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Jerry Will
07-16-2019, 08:36 PM
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Track listing

1. Riding The Fire Mares (05:24)
2. Slayer's Attack (09:22)
3. Widow's Web (06:20)
4. Colwyn And Lyssa (Love Theme) (02:36)
5. Battle On The Parapets (02:32)
6. The Widow's Lullaby (05:10)
7. Destruction Of The Black Fortress (08:40)
8. Epilogue And End Credits (04:48)

Total Duration: 00:44:52

A prince and a fellowship of companions set out to rescue his bride from a fortress of alien invaders who have arrived on their home planet.

► Composer: James Roy Horner

► Label: Southern Cross

► Film Produced By: Barclays Mercantile Industrial Finance

► Film Distributed By: Columbia Pictures

► Quality: Lossless

► Source: My CD Rip

► Artwork: Complete artwork included. My Scans.

► Available at: Out of Print.

Send me or leave a message for more information.

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