. The Boys From Brazil [7:07]
5. First Knight: Arthur's Fanfare [0:44]
6. First Knight: No Surrender [5:25]
7. First Knight: Arthur's Farewell [5:00]
8. Total Recall [2:30]
9. Powder [4:29]
10. The Generals [5:26]
11. Twilight Zone: The Movie [6:27]
12. Rambo II [5:58]
13. Medicine Man [4:12]
14. Star Trek: Symphonic Suite [16:23]

IMPORTANT NOTE: I omitted track 9, "The Omen", because the film is owned by Twentieth Century Fox. Sorry for that little inconvenience, but I only post material allowed in the Forum. I'm not sure if the rule applies for Compilations too, but in the meantime, I'll be as careful as possible.


Jerrald King Goldsmith (February 10, 1929 – July 21, 2004)

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John Williams is my most beloved composer of all time, but Jerry is the second. I think he was the Greatest, but with John Williams I discovered Film Music some thirty three years ago. So it's a matter of nostalgia, maybe.
Having said that, I still remember the day Jerry passed away, I was in my late twenties and it was a sad sad day, I could not stop crying, I was at work so I left and go home.
To this day, I always mourn in this day, I missed him so much. There will never be another Jerry Goldsmith, he will be forever missed!

► Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

► Label: Silva Screen

► Quality: Lossless

► Source: My CD's

► Artwork: Complete artwork included. My Scans.

► Available at: Out of Print.

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07-21-2019, 06:29 PM
I'd love a link for this!

I had just been getting into Goldsmith's scores back in 2004 when I heard the news. Such a loss.

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Thank you for the reminder of the anniversary. July 21, 2004 was a very difficult day. I was in a hospital parking lot, just after receiving bad news, when I heard that Jerry had passed away. His music has helped me through many difficult times. It's hard to believe that 15 years have passed.

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Honored General
08-07-2019, 05:44 AM
We lost Jerry and Elmer the same year. God Bless them both, may they Rest in Peace. At least we have the music to remember them by.

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