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A contredanse melody dating from the French revolution of 1789 is well known still today: the Carillon National. Not for its choreography, but for the words set to the tune: Ah, ça ira ... The contredanse, ancestor of the quadrille, was the queen of the late 18th century halls. Composed in considerable numbers, they were disseminated through out the country in the form of separate sheets or small collections, adopted (and often adapted) by society in even the smallest towns. Their titles often refer to public affairs; one could determine the sequence of main events by putting the Scores in order.

The Revolution, far from stifling the taste for choreographic revels, developped it even further in bringing dance to the streets. ln the year V, Paris had no fewer than 684 dance halls.

Nota Bene : #5 was the anthem of the French Monarchy . . .
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#01--> Le Carillon National (Ah, ca ira)
#02--> La Chasse de Diane & La Petite Chasse
#03--> La Psyché
#04--> Les Dettes & Le Sucre et le Café
#05--> La Henry Quatre
#06--> Danse Allemande No3
#07--> La Fédération Francaise
#08--> La Fete de Chateauvieux
#09--> La Fraternité & L'Heureuse Décade
#10--> Suite de Waltzer
#11--> La Richelieu & Les Quatres Pantalons
#12--> La Belle Eurydice
#13--> Suite d'Allemandes a 2/4
#14--> Les Plaisirs de Varennes
#15--> La Denise
#16--> La Caveau
#17--> La Marmotte
#18--> Les cus froittés par le Pere Duchesne
#19--> La Mere Duchesne
#20--> Suite de Waltzer
#21--> La Chasse & La Maury
#22--> Le Bonnet de la Liberté
#23--> La Guillotine & Le Gout du Siecle
#24--> La Gigue Anglaise

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