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02-14-2002, 08:20 AM
Many people, including I have doubted sonys attempt to bring online gaming home to the PS2 but after I read this I completely changed my mind….

Though up until now, only a few PlayStation 2 titles have included online play capabilities, Sony today made a major commitment to online gaming with the announcement of over two dozen networked titles. Some, such as Final Fantasy XI and Resident Evil Online, were either known or at least hinted at; others, such as Mojib Ribbon Online (the renamed sequel to Vib Ribbon), are new. The "Untitled Action Adventure Game" from Namco is also known as Project Venus, and looks similar to Seven in screenshots.
The full list of adventure/RPG/music titles:
· Arc the Lad Online (Sony)
· Bomberman Online (Hudson)
· Final Fantasy XI (Square)
· Guru Guru Onsen (Sega)
· Hundred Swords (Sega)
· Mojib Ribbon Online (Sony)
· Nobunaga's Ambition Online (Koei)
· Resident Evil Online (Capcom)
· Untitled Music Game (Konami)
· Untitled Online Multiplayer RPG (Atlus)
· Untitled Sim Game (Sega)
· Untitled Action Adventure Game (Namco)
Sony also revealed a few offline titles, including XI (Devil Dice) Explosion, Tales of Destiny 2 (a fourth game in the Tales series; not to be confused with the American renaming of Tales of Eternia), and Bomberman Land 3.

now tell me... with games such as these comming out for the ps2 online theres no reason why it could dominate the online battle of the consoles XD.